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Memories of Muffin
I'll never forget the very first day Muffin came into our lives. It was late summer/early fall of 1990, Dad and I were at the pet store just browsing around, and then there she was. The first moment we saw her we both fell in love immediately. I fell for that cute little face, and soft brown fur. Dad on the other hand, while he thought she was a cute little pup, fell in love with the price tag. It said $350, but was marked down to $150. That turned out to be the best $150 my Dad and Mom ever spent on me. We took her home and I called my friends (the Hoday brothers) to come meet her. We all stood in the lawn and laughed at how she hopped around the tall grass like a little kangaroo. We were all in love with her now, that's all it took, a total of about 10 minutes. Muffin brought so much happiness into our lives over the years. She was so full of energy, she used to go tearing through the house like a crazy lady, running and running for no reason whatsoever, Dad's clapping only made her go faster and stronger. She would finish her rampages with a headfirst baseball style dive, only instead of sliding into home plate, she'd slide under Mom's china cabinet! She spent a lot of her time chasing the fish all around the tank. She'd just sit there, her mouth wide open, pressed up against the glass, waiting for the fish to just swim into her mouth. When the fish didn't comply, she'd smack the tank with her paw, and chase the fish from one side of the tank to the other. The Hamsters and Mice didn't have it easy in our house either. She would try for hours to get them out of their cages, only succeeding once. She finally got the hamster on even playing grounds, out of his cage, and on the floor. She chased him all over the upstairs, and once she'd catch up to him, she'd just nudge him with her nose, flinging him into the air but never putting him into her mouth. She must have remembered when she had Frankie Frog in her mouth, that's right she had a mouth full of frog. All you could see were the legs hanging out of her mouth. She didn't know what to do with that frog. She just stood there frozen like a deer in headlights, with the frog half hanging out of her mouth. The frog peed in her mouth, a taste she obviously didn't care for. So, she didn't make the same mistake with the hamster! Muffin was never camera shy. She loved posing for pictures. We never had to say a word, just bring out the camera and she would do her signature move "ups", the move that always got her what she wanted. Muffin definitely wasn't the first female to sleep in Ron's room, but she was the most frequent visitor his room ever saw. She preferred laying in his room, knowing that we would always blame "that smell" on him, rather than her. Muffin's favorite chew toy was.....Well, it was Dad's hand! No matter where that hand was, whether it was under a pillow, under the covers, or just hanging off the side of the couch, Muffin would hunt that hand down, drag it out like a dead rabbit, and chew away! Growling, shaking her body and head violently, she would tear into Dad's tasty hand, while he laughed the whole time. Mom always treated Muffin like the little princess that she was, bringing her only the finest cuts of meat home from The Wellington, and showering her with love and affection. Mom and I would always race into the house after being gone for the day. We both knew that Muffin would be right there at the door waiting for us, and we wanted to get all the wiggles we could. Muffin greeted everyone that walked into our house. If she could open the door she would have. She was always there with her ears back, and her tail wagging. She loved visitors. She loved when the kids from the block would stop to pet her as she lay in the front lawn. She'd sit in the lawn all day, and once she was in the house she'd sit in her favorite spot on the couch, looking out the window, watching over our house, and the neighborhood. Muffin proved everyone wrong late in her life. While others said that you can't teach an old dog new tricks, Muffin was taught to give paw at the age of 11. Muffin was a lucky dog. She had many people in her life that loved her and treated her well. She brought so much happiness into our lives, and she asked for very little in return. We'll never forget the times we had, and we'll tell her stories for years to come. She'll never be gone because we'll never let her go.

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