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Memories of Neka
Tomorrow will be one week since Neka left my side. Well it still hurts , but it doesn't hurt quite as bad. I still remember the first day I got her and it was completely by chance that she picked me. I knew that day December 3 that I didn't want to rush into picking a ferret. I wanted the right ferret, the one meant for me, so as the clerk opened up the ferret cage I reach my hand in there and just held it in there and watched as all 5 ferrets gathered round my arm and Neka being the smallest reached the longest, almost all the way to my shoulder and then I knew she was the one. As I picked her up she ran around my shoulders and curled up in the hood of my hoodie. It was definitely a sight to be seen and I knew we would be inseparable.
At first I was scared to get so attached because I grew up learning of unhealthy attachments with animals and I didn't want to continue that cycle. She was the first pet I've had that big of a bond with since I was a kid. She was a troublemaker and mischievous but she was also caring. I would get up in the morning and go to the bathroom and she would always greet me at toilet then she would wait at my feet as a brush my teeth and follow me back to bed to lay down for little bit longer and she would snuggle right by my side and make yourself comfortable. It was getting to the point when we went for walks I hardly ever had to pick her up because she would go where we need to go and let me lead her in the direction, she was slow but she went. One day I took her to the park and played soccer with her Maggie and Michael and she ran around. I didn't have to hold her leash I just had to make sure she didn't go too far she was usually running right to me though.
Tim told me one afternoon he got home and heard some noise in the kitchen and turned around and there she was in the sink. She popped her head up and climbed out of the sink and just hurried over to Tim to greet him. Apparently someone forgot to close the bedroom door. She was trying to help do dishes I guess. That's how she was little stinker.
I will never forget her she will always be in my heart and hopefully one day this pain will go away where I don't cry every time I think of her and how much I loved her and miss her. Before she came into my life it seems like every morning I would struggle to get up, she made my life exciting again. That is something I will never be able to repay. I'm just glad when she was alive she knew how much I loved her. 💖
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