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Memories of Nakia
My sweet baby girl... I remember the first day I saw you, I knew you were my meant to be my special angel. You helped mommy through so much. You made mommy smile when there was nothing to smile about, laugh when she didn't feel like it.... We have made it through so many trials and had so many wonderful times. I can still see you shredding toys, playing frisbee and ball, popping the bubbles in bubble wrap, opening every box that's delivered, singing with The Lion sleeps tonight, hogging so much bed that mommy had only a few inches on the edge, running after anything furry that moves, every adorable thing about you continues in my mind and heart..... Most of all I remember the love you showed me every minute we spent together....

We managed to get you through TPLO surgery on both ACLs, allergies and pancreatitis. Then you were diagnosed with thyroid cancer. We searched and searched for the best doctor, best option for you and found a wonderful holistic veterinarian in Pittsburgh, PA. She managed to shrink the tumor and blessed us with extra time to be together. But the thyroid cancer metastasized into your lungs and even with all the treatments, it took you away much too soon.... The hardest decision mommy has ever had to make.

The Lord blessed me with you my beautiful angel. You have taught mommy so much. Your unconditional love made me a better person...

My angel Nakia... My best friend... My joy.... My smile... My happiness... My baby girl... I pray that you are having a wonderful time playing in Paradise Meadow with all the other Rainbow Bridge kids... I will love you forever my sweet angel, with every beat of my heart....


Happy 10th Birthday my sweet Nakia! I wish more than anything that we were together to celebrate... I hope you are having a wonderful time playing with the Bridge Kids... You will always be my whole entire heart my angel... I love you more than you will ever know.


Losing you didn't just happen on one day my sweet angel Nakia.
I lose you again each time I think about your wonderful snuggles, each time I look out the window hoping to see you running in the yard.
Every time I find of one of your toys still laying around or when I pass anywhere we walked together.
When I open something in the kitchen that I know you would want to sniff or when I look at your treat drawer.
I lose you again each night when I go to bed...
And when I wake up every morning and find the empty space on your side of the bed, I begin to lose you all over again.
I love you my beautiful little girl.... You will forever my whole entire heart....

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