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Memories of Ms Kitty {G}
Sweet cuddly, and very loving. Always there to greet me when I came home from work or from a trip out of town. She would snuggle in my lap while I watched TV, and sleep with me at night as close as she could. She comforted me when I was sad and also when I wasn't feeling well. She communicated with me in a special way, even "talking " to me in a way we both understood. God bless you my Baby, you are gone and we miss you very very much, but you will be Forever in our hearts. God watches over you now, until we meet again. Your Mama & Daddy Today February 26, 2002 is your 2nd year anniversary. Mama and Daddy miss you very much, but know that you are in a better place with no pain. We will see you at the bridge someday. Love, Mama & Daddy 6/12/07 Sweet kitty, Ms "G", I hope you and Kingfish are enjoying everything at the Bridge. Mama & Daddy miss you both so much, but now you are at peace which you deserve. We love you so much. Miss you, until we meet again. Love Mama & Daddy 07/04/07 Gigi, We all love and miss you so much. Hope you and Kingfish are enjoying everything at the bridge. We will meet again someday. Love you much, Mama & Daddy 02/26/08 Sweet baby, It's been 8 years now and the pain of losing you is still there in my heart. I think about you all the time and miss you so much. I love you "G",always and forever. Wait for us at the bridge along with Kingfish. Love, Momma & Daddy 02/26/09 Sweet "G", It has been 9 years today since you went to the bridge. We love and misss you so much. The ache in my heart is still there. I miss you so much and love you. I hope you and Kingfish are happy at the bridge. Until we all meet again, we love and miss you both. Mama & Daddy 2/26/2010 Sweet "G", Today marks the 10 year anniversary of your arrival at Rainbow's Bridge. We love you and miss you. Say "Hello" to the Kingfish for us. Until we meet again. LOVE YOU BOTH, Mama & Daddy 01/14/2011-Happy 25th birthday sweet "G". We love & miss you so much. Someday we'll be together again. Say "Hi" to Kingfish for us, love you both. Mama & Daddy 2-26-2011-My sweet Ms Kitty "G", today is the 11th anniversary of your passing to Rainbow's Bridge. You are in our thoughts today as in everyday. We miss you so much, but knowing that you are in God's hands and are at peace with other cats & dogs at the bridge helps ease the pain of losing you and the Kingfish a little. You both are so precious to us and hopefully we shall meet again someday. We love you sweet kitty. Mama & Daddy.1/14/12 Happy 26 Birthday Sweet "G". We love & miss you. 2/26/2012-My sweet "G", it has been 12 long years since you went to the Bridge.We love & miss you so much.It is still painful but you are in a better place & we will meet again.Love Mama & Daddy.1/14/2013 Happy 27 birthday sweet "G". Thinking about you on your special day. Love, Mama & Daddy. 2-26-2013-Sweet "G" today is the 13th anniversary of your passing over to the bridge. We sure do miss you sweet kitty.Thinking about you always, Love Mama & Daddy.2-26-2014-"G" Today is the 14 yr anniversary of your passing over to the bridge. Mama & Daddy miss you much & think about you each and every day. Say "Hi" to the Kingfish and tell him we love & miss him. You both are always in our thoughts.We love you both.Love & kisses-Mama & Daddy.2/26/2015-The 15th year of your passing to the bridge.love & miss you my baby. 9/30/2015 Please welcome Sweetie to the bridge today. We are saddened to lose her but know she will be taken care of by you, Kingfish, Gingerbread & Fuzzy. Until we all meet again. Love Mama.2-26-2016-Sweet Ms Kitty G, today is the 16th anniversary of your passing. We think about you often & miss you so much. You are in God's hands along with our other furbabys. We love you & miss you all. Love Forever, Mama & Daddy 9/30/2015-Ms Kitty "G" please welcome Sweetie with open paws as she crosses the bridge today. Love you all, Mama. 3-30-2016-today I had to make a tough decision to put our Tygger to forever sleep. He was 15 and a half years old. He is at the bridge now waiting like you Kingfish Ginger & Sweetie until we meet again. RIP Sweet Tygger, Love Mama & Daddy. 9-30-2016-In memory of my Sweetie who crossed the bridge 1 year ago today. RIP my sweet furbaby until we meed again. I love you.2-26-2017-Sweet angel Ms kitty G today is the 17 anniversary of your passing. I think about you every day, love & miss you.Please welcome Jazz, sweet doggy to the bridge. He crossed Tuesday 2-21-2017. All of you are up there waiting for the special reunion someday.We miss all of you & love you.Until we meet again. Love Mama & Daddy.5-12-2017-Today is a sad day for us.We lost another kitty due to illness. Fred was a black kitty who came to us as a stray.He was only 3 and a half yrs old, with us for a short time.God bless you Angel Fred.You are in God's hands with the other cats that we lost along the way.MS kITTY & Kingfish will take care of you as well as the rest of our sweet kitties at the bridge until we meet again.We love you guys-FOREVER!2-26-2018-My SWEET Ms kitty "G", today is the 18 anniversary of your passing. We love & miss you sweet angel kitty.Until we meet again.Love, Mama & Daddy.6-4-2018-My sweet Kingfish, today is the anniversary of you going to Rainbows Bridge.We have had several kittys along the way and still not a day goes by that you are not thought of. We love & miss you sweet kingfish, until we meet again. Love Mama & Daddy.2-26-2019-SWEET ANGEL MS KITTY "G" TODAY IS THE 19 ANNIVERSARY OF YOUR PASSING. MAMA & DADDY MISS YOU AND THINK ABOUT YOU EACH & EVERY DAY.WE LOVE & MISS YOU. TAKE CARE OF OUR KITTYS THAT ARE WITH YOU,UNTIL WE MEET AGAIN. LOVE YOU MUCH. MAMA & DADDY.SWEET MS KITTY "G", TODAY IS THE 20 ANNIVERSARY OF YOUR PASSING. I THINK ABOUT YOU EVERY DAY & MISS YOU SO MUCH.UNTIL WE MEET AGAIN, LOVE YOU MUCH. MAMA & DADDY.2-26-2021-ON THE 21 ANNIVERSARY OF YOUR PASSING MS KITTY "G". WE LOVE & MISS YOU GG, UNTIL WE MEET AGAIN. LOVE,MAMA & DADDY-KITTY WALK.

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