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Memories of Newtie
I remember the day we met you. I took your Daddy to the shelter to introduce him to a big Maine Coone, but that boy showed no interest in us at all. So we walked up and down until we came to the last cage and I felt something poking at me. It was you with your paws stretched through the cage trying to get our attention. That was all it took. I picked you up and you gave me little love bites. After that you were ours.

Oh little Newtie what can I say about you. You could be the very best but you also had a bad temper. It was so funny in the morning when I didn't get up fast enough to feed you guys you would start knocking everything off my nightstand. Then there was the days that you would lay in bed with Grandma for hours rubbing up against her and then she would walk to the kitchen and you would sneak up behind her and wrap your paws around her leg and bite her.

But you loved your Daddy. He could do no wrong in your eyes. You guys used to fit in and spoon together. You went to sleep like that for years, until you started getting sick. But even then you would always come and give him a few head butts.

I looked at your special chair on the lanai today. It still had your towel where you used to love to stretch out in the sun.

Be happy Newtie boy. Now you can run free with no pain, You'll be able to eat anything you want and not throw it all up.

Find your brothers and come back and visit us whenever you want.

We love you and miss you.

Please also visit Caleb, Cyrus, Milo, Olson Hanson and Teddy.

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