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Memories of Nigel
Nigel was a big, beautiful, shaggy, Old English Sheepdog.

I had been Nigel's walking buddy for over 9 years now. I'd take charge of Nigel while my good friend Wayne took charge of Nigel's brother, Simon.

It started out in a neighborhood near Wayne's law office, then in my eastside neighborhood, and eventually ended up in a park that is midway between my house and Wayne's. Over half the walk took place on the green grassy soccer fields at Udall Park, hence the soccer ball by Nigel's residence. At the end of our walks, which lasted around half an hour, both Simon and Nigel could always count on getting doggie snacks from me, their Uncle Jeff. It became almost a ritual and they knew to expect it.

Whenever Wayne was out of town, Simon and Nigel could always expect a visit from me, each visit beginning with their favorite doggie snacks and ending with a few more before I left. In between those feedings they could count on me sitting on the patio at their level so I could rub their bellies or scratch behind their floppy ears. In return I would get the most loving of wet, slobbery dog kisses, which I was only too happy to receive.

This past weekend, August 17, 2013, Wayne called me at home to deliver the sad news that Nigel had died unexpectedly the day before. Nigel had been taken to a veterinary emergency hospital Friday morning. While being examined, x-rays were taken and they revealed internal bleeding. During surgery the doctors found Nigel's liver was ravaged by cancer. After Wayne was informed of the situation, he did what any loyal dog owner would do and let Nigel go peacefully while he was still under anesthesia. I give Wayne a lot of credit for making that very painful decision.

I was devastated by the news. I spent all day Saturday thinking of my beloved Nigel dog and how much he meant to me. I'm one of those people who has trouble letting my true emotions show. Instead they get bottled up inside me and create physical illness. I had trouble eating and sleeping.

One helpful event was that our walk on Sunday had not been canceled. However, it was difficult to watch as Wayne pulled up and only one dog exited his car. All the routines we have come to know have all been changed. Wayne handed me Simon's leash and allowed me to walk him around the park. It also gave us a chance to talk in person, to console one another, and to remember all the good things about our time with Nigel.

I am most grateful and thankful for finding Rainbow Bridge. It gives me a place to go to when I am feeling lonely for my precious, dearly departed Nigel. Wayne has unlimited access to Nigel's resting place since his ashes will be kept at the house where he spent his whole life.

Goodbye for now my gentle giant. I'll help look after your brother until it is time for him to join you at the Rainbow Bridge.

Sending you hugs and kisses, belly rubs and ear scratches, Uncle Jeff.


My heart aches for you,
Yearning to hold you in my arms again.


Not a day goes by
I don't think of you.
God be with you gentle giant
Eventually we will meet again
Lovingly yours, Uncle Jeff

Dear Nigel, SIMON SAYS

Surely you remember your brother
In every way the clown of the family,
Making you mad by stealing your snacks,
Only thinking of his own needs,
Never allowing us one-on-one time together.

Selfish when it came to love and affection,
Simon still misses you, searching for your physical presence wherever he goes.

A little information about WAYNE AND JEFF

We met on the internet
A little over nine
Years ago last February
Not even knowing we would
Eventually become good friends.

And in less than a month
Nigel and Simon came along,
Doggie brothers for life

Joining together on almost
Every Sunday morning, creating a
Friendship that will last

08/23/13 - Dearest Nigel, I just got home from having dinner out with your daddy. We spent some time with Simon first. He seemed very needy, even more so than when you were around and he had to compete for attention. The hardest part of this evening was right before I left, your daddy showed me the paw print that was made in the clay before you were taken away from us. That ceramic print is the last thing you actually touched so it's the closest thing we have of your existence here on this earth. Your daddy isn't quite sure what he plans to do with your ashes yet. It has been a week now since you left us and I still miss you so much.
Hugs and kisses, Uncle Jeff.

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