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Memories of Napoleon
My wife found "napster" on crestcare, a rescue site for the Chinese Crested Breed. We drove to Maryland
from Pittsburgh, Pa. to get him. While talking to the foster mother I mentioned that I was an over the road truck driver and that I would be taking Napoleon (the name we gave him) with me. She was

concerned about his safety, but I told her we had other "kids" at home and that he would be taken care of and loved. His rescue story was that he was caged for 12 to 15 hours a day and when let out he would relieve himself on the floor, REALLY, YOU THINK!! She was told he had bitten the little girl in the house. They also told her that he could not be house broken. On the way home we stopped at McDonalds for lunch and while there a couple of loud motorcycles went by and Napoleon went crazy, jumping from front to back, barking and growling. We both realized that he had some issues.
We got him home and introduced him to Loki (male Chinese crested) and Buttercup (alpha female Carin Terrier) they got along, although at times Buttercup would have to put him in his place.

The first night he spent in the truck, he woke me up a 3am and told me he had to go out. So much for not being able to be house broken. Loud motorcycles, UPS trucks and people on bicycles would set him off. We figured that while caged he developed a dislike for those things. After biting three people while he was still in the truck, I knew he was just protecting his home. Even after putting signs on the doors to "Beware of Dog" people would still want to reach in and pet him.

My grandson could not say Nepoleon and called him "poly" it stuck. Poly left his "mark" across these United States. There are many memories and stories I could tell, but its getting difficult for me to tell at this time.

I retired 6 years ago and we both missed the open road, but learned to accept it. When I would leave the house he would be right there waiting for me when I got back.

3 years ago we went to a flea market in Rogers Ohio, and there running around was a three pound naked little girl. She ran up to us and stole our hearts. Another crested, Gypsy. Her introduction to the the other "kids" went well. Suprisingly she could boss Poly around, lay on top of him, and chase him away from his food (if allowed to do so). The way the two of them acted I swear they were related.

1/18/15 Saw you prancing in the back yard. Cried. Showed mommy your memorial. She liked it. Had to show her your beep beep blanket. I have your blanket folded and on a shelf with your bowl picture collar and your ashes. The beep beep blanket has a truck on it and the words beep beep. We bought it in Oklahoma after you got sick on the first beep beep blanket. The blanket is the one we used in my truck to keep on his co-driver seat so he could cover with it. Never in a hundred years would I have thought that I would feel this way about the passing of a dog. But you turned out to be more than "just a dog". You heard stories that no other human has heard. You help me with the ptsd. The long nights of driving across the states. You were always there. And now your not.
Its only been 25 days since he left for the Bridge, but I miss him so much. I love you Poly.

1/23/15 Its a month today that I had to let you go. I think about you everyday. I miss you everyday.
Gypsy, Loki, and Buttercup send their love. I hope you have made many friends and are fitting in. I know you have had issues with other furbabies, but I think all those issues have been cured now. I love you Poly.

2/1/15 Tomorrow will be six weeks since I had to let you go. I'm sure you know I think about you everyday. I don't cry as much, but I do get tearried eyed when you cross my mind. Its raining now but earlier in the day it snowed. I let the other kids out and could just picture you looking outside and just going down in the basement instead of going out in the rain. You never did like the rain. I sent a bunch of clothes to a crested shelter and came across your raincoat, I could not send it with the other stuff. Mommy is fine and she misses you too. I have your picture on my phone as wallpaper and I showed it to Gypsy, she licked the screen. Thats about it for now. I miss you so much. I love you Poly.

2/18/15 Hi Poly. Its been very cold here and have to put Gypsy and lokis winter coats on. I can still see you checking out the weather before going out. couple of nights ago I was laying in bed remembering some of the things that happened to us while traveling the country. The one that stuck in my mind was the time you pulled out of your collar and went running after a truck that was pulling out of his parking space. Good thing he saw you and me chasing after you. He stopped before running you over. You scared me so bad that day. We got you a different collar and made sure you couldn't get out of it. I seem to remember more about you and our time together than I do about anything else. I guess thats the big enfluence you had on me. I watch animal channel with mommy and see service dogs with veterans and how they help them. Thats what you did for me. Well, its getting hard to see the screen through the tears so Ill sign off for now. Til we meet again. I love and miss you Poly.

3/10/15 Hi Poly. Its cool and rainy today. I sent for the Rainbow Bridge Poem and when it came I framed it and hung it by your stuff. Everytime I read that thing I tear up. I can picture you coming across a field with that lope of yours and that long white tail straight up in the air. I know this summer will be difficult without you here. I'll be outside working in the yard or on some vehicle and will look at the fence to see if you are there, and you won't be there. have to go now. I love you Poly and miss you sooo much.

4/21/15 2 days from now will be 4 months without you. I miss you everyday. Saturday was a beautiful day. The neighbor started cutting his grass and Gypsy started barking and running up and down the fence. I told mommy she is just like Napoleon. I think about you everyday. I wish I could tell you how much you meant to me and how much I loved you. The thing that I look forward to is seeing you again and corssing over the Bridge together. Well Poly I have to go for now. I love and miss you so much.

10/23/15 I just realized when I typed the date that its been 10 months since I had to let you go. Its 3:30am and I'm waiting for my truck to be loaded. I just called the plant and it wont be ready til 5:30. Then I sat down at the computer to do some work and started thinking about you. Last week we went to Kinzu and before leaving I finally cleaned the inside of the windshield where your nose prints were. I still can't get over the fact that you had such an influence on me. You know I have very few people that I am close to. Mommy misses Buttercup like I miss you. Gypsy and Loki are doing fine. Lokis' sight is getting worse as time goes by but he gets around just fine. Gypsy just came down and got on my lap. I told her I was talking with you and she started wagging her tail which I guess means to tell my brother HI. Well Poly clouding up so I'll say bye for now I love and miss you so very much.

2/12/16 wanted to write something on 12/23, but couldn't. Thought about you all day. Loki is pretty much
totally blind now. Gypsy got sick and tested positive for lyme disease. We caught it quick so she will be ok. Shes on medication now. Very cold today 1 degree. I can't believe its been over a year since you left. Seems like just yesterday. Not a day goes by that I don't think about you. Have all your pictures on my phone and some as wallpaper so your there every minute. Tell Buttercup me and mommy miss her too. Have to go now Love and miss you.
6/04/18 Its been a long time since I wrote in this but you know I think and talk to you everyday. As you know on Sunday 6/3/18 Loki joined you. He was 16 and was starting to fade like you did. Me and mommy took him to the same place I took you. They were very kind and gentle to him. Now he can see again and be healthy and run with you and Buttercup. I'm also sure you have seen Ginas Ariel. She passed a few months ago. Gypsy is in the yard barking at nothing (like you did). Take care of your brother. I love you and miss you.

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