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Memories of Nessey
My little Baby..You were my first...Nessey you are the one that got me so hooked on your breed....I have never had an animal as smart as you.I feel very fortunate to have had you in my life. A dog like you only comes once in a lifetime if your lucky.I was one of the lucky ones,I got to have you.I miss you everyday!! I'm crying now as I write this..You were my baby!! I'll always miss you the most.I never got over your illness or your death..I look forward to seeing you again at Rainbows Bridge. Remember what I said before I said goodbye.. I wanted you to be there waiting for me when its my time..I Love You Very much Nessey..

10/13/2008- My sweete Nessey,I miss you every passing day.You will always be my little Baby.Somedays,like today,I wish you were here with me just like old times.Going for a ride in the Vette with the T-Tops off and you sittin' in the seat with your head looking over the windshield.The passers by could hardly beleive how big and tall you were.I miss those times.Never had to worry about you jumping out. Our bond was so strong.I knew you'd never leave,just as you knew I wouldn't leave.I LOVE YOU SO MUCH MY NESSEY!!!!!!!!! Our bond is still just as strong,we're just not in the same world now.But I feel you and still hear your thoughts constantly.I know I haven't written much here but we talk everday.I miss you terribly my baby.Goodnight for tonight.

2/1/2015-My dearest Nessey,I know it has been a long time, but it's so hard to think of you without crying.Whenever I think or talk about you I cry, you are so SPECIAL.I take comfort in knowing we will be together again someday.I miss you my love, you will always be mommys little girl.xoxoxo
1/9/2017-My litte girl,itas been awhile.. Everytime I want to come to visit I start to cry..Its so hard ..No one will ever be like you.Its just that you were my first..Nessey I miss you so much..I have a hard time even talking to Mike about you I start to cry..I feel you close to my heart. Goodnight for tonight..I miss you so very much..xoxoxo
2/1/2018 My little sweet , Nessey , I still miss you so much it seems like yesterday you were here by my side . I still cry when I think or talk about you . The hole in my heart is just as big as it was the day you went to Rainbows Bridge. You were my Heart dog , my canine soul mate. We had such a unique relationship. And I have learned so much from you. I will always love and miss you so much. Take care of Grandpa and all the other fur baby's that have come there after you . We will all be together some day . I can see it now you beautiful soulful eyes leading the pack towards me , I fall to my knees and hug and kiss you. And we will all be together again. I Love you , my best friend. XOXOXO

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