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Memories of Nelix
My best friend is now at Rainbow Bridge and I miss him more than I can tell him or anyone. We were supposed to have many more years together as you never bothered anyone, you never stole treats or stole food and you were the best dog we have! We miss you so much and love you so much. We would have done anything to keep you here longer with your brothers and sisters, but they said you can play here now and eat and drink and run around without any problems and not be in any pain. I will write you every week and never forget you. Please keep a look out for us, and my Mom, I am going to ask her to come visit you. Take care and I will talk to you again, we love you Nelix, Mom and Dad.

Hey buddy, just saying Hi! came to check on you and rub your head and make sure you are getting enough food and water. Found lots of good pictures of you- with that feed me face where you look like a squirrel and the other faces where you turn your nose up at the cheap treats and hold out for the good ones. We had Panda Express the other night and I kept waiting for you to come running to try and sneak away some food and you didn't come. I miss you so much. Hang in there, I will be back again and will never forget you. Don't stay in the sun too long and drink lots of water. Love you buddy!

Hello Nelix, this is mom. I picked up a frame today with your paw pad print and a lock of your fur - it was so beautiful! I know that Ninja misses you. He has been a bit sad without you here. I really miss you - sometimes so much that it hurts! I know you are not in pain anymore and that you do not need medicine and that you have lots of food and water and you get to play in the sun for as long as you want - I just wish I could be there with you. I find myself looking for you and just thinking about you makes me smile. I love and miss you lots!

Hey buddy - how are you today? OMG I missed you all weekend, it's so hot out here, freaking 120 degrees! That is no fun for sure. I am sure it's much cooler by you with streams and lakes to play in, watch out for gators! Do you remember them from Florida? You have to be careful. Watch for opossums too- remember when Nya cracked one in half like it was a fortune cookie and she broke out of the fence? OMG that was awful and you were so good and just stayed inside and watched me bring her in all a hot mess - lol. Well, at least you are in a good cool place. I got you a new basketball as I figured you were done with the apple pie by now and were tired of kicking the empty plate all over the place. Ninja and Nakita miss you so much, Ninja is rarely out of his crate day or night anymore. Nakita sings now all by herself, we keep thinking she is calling out to you asking you where you are as when we ask her who she is signing to, she acts like what? what was I doing- lol. She is in her own world. Everyone says hello, Nanook misses you too. Nya is still having problems with Natasha, we may bring Nya up here so she doesn't have to live with that pain in the ass in the other room anymore - what do you think? I wish I could hug you right now and just squeeze you until mom tells me to stop, like I was always killing you or something- lol, and then when I let you go, you never ran away, so silly her huh? We are getting lots of great cards from people who know how much we miss you. Maybe you can find some of their doggies and setup a play date or something? You know you gotta be running that place before anyone else gets up there- when we got you, they put you at the end of the line cause they all knew each other here, well now this is your chance to be in charge and run it the way you want to until me and mom get there ok? I love you buddy- enjoy the ball and let the guy know who brings the ball if you need anything else, put it on my account tell him!

Nelix - my little buddy! I miss you like crazy! I just want to keep saying that - I miss you like crazy! Dad is right - Ninja definitely misses you. He is always looking for you in the bathroom and in your spot and he waits for you in the dining room downstairs. I really want to scrapbook a page for you I just cannot bring myself to the point of not crying and I do not want to mess up your pages. Please do not feel bad - I know you are in a better place and you do not hurt anymore and I am thankful for that - I just miss you! There is not a day that goes by that I do not think of you. You are still the lock page on my phone so I see you every time I pick up the phone! My favorite pics are the ones where you are sleeping with Ninja in the bed! I love and miss you lots buddy.

07/11/2013 - Hey buddy, its the Dad! I had to start dating these so I can remember what day I came to see you so I can keep track of all the new stuff to tell you! I see you had some visitors, some really nice people have been leaving you bones and treats I see- they have their best friends living now right around you- did you meet any of them? I changed out some stuff and got you some new stuff to play with. How is the weather? I have to say, I wish I was there, its been 118-120 degrees all week- and today everyone was out laying in the sun !! I was like are you serious- its not snowing - that is the sun! we got 8 huskies in the sun like its snowing. And of course Natasha had to dig a hole again as soon as I turn around, I think she broke the sprinkler again too-so far that is 4 sprinkler heads since you left- and they keep killing the grass, then they look at us like what the hell dad? what is up with the dirt? Hopefully you have plenty of grass and no sprinkler problems. I miss you so much, I am starting to hang out with Ninja more- he misses you too, but neither of us are any good without you. Nya is still looking for you every day. I want to just be with you so bad, but I don't think I could leave all the other guys ya know? what would they do? Sure, Mom would be there, but she just busted me today for giving out extra treats again, and complaining I don't walk them as much as she does- well she is right, we would go broke on treats if I walked them all the time! well its getting late, I have more work to do. I will be back this weekend. Love you buddy, miss you so much, enjoy you treats and let me know if you need anything else. Dad.

07/15/2013 - Hey buddy, its the Dad again!, its 2:23AM here, figured you would be up going potty- I miss our middle of the night potty runs when I was trying to sleep and you would just come stare at me until I woke up enough to read your mind and know you wanted to go out. I would give anything to walk you again right now, but I cant I miss you so much! Nakita sings now when we play music upstairs, she likes mainly female singers. I don't think the whole grouip has sang more than about 5 times since you moved to Rainbow Bridge. Everyone knows something is wrong, but they just don't understand. I keep looking for Rosetta Stone for huskies, but who knows when they are gonna make that!! I hope you are doing well and playing with all the friends who come visit and are getting all their cool treats they keep leaving you. There are a lot of nice people here so that means you should have lots of nice friends in your area. This weekend was the first time it wasn't 120 degrees out- but Mom has been walking everyone a lot more lately. I just get so upset when I see everyone and you are not there and then I try and block it out and Natasha digs a hole in the backyard! I just cannot win. That's all for now, I said I would come back this weekend. I got to go to the back doctor tomorrow- remember when I would bring home McDonalds from the back doctor? that was great. Be safe, get lots of water, and I will be back buddy - love you lots. Dad.

7/20/2013 - It's mom - just wanting to say hi to my little bear! Both dad and I miss ya. We were talking bout ya in the car today. Our really good friend Ally made a book all about you and is sending it to us all the way from Australia. We both cannot wait to see it. Some days it takes my breath away just thinking about you. I always try to think of the ways you could make me smile even when the world seemed upside down. I signed my contract to become a teacher yesterday - I know you know how hard I have worked to become a teacher! You would always come hang with me while I was studying and of course you would ask to go potty every time I was trying to finish a research paper. I miss your face, your bright blue eyes, the little tail wags, those single licks that I NEVER took for granted, and of course the snorts when I would scratch your head in just the right spot! I love you so very much! - Mom

7/30/2013 - Hey there buddy - it's mom. I finished the scrapbook page of you for dad today. I chose the pic of you looking up at me with those big blue eyes in the kitchen along with the pic of you stretching out while you were napping one afternoon. We also received a dedication book of just you from our friend Ally in Australia. I cried as I flipped through the pages because it truly reflects your personality. The poem contained words I needed to hear just at that moment. I still miss you so much that it hurts - it still takes my breath away. Every tear drop that rolls down my face reminds me of the very rare unsolicited licks I would get from you after I had been knocked down and didn't think I had the strength to get back up again. Knowing that you were not a licker and getting even just one lick from you gave me the strength to get back up again. I miss you buddy! I really do! I want you to know that Ally has really helped me since you went to Rainbow Bridge - I am very thankful for her! I am certain you would like her too. I left a piece of cheese for you since I know that cheese was your #2 favorite thing - so enjoy. I love you Nelix! Goodnight.

08/02/2013 - Hey buddy- its the Dad again- finally- sorry buddy, but I brought ice cream sundae and food !! dad always has food. Its been really bad here without you. You saw mom said all the nice stuff she did for the scrapbook and Ally in Australia made you a really nice book - you are a celebrity now! You and Usher and P Diddy ! Well I go to the dentist today- not happy at all. I wish you were here to make it all better, you know how much I hate the dentist. Nakita is howling now daily, seems she doesn't like the crate anymore and Niko has been getting some time in the bed with us. We are doing all we can to let everyone we are here and we love them as much as we love you. Enjoy the food, I gotta be quick now, but I will be back again soon, love you Dad !

08/09/2013 - Hey buddy- just dropping off some cheese fries! I hope they taste good. How you been? I had a dream you were playing in a river, running up and down splashing all muddy in a creek like the ones we saw on the way out here to Las Vegas. Remember the ones on the side of the road in North Carolina and Georgia? they have them in Tennessee but we didn't go that far, but we will be going with the mom sometime soon. We miss you buddy- its awful here still every day thinking you are here with us. Ninja keeps looking around for you, Nakita still sings, do you come visit them? if so that may be why they act differently, I don't know. Nya is better now, she is playing with everyone again. Mom says hi! I got some bad news today- your cousin Trouble is not doing too good, he is on medicine every day now like you were. His mom thinks it could be 2 weeks- we don't know, but I am going to send him where you live now so he can come visit you and maybe you can help take care of him ok? He is a good dog, he didn't have all the brothers and sisters you did, so he will be really alone ok? Well it less than 90 days till winter!!, pretty soon we can start decorating your home with all the holiday stuff and more treats! Be good, we miss you so much, eat your cheese fries cause you know mom will bring new treats when she comes to visit you. I Love you buddy, Dad.

08/20/2013 - Hey buddy, its the Dad again ! I brought you some food and some blankets, you can tear these up or lay on them, up to you. So how you been? its been tough here, Nya is now playing with everyone again, Ninja is becoming Mom's little dog, even though he weighs more than you did- he is quite a porker! I found some new pictures of you the other day, we got this really nice poster from our friend in Australia- its a big blow up of you and Niko and Nubix. I should have really worked too get him named Nasty ya know? than we could have had another friend named Nubix. I just wanted to stop by and say Hi, and change out your treats and tell you how much we all miss you and wish we could be together again right now. Mom maid a really nice framed scrapbook thing for you we put in your corner. I still wake up at night and see pillows on the ground and think its you, only when I got down to get you its the damn pillow. I still hate sleeping at night and now its worse. What I would not give for a 3:00 AM walk! well, hopefully you are enjoying the lakes and rivers and streams- I Know you never really figured out how the pool worked, you were always so happy with yourself to stand on the beach part of it while everyone else went swimming! well that's all for now, I will be back in a little bit to check on you again. I know you have to be coming to visit us as I see too many things that remind me of you, too many shadows, reflections in the light, I just wish you could stay! I love you buddy, be back soon- Dad.

08/28/2013 - hi buddy, its the Dad again :) We got our income tax refund finally- I slept thru the night for the first time in years. or as close as you can get when you go to bed at 1AM. I miss you buddy, I checked your blankets and food all looks good. The grass people came today and want to put down more grass- everyone keeps eating it and Nikki keeps eating the sprinkler heads. She is like a sprinkler assassin. 25.00 every time she attacks one. What am i gonna do buddy? I want you to come home !!! I tried to find your relatives to see if they had any of your brothers or sisters and we cannot find that paperwork anywhere. Like it disappeared. I keep checking the rescues to see if there is a dog that looks like you I need to go rescue and there hasn't been one yet. Please have fun and be safe till I can join you!! we miss you so much, I will check in on your again soon. Love you- Dad.

09/20/2013 - hey buddy, long time no see- I miss you so much today. today was the first day we had a cold morning, about 65 degrees. I was remembering you and me driving out here to Las Vegas in our U-Haul. You were camped out on a giant set of pillows and blankets in the passenger seat remember? and we drove and drove and it was forever. you were such a good boy and didn't do anything but sit and enjoy the ride for days on end. I really wish you were here today to sit outside with me and enjoy the cool weather and the breeze. Ninja missed you so much, we had a painter come and another worker and he was so scared he would not leave the bedroom. If you were here he would be safe enough to go downstairs, but I had to carry him until he saw Nanook and then he was safe and was ok cause he knew Nanook would eat them up and beat them with their own arms - hehehe. I wish I could see you so much and hang out with you, if you see any friends up there say hi for me, and if you know of any relatives down here that need a home let me know ok? I would love to have a relative of yours stay with us anytime. I will get you some new toys and food and some pie maybe? take care till I see you again buddy. Dad.

10/18/2013 - hey buddy, how are you? its almost another month gone by- the weather is so cold out now, its wonderful. I got you some bones and pumpkin so you can have Halloween with us. I found this little puppy on Craigslist that reminds me of you- he is so fuzzy and funny looking- hehehe- but the owner said he wants too much money, so we will just have rescue another puppy who really needs us. Nanook shredded a duck the other day, Nikita can open doors now all by herself. She just walks in like a person and leaves doors open. She even locked Natasha in the laundry room one day- the bad thing is Natasha ate mom's jeans and underoos- she was pissed! I will come back and see you again sooner this time, I just wanted to get you a treat and say hi and we miss you- be good, Dad.

11/12/2013 - Hey Super Nelix!! I made it back buddy, got you some blankets and some food. How you doing? we just rescued a husky- he looks a lot like you when you were younger- he just turned 1 year old on Sunday. He is giving mom a shit fit for sure! lol- he is nothing like you, he looks like you, but he nips and howls and barks and causes shit. Nanook already leveled him and ripped his head off, Nya smacked him around and so did Natasha, so he knows his place is at least 4th- oh wait, so did Ninja- hahaha, and Nakita thinks he is her new boyfriend, so now she has become an escape artist out of her crate. I bet you are happy to not have to got thru that crap huh? I just wanted someone to remind me of you all the time as we still miss you so much and that won't change until we are all together again. I gotta go run some errands, hoping it gets cold again this weekend. The damn grass all died, everyone wants to dig holes- why cant they just be good like you were? you are the only one that could ever be trusted to not eat everything in site- keep hanging in there, maybe look down on this new guy and tell him to be more like you ok? anything you can do to help would be great. I miss you buddy so much, enjoy the blankets and the food and you can even tear up the blanket! you deserved it! love - Dad.

11/26/2013 - Hey buddy, how you doing? got you a dog chew and a wreath so you can be in the holiday season with us! Well Nitrous, the newest rescue is starting to like me- he is a big box of trouble for sure. Everyone is starting to warm up to him, but they all still miss you. I miss you so much, its cold out now and I wish you were here to go on trips with me. I am still alone all day long wishing you were here. The new puppy just wants to eat and tear stuff up, but today Susan said he was camped outside the bedroom door looking for me- maybe he wanted to come visit? I don't know, but maybe if you can look after him and tell him to stop being an asshole we can keep him with us longer in the bed and out playing- lol. He still fights with Nanook and Ninja kicked his butt again last night. I got a really nice letter from this lady who lost her Doberman - his name is Zander- maybe if you see him you can play with him? They seem really nice and he has other friends up there, they all start with Z like all you guys started with N. Well Thursday is our first Turkey Day without you- I don't know what I am going to do, so if you want to stop by, feel free too- we will have food for you and left overs for sure. We miss you buddy, hang in there, I hope you have lots of friends!! Love Dad.

12/17/20103- Hey Buddy, how you doing? I changed your picture to Winter, is it snowing there yet? we are hoping for snow. I got you some hay to bury yourself in just in case you don't want to play in the snow and a stocking. There is a cat on it, I know, so you can tear it up or keep it for Santa- we can always get you another one. Its been a while since we tore up stuff animals, but you were always so nice to them. I miss you so much, its hard to get anything started and keep going without you here. Did you happen to see Will Zapata's Rottweiler? Her name is Trinity and she is up there right now, he misses her a lot too. He got her about 13 years ago, I don't think you ever met him, he used to clean our cars when we had just Nya and Nanook. Well there is always new friends coming up there to see you I guess. Shane and Missy's dog Trouble is really sick, I hate to say that, but he may be up there pretty soon too- you guys are like a big group of old codgers playing poker now right? all hanging out telling stories about getting pizza night and BD Mongos night and all kinds of good stuff! Take care, I will get back to you for Merry Christmas, and I will always come back and see you till we meet again, I will never leave you. Love Dad.

12/25/2013 - Hey buddy- Merry Christmas!! I hope you liked your treats and had a good one, is it snowing up there? I miss you so much, this was by far the worst Christmas ever buddy- even when we were poor they were better than this one. Mom is sick, I feel like crap every day, we miss you and its just awful not having you here. I keep thinking that I lost my Mom for some reason and we it had to do with her going to a better place because she was so miserable and we needed to focus on our own family and the business we just bought, but I cannot find any reason why we lost you. Nya is on medicine now, so is Nanook and we just got Natasha back from the vet. Thank goodness Nikos blood counts are back to normal, that little dog never bothers anyone and I just feel awful when he sick. He just wants to give you a big lick every time he is playing and go on his way. Remember when they both showed up that one day and you were like the big dad to the two of them at our old house? now one of them is a beefcake that growls at others and the other is a pretty boy. Ninja has been unhappy too, I don't know why, I don't think he likes Nitrous in our bedroom, but that dog freaks out when he cannot see me, I don't know what else to do. I just wanted to talk to you tonight so bad and I wish I had one more hug. Something about hugging you made it all better no matter how awful I felt. Well, I hope it snows by you so you can go play in it and I hope it snows here too- maybe we can stretch out Christmas a little while longer or maybe we should just end it and get into a new year and focus on all the good stuff. I will see you next year buddy ! Love you, Dad.

01/08/2014 - Happy New Year buddy- how you doing? we miss you so much. Nitrous is being such an asshole, I don't even know what we are gonna do with him? maybe come visit and tell him to stop being an asshole- every other dog has either beat him up or ignores him- he doesn't know any better, he is 1 year old and stupid, I don't know how else to say it. Ninja is finally spending more time in the room since we put Nitrous in the corner. I hope he get his butt in gear soon. So how you doing? you get any snow? we still want snow, I would even take snow for a few hours now. Miss you buddy, I wish I had more to say, but I just miss you so much I am all out of stories right now. Love you buddy, Dad.

01/25/2014 - Hey buddy, good morning- how are you? I got you some corn chips, they only had fries, maybe you will like them? I also got you a bone chew. I wish you could talk to me, I miss you so much. Its pretty bad right now so I can't stay long, I just wanted you to know I miss you and love you very much and wish you were here. Take care buddy. Love Dad.

02/12/2014 - hey buddy- I got you a pie with French fries, they go pretty good together huh? how you doing? I went and checked out some pianos the other day, like the music people here when they come visit you. Its still pretty cold out here, I hope its cold up there by you- did you get any snow? we didn't :( I wrote a little song about you a while ago, I sent it to Tim McGraw- you think he might actually read it? I hope so, that would be really nice to have someone else sing a song about you then everyone would know about Captain Nelix! we miss you so much buddy. Ninja has been better about sleeping up stairs and not being a butt, but Nitrous is just 100x worse than anyone could imagine. We need to get everyone a bath, hopefully once Mom is done teaching cheer we will have the money for that. Its so bad having them need a bath and then needing to clean the carpets and all the crap at the same time. I wish it could go back to you just hanging out with me watching Charmed in the bed every morning and then we figure out what we are going to do that day. Not sure If you saw the picture frame Mom made about you- we got some nice stuff from our friend Ally too. That's all I got right now buddy, hope you are doing great and running around playing in the water and relaxing in the sun- I remember how you used to love laying in the sun sniffing with your eyes closed. I will be back buddy, Love Dad.

03/02/2014 - hey buddy, found you some food and some ice cream! I know how much you like the ice cream. How you doing? its been crazy around here, Mom made a nice picture with scrapbooking in your corner, I hope you saw it and we are getting new water bowl system for the guys downstairs. Nya need some attention, she need some TLC and everyone misses you so much! its starting to get warmer out, not cold all the time, but we just had a 40 degree night with an 80 degree day. Every day we wish you were here and hope you visit often even though we don't see you. Take care buddy, enjoy your treats and I will be back soon this time, Love Dad. Anytime you need me you know where I am.

04/24/2014- Hi buddy, how are you? I am sorry it took me so long to come see you, I had a birthday this month to and I missed you so much, I tried to pretend you will still here. I got you a cake, and a big box to play in. I miss you so much Nelix, its not the same without you and no matter what I do, I cannot get fixed. I know you are playing around and jumping in the streams and the fields and living in happiness now without pain, but I still hurt. I am falling apart and wish you were here with me. I wanted to have taken you to more parks, and more play times and more of everything. I am so sorry I did the best I could, but I wanted to do more all the time. Please keep watching over everyone. I need help with Nitrous and Nakita now more than ever. They are not nice to anyone and Nitrous keeps hurting the Mom and biting and tearing up everything. I don't know how to train this dog that was allowed to be so bad his first year of life and now he is with us. No one ever acted the way he does and I don't know how to teach him. I keep thinking if you were still here, he would be with some other family and maybe that is where he needs to be, I don't know what to do. Half the time he growls when I try and teach him not to bad and he steals treats from everyone and Nanook hates him. Nanook misses you and so does Ninja. Ninja is just now coming in the bed and laying down without you. This whole time he wouldn't come sleep on the bed cause you were not there. I miss you so much buddy, please be safe and good to all of your friends until I come see you again. Please don't forget me, I didn't want to come this time to visit because I was afraid how much this would hurt and that's not fair to you. I am always here for you, just come by and see me sometimes ok? Love you buddy- always - the Dad.

05/15/2014 - Hey buddy- its the Dad! back again, sooner this time like I said. I got you a bone and some blankets to mess around in. I just saw a movie the other night, What Dreams May Come- it was about this guy who died and got his dog back when he died, she was there waiting for him in heaven, it looked just like where you are now! Very exciting. I am gonna up load a picture so maybe you can see it too. Nitrous is peeing everywhere- and today he tried to eat my checkbook. I miss you so much buddy- I would give up everything to have you back here with me now. Ninja misses you too, he wont even go potty and play with everyone on every visit anymore, just rather sit in the room with me and wish you were here. Please come back and check on us when you can, we miss you so much ! Love you buddy- Dad

06/18/2014 -Hey buddy- how you doing today? I got you a chicken sandwich, I know how much you like the chick-fila sandwiches, and figure they are hard to find huh? I got you a little animal too- kind of like the squirrel fish we used to play with. Well, they tell me its been a year today buddy- and I don't believe it, I don't feel it, I still think you are gonna come upstairs with the mom and come see me or go lay down in your corner. Nitrous looks just like you coming up the stairs some days and I think you are back :( but your not, and it hurts all over again. Do you like the little rainbow picture I got you ? its supposed to make you remember how big things are and that you are not alone. Angelina's husky is suppose to be up there with you, and Will's dog Trinity is supposed to be up there? you see anyone? I don't know if you just hang out by yourself and play in the streams and the fields all day or if there are lots of friends? I know there are lots of friends here who miss you every day. Ninja is really sad now, I think he knows its a year today. Nya and Nanook are getting older - we have to give them joint vitamins like we did for you, but Nanook still runs the house. You can always tell when someone gets out of line, they get blood ears and bloody paws till Nanook fixes it. I don't know what I am gonna do when its time for them to join you buddy- I am gonna lose it for sure, but then I know they will be going to see you and you will have some of your old family back up there with you, so that will be good right? This is not how any of this was supposed to happen, it was supposed to be me and you in the park and playing for a long, long time. I Hope you are good and you have everything you need. I love you buddy and wish you were here every day. Get some chicken and play in the blankets and I will be back with more. Love Dad.

08/15/2014 - Hey, buddy- Dad's in the house! sorry I didn't see you last month, it was your anniversary the month before after my last visit and I will still pretty messed up. Ninja is still lost without you- he wont even play with anyone else really, and he always come right back inside to sit by me. He doesn't even go out for all the potty breaks, so I guess he only has me now. Everyone else is doing good, they all got baths- I think this is the first time Ninja realized you were not here as you were not getting a bath with everyone else. Nitrous is doing a little better, he is also my shadow because he misses his Dad I am sure. He was allowed to run the whole house day and night and now he has to get along with everyone else and not destroy stuff. How is the weather there? its so hot here, I bet its really nice with that river and stuff. You seen Trinity? its Will's dog - they used to detail our cars. Well, Mom is home for summer break, so its pretty weird having her here all the time- she left us for some stupid camp with all the cheer girls she coaches, we all really missed you for those 4 days. Everyone came after me for my food and wanted to go out all the time, it was so bad, I lost 14 lbs in 4 days because of it. Anyway- I wish you were here, I will be back again, every month like normal and never leave you. Please visit us when you can and check in with everyone. They all chase the little lights that reflect on the walls and think its you. Love you buddy- I am here if you need anything I will help all I can. Dad.

9/27/2014 - Hey buddy, its the Dad again! our first cold day in a very long time. It was 69 degrees out tonight, it was amazing. How have you been? I got you a hamburger since all the guys here had one this week, and a squirrel- remember the squirrel fish? We miss you so much buddy- everyone had a bath this month from a lady that shows up to your house- it was crazy. Ninja didn't like her- he doesn't like anyone but us. Nitrous and Nanook fight all the time, but Ninja beats up Nitrous! imagine that? Nya is getting older buddy- we got her on some arthritis type medicine and then she bounces around again- we gotta take her to more walks in the park, I wish I took you to so many more walks, and car rides, I am so sorry I didn't do more. Hopefully now you are free to run everywhere and eat all day long! the house is still trashed but I want to get into a new one- with a basement so all the pups can run the downstairs. I made my budget today for the first time since the crash, which would be pretty darn close to the day we rescued you. I remember that like it was today- taking you into Publix like you were a service dog hahaha, but you were riding IN the cart lol- you remember? all you wanted to service that day was cheeseburgers. I feel bad when Ninja is in the bed, he reminds me of you too much. Nitrous looks just like you from above on the stairs. Please keep checking in on them, we are gonna try and super clean the house and get everything back this year- I wish I had you back too! it just hurts so much wanting to be successful again and you not here. I feel like its not right or its not for me cause I don't have you anymore. Just know that I love you so much and I wish I did so much more for you than I did, I hope you were happy and are even happier now! that's all I got buddy, take care, don't cause any trouble and I will be back soon to check on you, Love the Dad

11/26/2014 - Hey buddy - been really busy working on this big project. Our friends dog Trouble passed a few weeks ago, have you seen him? he is a golden retriever. I don't know if he knows anything or is cool or not, but he was broken for a long time. His mommy finally let him go and he isn't in pain anymore and I hope he is running around having a great time with you. Winter is here! you seen any snow? everyone still misses you, and we are still falling apart. Nya has to go to the dentist vet- she might lose one of her front big teeth! Ninja is all upset, been chewing on his elbow. Natasha was sick, its been awful. I wish you were back here with us and it was like it used to be - this is supposed to be getting easier and its not. So you better be having a good time running around everywhere and jumping and playing and eating all kinds of good stuff! Turkey day is tomorrow, we are going out to eat since no one is here to eat with. Sorry it took so long to get back this time buddy, I will come see you again before Christmas for sure! I will get you some good treats! Love Dad.

12/30/2014 - hey buddy- its the Dad!! Merry Christmas buddy- its my 2nd Christmas without you and we miss you so much. Everyone is getting ready to go to the vet as Mom is home on school break. Nitrous is doing a little bit better, but he keeps fighting with Nanook- he just doesn't understand he needs to be in line and not fight with Nanook. I wish he was more like you and just had a good temperament and wanted to just get along and play and have a good time. Did it snow? we went to Mount Charleston and we were thinking that must be just like where you are right now. I hope you are doing well and having lots of funny buddy. Do you see Trouble anywhere up there? or Trinity? those guys should be up there somewhere and I hope they are nice, our friends used to be with those dogs this year and they went up to there to be with you and run around and have fun. I hope you are ok and have lots of fun stuff to do, we miss you so much! be good and I will come back and check on your again soon. Love you Nelix. Dad.

3/08/2015 - hey buddy, its the Dad, how you doing? hopefully its still cold right? we saw Snow this year for the first time since our first year here. Ninja misses you a lot!! he has started a diet walking with mom at night in the park. Nitrous is still an asshole, he is a little better, but still spoiled rotten, I have no idea how his family we rescued him from got him this way. Hope you are doing well, have you seen Trouble or any other dogs we might know? we miss you a lot buddy- I will be back again soon, just came to say hello and see how you were doing. Love the Dad.

05/22/2015 - hey buddy, its the Dad! we had our first earthquake today! mom said it was a 1.6 - holy cow! its been hot and cold out lately, how have you been? Ninja misses you lots, he gets in the bed every time we go somewhere, but doesn't like to get in it when we are home, he misses you. Nitrous is getting better, but he still has a long way to go. Everyone else misses you so much! we are gonna hopefully redo the living room over the holiday and put stuff back to normal downstairs. Brian my brother is moving out here, you never got to meet him, but he will be living here in a little while with everyone else. I gotta go get my medicine now, be back to see you soon. its almost summer and mom will be home with us all the time, so hopefully we can get everyone bathed and brushed and cleaned! love- the dad.

7/13/2015 - Hello Nelix, it's the mom. I have been on summer break for a month and a half and we have caught up on a few things but honestly I miss you and it has been so tough not having you here. Some days it feels like you are here and I have this amazing calmness while other days I feel so lost without you. I know you have no pain and that you get to eat plenty of cheeseburgers anytime you want so I have comfort knowing that. I am looking forward to Brian moving out here and working at my new school (which is close to home). I love you lots and send lots of love your way! - Love, Mom

9/15/2015 - Hey buddy, its the Dad! I hope you have still been watching over everyone and can see how big Nitrous is getting, he is looking more and more like you every day. He is a big turd with the treats just like you too! he never gets filled up and will eat and eat and eat, like the first day we picked you up! remember the ride in the cart in Publix and I told them you were a service dog but you were on break? and we got thrown out. Well hopefully summer is over soon and its gonna get cold. We miss you so much, Nya isn't doing well, she is on medicine every day now :( She still fights and gets feisty when she can but its tough, she is an old gal who has been with us forever. She was fighting when you were weren't even born yet! Scrapping with Nanook making me pay for stitches. I will be back sooner this time, I just got busy and had some bad stuff myself going on, but I am on the other side of that now and will be back to see you soon! Love you buddy ,The Dad.

10/10/2015 - Hey buddy- how are you? fall is finally here! its cooler out buddy! I hope you are doing well, we miss you so much right now. I was sitting here you just popped up on my screen!! Brian is moving in out here with his wife and her bunnies! can you believe that? Bunnies in the house? holy cow, I cannot imagine. I will be back buddy, really soon, take care of yourself, love you, the Dad.

12/07/2015 - Super Nelix! hey buddy, its the Dad. Its cold outside! you see any snow yet? we did last weekend. We are going to be getting some land and a home in the snow so I know we will be closer to you, its 9000 feet in the air! you will be able to see everyone playing in the yard and say hi anytime you want even easier now. Everyone misses you so much and Nitrous is looking more and more like you every day. He is still the biggest asshole dog we ever had and that's because he is going to probably turn into you, the best dog we ever had in the world! Nya is hanging in there, but she is one tough old girl! Natasha will even let her eat out of her bowl now -- long way from fighting with her, so I hope everyone helps her, she needs a little extra special attention. Nanook keeps fighting with Nitrous, he is just holding a grudge for some reason, even though Nitrous is over it. Brian and Kris live here now...more back later buddy!

06/09/2016 = Hey buddy, long time no talk, I have missed you so much. This is the longest I have gone without talking to you, I am so sorry. It been pretty bad at home, and I have been trying to be strong and not cave in and miss you even more like I do when I visit. Nya is really sick, she is old and wanders around now and cant control herself, and is pretty bad. I feel so bad she is going thru this and Mom is trying every medicine possible, but I think it may be time for her to join you, I hate seeing her this way. Nitrous has become a terror who eats everything and pees everywhere, he is just out of control. Nanook is getting skinny because of the stress I think with Nya and Nitrous, its a mess right now and we have to move! I cannot believe it, but the asshole landlord only told us because I asked to extend the lease and he said no, so we are moving on top of all this. I miss you so much and wish you were here to make everything better and get Nitrous in line and help take care of Nya. She always liked you so much, everyone was scared of her but you! I got you all new treats and bones and a burger! I will be back in touch soon so you know where we are when we move buddy, love Dad.

07/25/2016 - hey buddy, Nya should be arriving sometime soon to come live with you again. I know she missed you very much and you and her always got along like no one else. She is going to want to run and play and jump around and swim and do all the thing she hasn't been able to do in a while, please show her around and take care of her like she did for you ok? you are in charge now buddy! talk to you later, the dad.

12/13/2016 - Hey buddy, did you find Nya? I hope you guys are doing well and playing in the snow and having a good time. We miss you both so much. I got you some dog chews and a gift! please share with Nya and don't ever leave her, stay with her ok? she needs you so much now. This is our first Christmas without her and she will be really upset, so please take care of the Nya girl Love you buddy, the Dad.

03/21/2017 - Hey buddy, did you find Niko? I know, this has been an awful 6 months.....we had to move, lost Nya and Niko, and everything is pretty shitty right now. I am hoping it gets better soon. We miss you so much! Niko was such a fighter, just like you, but he had the cancer as well. Awful, awful cancer!! why, why do dogs have to get that- they don't smoke! why? Mom and I decided when we win the lottery we are making a foundation to dog cloning and cancer research. No more doggy cancer! I will be back soon buddy, I just wanted to check on you and get a super lick if could, love you buddy, the Dad.

12/14/2017 - hey buddy, it's the Dad! how you doing in the snow? I hope you found Niko ok and the Nya girl... we sure do miss you buddy.. Mom swears you are really Nitrous now - reborn in that crazy dog, and I so want to believe that.... or at least you come visit him and tell him how to act, because he is just like you sometimes... but then other times, I don't even know who he is! He is so crazy, I bet you were like that when you were younger huh? but we didn't get you till you were already older after your first mommy passed on. But that's ok - you are still Super Nelix- best dog in the bed! Ninja misses you so much. He will not let Nitrous get away with anything... only dog in the house he is scared of, not Nanook, Natasha, no one but Ninja- and you know Ninja is scared of people - so imagine that! Hope you are doing good, and please come back and visit the other dogs anytime you want to ok? no one will bother you, I promise. Love you buddy- enjoy your cozy bed! The Dad.

06/18/2018 - Super Nelix!! hey buddy, how you doing? So you see Nanook up there now? Natasha too? Nikko, Niki and Nya- they are all up there with you buddy...hope you are running around and having a great time. The gang is all back together now-- We so miss you so much every day, we still have Nubix and Ninja, but you don't know Nikita and Nitrous.... Nitrous looks just like you when you were little. Ninja is a terror and Nubix is still prissy. Hope you are playing every day, cannot wait for the fall and Winter to get here! Miss you buddy, check back with you soon, Love you buddy, The Dad.

1/17/2019 - Hey buddy, missing you a lot tonight, read a song or a poem I wrote about you a long time ago. Missing you a lot, its cold outside, almost snowed a few times...how you doing up here with all the other guys? you get to play with them every day? just checking in on you buddy- I will be back again soon, its late and I need some sleep, just wanted you to know I was thinking about you.
Love you buddy- the Dad.

4/9/2020 - Super Nelix- hey buddy, how you been? sorry it took so long to come visit, having a rough time lately but I never forget you. Hope you enjoyed the winter, spring will be here soon! Nitrous keeps me busy and alive- hopefully you can see him and check in on us sometime. I will be back soon, Love the Dad.

4/8/2021 - Super Nelix!! hey buddy, how goes it up there? its another year, sorry so long to visit- been so busy moving, left another house, building a house- missing you so much. Nitrous is still here, he reminds me so much of you, its like you visiting all the time. Hope you are having a good time with everyone running around being healthy. Ninja is up there now too! did you see him yet- he was just like you, such a good boy. See you soon buddy, never forget you. Love - the Dad.

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