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Memories of Napoleon
Napoleon Loosing you was so difficult for us. You were such a blessing and we were so fortunate to have you in our lives. You made us laugh at your silly antics and you also made us feel so loved with all of the affection you gave us. You were the silliest and sweetest kitty that anyone could ever wish for. I remember one morning in San Francisco having my coffee and out of the corner of my eye seeing the coffee creamer moving across the counter. Silly you, you were trying to spill it so you could enjoy the cream. Then the time you managed to drag a freezer bag with a steak marinating in soy sauce out of the sink and drag it all over the house while piercing the bag leaving a trail of sauce everywhere. Those things still make us laugh out loud. Then there was the sweet gentle side of you. Always needing to be held and hugged. If it were up to you one of us would have been holding you and carrying you around all day. You never missed a night cuddling with me and making sure I wasn't alone when Roy was traveling. You were always the first one there making sure you had your preferred spot right next to me. I miss you so much. Roy is missing you much more than I ever thought he would. His grief is so intense I can feel it. He loved his time with you, all the evenings watching television while you cuddled on his lap and especially the Saturday and Sunday morning routine helping him with his computer work. His heart was truly broken when you left this world. Saying good bye to you was one of the most difficult things he has had to do.

I will never forget our last day together. You and Chester and I sitting in the sun looking out the side door when the butterfly 🦋 visited us. I believe it was Junior telling us it was time for you to join him and cross the rainbow bridge. You were having a pretty good day, you and I and Chester's last hours together were good ones. I don't believe you suffered at all. We know you had a wonderful life you that loved us and Chester and Junior. It was so hard for me to let you go that day I wanted to keep you in my life forever. As you would expect Chester has helped me work through the intense feeling of loss. Chester is also very sad, the cat laying next to your Memorial is symbolic of Chester grieving your loss. Thank you my sweet boy for the all of the love and wonderful memories you gave us. You will live in our hearts always.

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