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Memories of NED
I can't believe you are gone, my heart is broken and I try to be happy but its not working. I want to feel you on my chest again how you would lye there and sleep I could feel your breathing and your heart beat it was like meditation. I reach for you when the bad dreams come and I long to feel your fur that would calm me back to sleep. Ned I am going to get another wheaten soon I know I can never replace you and I don't want to but I want a friend that I can talk to and tell him about you. You were the light of my life. You had many friends but I will always be your dad. Everyone misses you. I will never forget the day I brought you home, Vicky drove and I held you,when you cried a little I whispered in your ear that you would be Fine that I would take care of you. I just remembered thats what I did when you were lying down at the hospital getting treatment and thats the last words you heard from me you looked right into my eyes when I said that and you knew you were going to leave me. Good bye my friend you are free and healthy now you were the best thing in my whole life. Wait for me buddy, thank you for the time we had. I know you hated to see me cry and I will try not to it will take time.

I Love You,

Hi Ned,
I hope you are doing well and are safe and happy. I miss you so much my life still seems so upside down. I have to tell you though that there is a new little guy running around the house. I know you would love him (not at first). He is a wheaten just like you, I have been talking to him about you. He is calm like you were and he lays with me. I have been taking pictures of him I am sorry I did not get lots of pictures of you as a pup. I promise to you that I will never forget you, you taught me so much and I am trying to teach Archie those things. I was going to name him Ned also but I could not do it. You were one in a million and I want to honor that. Take care my friend I love you.
Dad 6-12-09

Hi Buddy,
Well it is August I woke up and looked at your picture by the bed and cried a little. Little Archie is getting big and I am trying to teach him all I taught you. I miss you so much I want you to be here with me take care my friend
Dad 8-15-09

Hi Buddy,
Its September now 6 months since you went to the bridge, I so miss you my friend life is truly not the same without you I am really trying with the new boy Archie but its to hard I don't know what to do. I want to smile when I think of you and I do but I also cry. You were my best friend and there is still so much emptiness without you. I know you are well I hope I here a bark from you tonight
Dad 9-30-09

Hi My Friend,
You left my side a little over 1 year ago, I still cry and smile and laugh when I think of you, it still hurts that you are not here. I have seen you in my dreams and I know you are OK and waiting for me. Archie is doing great he is not you but I see some of you in him I am moving everything out of our house we are going to put renters in it. I don't care about that house anymore you're not there and it is not the same. Archie was playing with your toys when we were there, the blue donkey and your kong ball. Life is so different now I want you by my side again. Take care my friend. I love you
Dad 6-15-10

Hi Buddy,
I hope you are running in the sun and every now and again you think of me. I still cry and ache to see you in my dreams and to hear that familiar bark. I have a favor to ask of you. We lost a close friend yesterday, he died to early in life and had so much more to do. His wife and daughter miss him so much and their hearts are broken. I feel I lost a dear friend. I hope you look for him at the bridge his name is Stan and is a great guy and he likes Archie so he will be comforted by you. Take care my friend and please greet Stan with a bark a kiss and a tail wag. Please wait for me.
Dad 9-19-10

Hi Buddy,
Well it was a heck of a year I almost came to you at the bridge I had a heart attack in april and I thought I would see you. I am better now, I think of you often everytime I look at Archie, I miss you my friend and the 3 years you have been gone does not make it any easier. Every morning when I go on the computer I see you. Run free my Ned you are always in my heart and I know you are waiting for me. I still cry when I think of you but I try to smile through it. I want you to know that I now have some of your ashes in a small vile and you travel with me in the car just like the old times.
I Miss You, Love Dad, 4-16 12

Hi Buddy,
HAPPY BIRTHDAY! You have been on my mind alot this past year, you are always on my mind but this year it has been alot more. I hope the sun is shining and the skies are beautiful at the bridge and like a good boy you are still waiting for me. I walked Archie the other night and talked to him about you. I can't believe how my heart aches when I think of you I try to smile and think of all the fun times we had together but I still get sad. Archie is growing up and life goes on but you are missed. We had a glass of wine last night and toasted to you and your birthday. Take care my friend wait for me.

Hi Ned,
Well my friend you were taken from me 4 years ago and it seems like yesterday. We lite a candle and had a glass of wine in your honor, we miss you terriby and I still cry for you I have not run out of tears yet. Archie is doing quite well and I talk to him about you. You are always in my thoughts and you will always be my boy. Stay in the sunshine and run and play. I listen for your bark in the wind and look for you in my dreams. Wait for me. You will always be by my side. 3-30-13 I love you, Dad.

Hi Ned,
Happy Birthday my buddy. Today is not a good day for me, I am so tired Ned I feel the day is getting closer that I can finally be with you. I want to go now but I am afraid, afraid of messing up Chris's life and Archie's but I feel like I am going in circles and I need a way out. At times I am happy but inside there is such a sadness and I can not shake it. I remember our walks together and I would talk to you and you would listen that's why I am writing now. I don't know what to do. I want to be in the sunshine with you walking, talking, playing. Take care my friend wait for me, I will see you soon. I love you. Dad.

Hi Ned,

5 years without you and it seems like a long time and then again not. The tears still flow and I still smile thinking about all our adventures we shared. I take it day by day Ned and not a day passes that you do not pop into my head. The doc told me my heart is better but I still have the feeling that I will see you soon. Archie is now 5 years old I wish you were here to be the "Old guy" hanging out with the family. Every day I look at your picture and last night we lit a candle in your honor. You are so missed Ned.
I was in San Luis Obispo for the last few days and you were right there with me in the westy, your ashes ride shotgun with me just like you did on so many adventures. Chris's brother just lost his pal Apollo after 14 years he is a Golden Retriever and I hope he is at the bridge with you, he was a good boy to. I know you are in the sunshine playing and healthy take a moment and send a bark in the wind to me. So long my friend and I will see you soon. I love you Dad. 3-25-14

Me Again,
I wanted you to know that Archie plays with your kong all the time, He took it from the house in Big Bear and he also plays with your stuffed duck. Be a good boy, I love you buddy.

Hi my friend,
6 years and I am sitting here crying like a baby, I so miss you. In January Archie had a really bad cyst on his tail and the idea of an infection taking over Archie scared me to death I can not go through that again. Well they did surgery and they saved his tail and he mended really well so he is back to just being Archie. Archie has now been on a trip with just me so I had both my boys on the last camping trip with me. Archie like you is a great camper. I try to stay positive Ned but everyday seems harder and harder I have Archie and Chris here so I can not just let go. You are always on my mind and in my heart I know you are by my side forever. I am always listening for your bark. Take care my friend and I know you are waiting for me. SOON NED SOON. Be a good boy. I love you Dad 3-23-15

Hi Buddy
Ned 7 years without you and my heart still aches, when I think of you (which is a lot) I smile and cry even though Archie is here it still hurts that you are not. We had a candle lit for you on the anniversary of your passing I had a good cry and talked to Archie. I take Archie on a lot of camping trips and he likes it like you did you are with us to some of your ashes are in the westy so you go on every trip I have a picture of him at the same place you were at. I miss you my friend and I dream of the day we can run together again free of pain and worries. You will always be my champion Ned as always I will see you in my dreams and listen for your bark. I love you, Dad 4-4-16

Hi Ned,
Another year without you and I still cry. You come in to my mind everyday. I will light a candle tonight for you buddy the candle in my heart is always there for you, I listen for your bark in the wind and I know like when you were on this earth you are always with me. When I walk Archie I know you are there. Arch and I are still camping and going on adventures, Archie had his 8th birthday on the 17th of this month and he is doing well and I pray he stays that way. I am still hanging on and as long as Arch and Chris are here I can not come to you, everyday is a challenge I guess the flame in my heart is just not that bright now. I sold the house in Big Bear so that is another box checked off but I have the video of you in the back yard with Chris and I love to watch it. I'm tired Ned. at times I am afraid to let go and leave this messed up world and at times I am not. I will be back to talk to you soon. I have some things on my mind and I just need to share them with you. Take care my little buddy. Wait for me. I love you, Dad. 3-2517

Hello my little buddy! HAPPY BIRTHDAY you would have been 18 and I wish you were still with me and now Archie you two would be great together. Your old dad is getting older and I am tired Ned I long to come to the bridge but as long as Archie and Chrissy are here I can't. The house in Big Bear is sold and I was looking through my storage and found so many pictures of you and a card from the vet that took care of you before you left for the bridge. I cried like it happened yesterday. There is a candle burning next to your picture in the living room right now. Archie makes it easier on me but not a day goes by I don't think of you. I hope you are waiting for me. I would love to see you in my dreams. I miss you buddy, Dad loves you. 10-31-17

Hi Buddy,
Well it has been 9 years since you went to the bridge and a I am another year older and so is Archie I try to find words to tell you how I feel now and I'm just sitting here crying. I still miss you so much, I was watching the video of you in the backyard in Big Bear and you made me smile. I have not been feeling well lately and I really don't know what to do, maybe I just need to go camping with Archie. I always listen for a bark from you in the wind and every time I walk Arch you are with us. Well take care my friend. You are always by my side. Love Dad. 3-29-18

Hello my Buddy,
You have been on my mind a lot, I have been busy but I have time now to leave a note. 10 years and my heart still aches. Archie is ten now and I hope he stays with me till I am gone to be with you. Your dad is getting old now and I feel it. I look at your pictures often and talk to you and I always talk to Archie about you. I am thankful for this site it provides me a way to reach out I only wish I could pet you, one day my buddy we will be hanging together again. I miss you even though I have Chris and Archie there is still a hole left in my heart. Summer is coming so Arch and I will be heading out on some camping adventures, you are always with us I have your ashes in the Westy. I can only imagine how it would be to have you and Arch to camp with you would both be hogging the bed LOL. I will dry my tears now and get Archie's breakfast for him Chris got it ready for me so I just have to set it down. Run free NED you are always in my heart and always by my side. I hope to see you in my dreams and as always I listen for your bark in the wind send one my way OK. LOVE Dad. 4-22-19

Hi Buddy
I have been trying to get time to leave a note lots has been happening a stupid pandemic and Chris ARCHIE and I have moved to Utah, sold my VW Van and bought a sprinter we love it here but times are very strange now. I miss you so much my friend and I talk to Archie about you all the time, he is 11 now and I am blessed every day I have him with me just like when I had you here. I pray he stays with us for a long time but I realize he could go quickly like you did. You are always on my mind and in my heart forever. I love you buddy you will always be by my side just like Arch. Keep waiting for me and send me a bark and when my bad dreams come make them go away like you use to do. I feel like I am losing the battle. I love you DAD 8-10-20

Hello my Ned, Happy Birthday Buddy, Well we are settled in Utah I think about you every day and talk to Archie about you, he is 11years and 7 months old now and I am so afraid of losing him to. I don't think I am doing so well every day seems to be a battle. I have good days and bad days and the bad days seem to be winning sometimes. Anyway HAPPY BIRTHDAY my old friend I miss you and love you I know you are always by my side with Archie. I pray that when it is my time all three of us will be at the bridge together. Chris loves you to and said Happy Birthday to you this morning. Send me a bark in the wind I will be listening. 10-31-20

Hi Ned
Well it has been 12 years since you went to the bridge and my tears still flow as I write this. I talk to Archie every night and tell him that you are waiting for us and that soon we will all be together again. ARCHIE just turned 12 and I can see in his eyes he is slowing down I pray every night that he stays healthy. We are settled in Utah now and Chris said we will light a candle for you tonight. I miss you so much it hurts. The world is a real mess now and I think of you at the bridge healthy and safe. My days are still a battle and i use to look forward to the night but now the night does not help I am so tired but I have to hang in there to keep Chris safe. I had ARCHIE out last night and I prayed for you and asked to hear a bark from you.I know you are always by my side.I miss you buddy RIP I love you Dad 3-24-21

Hi Ned
Well my heart is broken again, I don't know what to do. Archie past away yesterday and I will be setting up a page for him with Chris. I pray he has made it to the bridge and you both are together. His death was so quick but peaceful. I wish I could have done the same for you instead you died in that cold cage in the vets office without me and I will never forget that. I am sorry. Archie passed peacefully at home surrounded with love, stories and kisses from Chris, a good friend of Archies and myself. He made it 12yrs and 5 months and it was pure love just like us from the start. I am really in a fix now I don't feel comfortable in the house and I don't feel good outside. I don't know what to do and I feel I am at the end of my rope. I have to stay strong for Chris but I have so much pain inside I wish you could both help me. Send me that bark in the wind my friend and play with Arch. You guys will love each other I am sure of that. I love you Ned always and forever. You two wait for me.

Hi Buddy,
Happy Birthday NED, Chris and I have a new pup and in honor of you and Archie we got another Wheaton. His name is TATE and he is growing up and will be just like you and Archie but also his own personality. I had a dream and I saw you and Archie side by side in the dream I was coming to you but I could not get there I guess it is not my time yet. Both of you were wagging your tails and looking at me. I miss my boys so much and want to be with you I woke up and was crying. I think of you often NED and now you have a buddy with you. I hope you and Archie are having fun, you are both happy and safe and live in my heart forever. HAPPY BIRTHDAY my Irish lad.


Hi Buddy, the years have passed it has been 13 years and I sit here crying like it was yesterday. You are one of a kind. ARCHIES birthday was 3-17 and I miss him as well, he was also special in so many ways. I long for the time I can be with both of you again and I pray that I will see you both again.The new pup Tate is growing up he is 9 months old now and nothing like you and Archie. I am trying to train him like you guys and it is hard. I hope I bond with this boy like I did with both of you but it is really hard. I don't know what to say I just want to be with my boys. I hope you are both playing in the fields and waiting for me. That is where I want to be, I am so tired but I love Chris and I don't want her to be alone. I miss my lads. Wait for me and both of you send me a bark in the wind.

Love Dad 3-24-22

Another year without you
I had just talked about you yesterday. You still ride with me in the Sprinter everyday and I think of you often. You were my first Wheaton and will always be first in my heart. Archie is missed to I long for the day that I walk through that field and see my boys coming to greet me. Tate is doing well to and we train every day just like I did with you and Archie. Send me a bark buddy, you are forever in my heart.

Another year has passed since you left me. I still feel guilty that I was not with you when you crossed over. I hope you and Archie are waiting for me. I really miss my boys. Tate is growing up and has been certified as a First Responder therapy dog. Ned you like Archie are always on my mind and in my heart. I am getting tired Ned sometimes I don't know what to do. I always look for you and Archie in my dreams. Thank you for loving me. I miss you.

See you on the other side

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