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Memories of Nellie
My sweet Nellie - I knew that day in June 2009 when I met you at Country K9 Rescue in TN that you were my dog - and you knew it right away too. You came up on the transport truck and I took you home on July 3, 2009. You moved in with Daisy, Hunter and Winston, but Winston was only with us for 4 weeks before his heart and lung disease became too much for him. Hunter left us in 2010 and for a while it was just you and Daisy. Then you put up with lots of foster dogs - adults and puppies, well and sick - and you were always patient and kind. Of course, there were a few times when you "lost your temper" with Daisy and bit her in the head! She had a few stitches on a couple of occasions, but then you would be fine. The two of you just couldn't share the couch!
When Peppy joined our family in the spring of 2012, he became your little buddy. During the snowy winter of 2015, the two of you escaped more than once by scaling the snow drifts, over the fence and off down the street. In the good weather, the two of you dug under the fence and roamed the neighborhood. Fortunately you both always made it back home!
Shylie joined us in the spring of 2014 - you and she never really hit it off but were able to maintain a truce of sorts. She was smaller than you but didn't want to share any space with you!
Then Peppy went to the Rainbow Bridge unexpectedly in March of 2019 leaving us all in shock. Three weeks later, poor little Raisin joined us. She had been badly neglected and starved and she needed a place to stay while the authorities tried to sort things out. Then she started having seizures and she needed extra attention and you sometimes got left out - but you were always calm and sweet with her. We ended up adopting her to give her a forever home.
We had a couple of good years -you, me, Daisy, Shylie and Raisin - going for walks, sometimes for rides in the car. You all got lots of good treats and good food.
Then Daisy left us in March of 2021 - 2 years to the day of Peppy's death. That was hard on all of us even though she was 16 and had a good life.
Then it was you and me and the two little dogs - we went for walks in lots of different places. How you loved to go for walks! I started spending more time with you - walks by yourself, trying to brush you. I always made sure all of you had good food and excellent medical care. In September, you started to get sick and we tried so hard to figure out what was wrong, and then trying to see if there was any way to help you with the nasty cancer. But Cancer usually wins the battle and last Saturday, I had to take you to the ER and send you to the Rainbow Bridge. I am so sorry that it turned out that way - so many strangers, but they were kind and efficient and they made sure you didn't suffer any more. I miss you so much - when I gave Raisin her medicine this morning, you weren't standing there to get yours, and when I came home from doing errands, you weren't there on the back porch waiting for me. I cried both times because I want you to be here, but I don't want you to be in any more pain, so please be happy at the Rainbow Bridge and I will keep you in my heart forever. I have lots of pictures of you that I keep looking at. So many people have said what a great dog you were - they all loved you too. I will be happy again as the pain of losing you goes away, but the love will never go away. Be happy and free my sweet Nellie.
Dearest Nellie - it has been three weeks since you left for the Rainbow Bridge. I still miss you every day but the sadness is slowly being replaced but the gratitude that I had you for such a long time. You will never be forgotten or replaced - even if I get another dog, it will never take your special place in my heart. I can say good bye to you now knowing that you are happy and healthy and I don't need to visit you in this place so often - you are always in my heart.
December - my first Christmas without you - this year's Santa picture only has 2 little dogs and I couldn't make cards because you weren't there to be in it. The happy memories are filling my mind more than the sadness most days but it is still so hard to be without you. I love you forever my sweet Nellie.
October 2023 - a year ago this month we found out about your cancer and within a month, you were gone. I think about you so often - I miss seeing you in your chair beside me in the evenings, and when we go for walks, it just isn't the same wihtout you. The memories are happy ones although I still miss you so very much. I love you forever.
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