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Memories of Nemo
The vet gave you 6 months to live. You didn't want to leave me so you turned the short time into 61/2 more years. You were the toughest most loving little bundle of 8 pounds that has ever or will ever be on this planet.

All the nicknames..... Junkyard, Slut Puppy, Wild Man.... you were all of them Neemers. No fru fru with you Buddy Boy. It was just you and me for the first 4 years of your precious life. Even when new pups moved in there was always something special with you and me.

You were there for me through some very tough times and always had that giant silly smile on your beautiful little face. When I shaved in the morning you always walked into the bathroom every morning just for a minute or two for a few love rubs. If I forgot to do it you'd scratch my leg with your little paw... I'm here so pet me you silly man.

I always knew when you were out of food or water because you would spin your bowl across the floor!! Not a shy bone in your precious little body.

You smiled non stop. The big goofy smile. Then your tongue that seemed as long as your body would hang out. Boy do I miss you Neemers.

You loved everyone and everyone loved you. You were fearless and afraid of nothing! You were Nemo!

That bad heart didn't stop you, nothing stopped my little Nemo. Then the collapsed trachea.... no stopping Nemo. We just added to your daily dose of meds... 13 pills a day. We went through all sorts of trial and error with these pills until we nailed it.

Uncles Frank, Carter, Jim, and Peggy, Susan, the people in the office, and so many more. You charmed all of them. You were Nemo! Of course there was your special love Patricia. Boy did you love her. We still laugh about the day you blasted her up and down during lunch in Shirlington. She waited way too long between visits and you made her pay didn't you Baby Boy!

Although you proved all the experts wrong, that nasty heart mess finally caught up with you and I had to say good bye to you on August 27th of 2018. I hate that day because I had to come home from the vet without you.

You are always in my heart Little Nemo. You loved me so much and I loved and still love you. I truly believe I'll see you again someday... that beautiful little black and white body, that big goofy smile, and those big bright eyes.

Thank you Nemo, for an amazing 15 years. I love you so much.

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