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Memories of Natasha
Natasha wasn't the alpha or the oldest, or even the biggest husky, but she was the boss and all the other dogs parted when she came out and left their food bowls in case she was hungry when she walked by. She had a presence about her that told everyone, this is my house, my Mom and Dad and the rest of you are just allowed to be here. We will miss her so much as she was a pure Angel and never did anything wrong from the first day we rescued her.

She was dropped off by a Marine returning to Iran for the war, as she was his gift by his fiance for staying home and not returning for another tour. Well, he went back for another tour and the fiance left, and dropped this precious little puppy off at the nearest vet. She had a big red ring around her neck as her first Dad took her to the beach the day before he went back on tour and her collar stained her white fur. When we got the call a husky needed to be rescued we showed up and thought she had been injured or hurt as she was all red! but it soon washed out. So we took her home and she soon became the boss, not even 1 year old, expressing to Nya and Nanook, our female and male Alphas, who in their own right racked up about $7000 in stitches in their first 2 years fighting with each other as to who was the dominant Alpha (Nya won, only because Nanook had a crush on her, till the new younger girl showed up :) and no one fought with Natasha even one time.

Natasha and Nanook were always in the same shadow, the only two who could ride to the vet together and sleep in the same seat. Everyone else needed constant attention or their own seat in the Jeep.

We will miss you girl, Nya, Nelix, Niko, and Nikki are all waiting for you, down by the lake.....see you one day again,

Love , The Dad

6/17/2018 - Natasha! how you doing? just checking in so see if you found everyone, and make sure you are ok. A lot of people signed your guest book, really great people who have friends running around up there with you right now. Please don't fight with Nya, she is still the boss, even though you are Nanook's right hand. No one will ever change that. Please take care of him, he made sure everyone was safe and up there before he left us. Dad.

4/9/2020 - Natasha, my big girl, how are you? hoping all is good and you are getting to play in the snow and hang out with Nanook. Sorry its been so long, I miss you so much. I will come back and check on your more often, I promise. Get ready for the Spring, its going to be great! Love, The Dad.

4/8/2021 - Natasha, my big girl, the boss! how goes it girl? miss you so much, its been a year, so sorry its been so long. Did you find Ninja? how is everyone doing? we moved, did you find my new place yet? I am building a new place, with a big back yard so you can come visit! miss you so much!! I visited with Nanook, please keep watch over him, he needs you, you are his right hand always- making sure no one gets crazy or gets in trouble. I will be back sooner next time. Miss you girl, Love the Dad.

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