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Memories of Naomi
Our beautiful Naomi was a very compassionate companion that she was only 5 months old when Mama Bing's brother passed away and she comforted Mama by licking her toes, like saying "it will be okay". Naomi was a caring "nurse" too, when Mama Bing would get migraines, Naomi was always there resting with Mama in the dark room. When she hears a crashing noise in the bathroom, she thought Noni or Mama is hurt, she would bark hysterically and would not stop until you show her what caused the noise like a bottle of shampoo falling in the tub. Even Mama's sneezing made Naomi very concern that she would rush to Mama's side and she only settles down when told Mama is ok.

Naomi got beautiful eyes and she winks at Mama when they play "wink wink". Naomi was very patient, when she's hungry she would only look at you with those big round eyes, no barking, no whining.

Naomi's favourite toy was called "Raccoon" by Mama which they both loved playing tug-of-war with. It turned out it was not a raccoon (with white belly) but a fox, since Naomi grew up knowing it as a raccoon it remained that way.

She loves going for a walk and she would know when Mama Bing was in the closet putting her jeans on and Naomi would rush into the bedroom and smells Mama's jeans, wags her tail in delight because those jeans are for outside - means going for a walk - Naomi would hop on the bed and waits until Mama is all dressed. (These are just some of Mama's memories...)

Our ritual in throwing the garbage, she will be the first out of the door and last to come back after a lot of persuasion.

She possesses great instinct when I am going out. Even though she does not see me put on my baseball cap, she knows. She will be first at the door waiting.

We have many memories to cherish about our baby Naomi. You will always be in our hearts. We love you very very much.

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