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Memories of Mr. McGillicudy (Mac)
My dearest Mac was the most gentle. From the first day I knew he was someone special. You were lucky to have Lady Ashley, who preceded you on your special journey. She doted over you and you loved her so. It broke all of our hearts to loose her, you most of all, I guess. I have special memories of you....digging in the sand at the beach is one of my favorites. Playing "dog-a-lopes" at the river is another. You had the most incredible sense of smell and could find anything in a deep pile of leaves. I remember how shy you were around strangers and yet so loving and caring to those of us lucky enough to know you. I remember the softness of your fur as a puppy and how handsome you had become as an adult. I was proud to walk with you on leash. You were also a bit of a rascal...escape artist. I know that it was only because you wanted to be with us. Mac, I miss you terribly and my heart aches. Our house is not a home without you...someday we will be together again...until then all I have left is the memories to keep me company. I love you. Daddy Oh Mr. Mac, my handsome big boy! You were such a beautiful puppy with those BIG brown eyes, square jaw line, and curly hair on your neck and chest. How could anyone resist you! We were so lucky that you chose us to be your "parents". I remember our first day together at that small little park. It was such fun just watching you exploring the wide open spaces... but you never ventured too far away. You were always quiet, reserved and shy, just the opposite of Lady. That's what made you two such a great pair. I remember the first day you and Lady came to our new house with the big yard and lots of places to hide under the house in the dirt. "Mud puddle puppies" whenever it rained. Days spent swimming at the river, or chasing ball in the park, or running with Dad on the hiking trails, going anywhere in the car, or just being together in the meadow. Oh, the years went by so fast and suddenly your beautiful coat was streaked with grey, you had "selective hearing" and the pains of arthritis... but you were still a puppy at heart, which is where it matters most. You were always there to greet me at the door with a look of "I'm glad to see you and I'm happy you are home". You were always so gentle, so loving, so sensitive. I will always cherish our nightly massage ritual; it made me feel good to be able to make you feel better and move easier. I miss you more than words can express. I know that you are in a much better place and are no longer trapped in a failing body but are running across the fragrant meadows of Heaven with Lady Ashley at your side. Just being the most wonderful handsome boy puppy in the whole wide Universe! Until we meet again at Rainbow Bridge, always remember how much I love you! Not a day goes by that I don't think of you and remember all the good times. Always remember that I LOVE YOU, my big handsome boy. My Dearest Mac, It is one year today since you left us to join Lady. I cannot tell you how much I've missed you. Not a day goes by that I do not think of you and wish you were still here with us. Just know that I carry such fond memories of you within my heart and always will. Thanks for sending a Rainbow when I need it most. Always remember how much I love you. Mommy

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