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Memories of NEWTON
In October 1998 after losing our loyal male Brittany "DUKE" of 16 plus years to a stroke, I was devastated and lost. Thinking of getting a new puppy was running through my mind and I remembered a friend that had 2 Cairn Terriers as pets....and hunting dogs. They were adorable. So one day as I'm driving by a pet store with a less than stellar reputation, I noticed on their sign that they had Cairns for sale. I quickly turned around and went into the store to see them. They had 2 puppies. They were both ugly little things with ears that were way too large for their bodies. When asked if I wanted to hold them and I said yes, the attendant held them toward me and one of them turned away....the other pup was eager to step into my arms....that pup became NEWTON. The next step was to get the idea by my wife so I went to her place of employment and snuck the box in to her office and then played dumb thinking she would melt. She did not because her first thought when looking into the box was to let out a scream because she thought it was a rat. When she realized what I had just done....she rolled her eyes and made me promise to make sure I was going to be the sole caregiver. Fast forward a few months and he grew into his ears and lost most of his dark coloring to a virtual blonde or sand coloring. He became very handsome and his personality became human like. I remember a few years later celebrating Christmas with lots of wrapped gifts and he was just like a kid....unwrap one and look for another. I started to take him with me in my company truck in the front seat with his very on restraint system and let him meet my customers. There was a significant increase in sales that year and I can only relate it to NEWTON. He would entertain my customers by sitting on his butt and raising his 2 front paws in a begging motion. LOL. There was one instance when I was ready to leave one of my customers and he was missing from his perch in my truck. I went back into my customer's place of business and he was there running amongst the people of the dealership. One of the employees had taken him from my truck and showed him to everyone there....now I'm becoming famous because of NEWTON!
It seems as though NEWTON's mission in life was basically 2 things...the first was to chase a mini soccer ball as fast as he could and bring it back to you...if you threw 2 or 3 of them...he would get them all...post haste and return them all. He would be eager to go again after the chase...his second mission in life and maybe more important was to kill the squeaker inside everything as soon as possible and sometimes in as little as 10 seconds and then look at you with a feeling of self satisfaction.
He has traveled with us, up and down the east coast in our motor home and loved every minute. All we had to say was do you want to go in the motor home and he would go to the steps and sit and beg. My wife and I had built a log home in north central Pennsylvania as a weekend escape and he spent many an hour at the window watching the Deer, Bear, Turkey, Foxes, Raccoons and Porcupines....and was an efficient chaser of squirrels. He always seemed to have an abundance of energy and simply loved going on walks. We've raised several seeing eye puppies and he was always eager to be the big brother...until those pups would become twice his size...although he would often use his wisdom and share it no matter how big they were. The second dog we raised, did not qualify for the program and after having her as part of our family for over 12 months...we got to keep her. Her name was WAVE and she was a beautiful Golden Retriever. She became step mom to a lot of pups and NEWTON was no exception...she loved him best.
We also wanted a soul mate for him and adopted another Cairn. Her name is Missy and she became his little sister. That's when we realized the difference in personalities. His was big and hers...not so much. They became best buddies and loved taking walks together and enjoying each others company.
One day our phone rang and it was that darn pet store where this all began. I forgot that I had left my name in search of a black or gray Cairn...guess what they had...I told Betsey that we were just going to look and that I had no intention of adding to our family...but it was close to Christmas and we were short a present. NEWTON was big brother again enjoyed sharing his wisdom with JASPER our 3rd Cairn and he was all black with another totally unique personality. Our family seemed complete because when it got cold in the winter and became a 3 dog night...we were covered...under the covers!
Time moves so fast and he we are with my best bud starting to have minor issues and he had never been sick with even a cold in all the time he was with us. He was tough and had a strong heart and seemed never to be phased with anything until recently. Age was now against him and there was little we could do but to continue to love and care for him. This past week has been a challenge as he was struggling to even get up or walk and the past few days he wouldn't even want to eat. We made that call that everyone dreads in this situation and instead of taking him to the vet and have him on a cold steel table, we opted to have her come to the house...I had to leave the room, as I had said my goodbyes, and not watch the procedure, as my wife stayed strong and by his side for his last breath. The vet had checked and found his heart was very strong but he had a mass growing very quickly in his abdomen and she surmised cancer. I am broken hearted and miss him so much. My life will never be the same without him and I will have to adjust for now while staying strong so that God will allow me to be with him sometime in the future. I LOVE and MISS YOU BUDDY!

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