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Memories of Nemo
When we flew to Florida to rescue you, I never dreamed you would steal my heart. Your devotion and unconditional love for me was more than I ever deserved. Your loss has left a hole in my heart so vast, that if you put your ear to my chest you could hear the ocean. I miss you Nemo Wiley. I miss you more than words can express.
Since my beloved Nemo has been gone, I've been asked "what was so important about him?" and "why are you so upset? He was just a dog." Here's my answer: Me. I was what was so important about Nemo. It was all about me. Everything Nemo did was for me. He waited for me to come home. He snuggled with me while I slept. He greeted me every time I came home like it was the best part of his day. If I was out of his sight, even for a moment, he'd run through the house looking for me. I was never sure if I was taking care of him, or he was taking care of me. Nemo was totally and unconditionally devoted to me. When he was frightened, he'd look me straight in the eye, then relax. He would wait for me by my computer, and as soon as I sat down I would pick him up and he would go to sleep. He always slept best when I held him tightly in my arms, which was all the time. Nemo didn't like to be put down. Nemo believed that his place was in my arms, which was exactly where I wanted him to be too.

Nemo had his routines. He'd wake us up at 5:15 every morning without fail. We'd sit at the computer while I drank my coffee, but at 5:45 he'd want to get down for breakfast. He'd do "poodle twirls" and "happy feet" across the house to my husband, letting him know it was breakfast time. After breakfast he'd come and get me so I could carry him back to the bedroom, put him in our bed and tuck him in. He'd sleep until I left for work. It was the same thing at night. Bedtime was 8:30, and at 8:15 he'd want to get down so he could get a drink of water, then he'd sit in front of the bedroom door until I got there to put him our in bed. As soon as I would get into bed he'd come over and lay his little body right up against mine so we were spooning, where he'd stay all night. Nemo was a snuggler.

Nemo trusted me. Many, probably most dogs will tense when you pick them up or move them when their relaxing; but not Nemo. When Nemo was with me he was like a rag doll. He never tensed. As long as he was in my arms he totally and completely trusted me.

Nemo gave me the trust, devotion, comfort and love I never had. So what was so important about Nemo? Me.

It's been 7 months since the sun and stars in my life were taken from me; and I miss him more with each passing day. My little Nemo was the best part of my life and I miss him with every breath I take.
It's been a year now since I lost my Sun and Stars. Some days I can hardly breathe I miss him so much. There are days I can almost see him in the back yard trotting after Harlow, Zula, Conan and Gretel, only to get a little bit away from me, turn and look at me, and come running back to my arms as fast as he could. The night he died I heard him barking. I know I did. I listen each night now to hear him again.

Since Nemo died all of his companions have died too. Gretel died the same day as Nemo. Conan 2 weeks before, and Harlow 1 month later, and Zula 3 months later. I hope they are with Nemo, taking care of him. I hope all of my children are together again, forever.

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