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Memories of Mr. Macho McCool
Macho was an only puppy born to his mother,Daisy,who has crossed over.He had to be bottle fed and thought of me as his mommy.He was always by my side.If I sat in a chair he was by my side cuddled up close to me.He was a very brave little boy that had Cushings disease and then diabetes.His favorite thing was eating.He also had his little security toy that was a fuzzy little boy that he used to mouth all the time as a baby used a pacifier.He was breathtakingly beautiful and looked like a little stuffed toy.He was as white as the snow with 2 black eyes and a nose that looked like a little piece of coal.He was always a little chubby and waddled as he walked.His little bark was adorable. Dear Macho,I am thinking of you today because our Shamrock crossed over the Rainbow Bridge and now she is with you also as well as her mommy Jazmin.I know you and Jazmin welcomed her "home"and making her happy and not as sad as I am.I think of you 3 all the time.It is never time to say good by and I see your adorable little face where ever I look.I remember how you used to sit on my lap and fall asleep.You were so brave when you had to have your insulin twice a day.You just stood there like a real trooper.I know God is watching over you and someday I will join you and Jazmin and Shamrock when my time has come.I love you and miss you my little Macho Man.Dear Macho,Rhett and I wil be moving and I want you,Shamrock,Freeway and Jazmin to be able to find your way to the new place.We have sold the house because it will never be the same without you four.Please follow us when we move so I can feel your prescence in the new home.I love you all and miss you all so very much.You were and always will be my very precious loves.I look forward to the day we join you at the Rainbow Bridge.God bless you all,Mommy DEAR MACHO,TOMORROW WILL BE YOUR BIRTHDAY AND I MISS YOU VERY MUCH.I HOPE YOU,DAISY,YOUR MOMMY,JAZMIN,SHAMROCK AND FREEWAY ALL CELEBRATE THE WONDERFU LDAY WHEN YOU WERE BORN.I LOVE YOU MY BABY. DEAR MACHO,IT IS HARD TO BELIEVE THAT YOU WILL BE GONE FIVE YEARS IN JUST A FEW DAYS.YOU WERE SUCH A SPECIAL LITTLE GUY.YOU HAD A SILLY LITTLE BARK AND WHEN SOMEONE CAME TO THE HOUSE,YOU WOULD STAND IN THE HALL AND BARK.YOU NEVER WOULD COME OUT TO GREET THEM BECAUSE YOU WERE AFRAID.NOW ALL FIVE OF YOU ARE TOGETHER.IT IS HARD TO BELIEVE THAT NOW I AM ALL ALONE.YOU GAVE ME SUCH JOY.I LOVE YOU MY BABY,AND I AM THINKING OF YOU AND MISSING YOU EVERY DAY.HELLO MY LITTLE MACHO MAC COOL.IT IS ALMOST 6 YEARS SINCE YOU CROSSED OVER THE RAINBOW BRIDGE.I MISS YOU EACH AND EVERY DAY.YOU WERE SO SPECIAL~SUCH FUN AND SOMETIMES SO SILLY.I REMEMBER HOW YOU USED TO BARK AT ANYONE THAT CAME IN THE HOUSE,BUT YOU ALWAYS STAYED AT A DISTANCE.YOU WERE AFRAID OF EVERYRHING AND EVERYBODY SO DADDY AND I ALWAYS PROTECTED YOU AND GAVE YOU SO MUCH LOVE.YOU WERE AND STILL ALWAYS WILL BE A SPECIAL LIGHT IN MY LIFE,A STAR UP IN HEAVEN,AND A SPECIAL LITTLE BOY THAT IS SO VERY PRECIOUS.I AM WAITING FOR THE DAY WHEN I CAN BE WITH YOU AND ALL THE OTHER BABIES.GOD BLESS YOU,MY LOVE.I MISS YOU SO AND WILL LOVE YOU FOREVER. HELLO MY MR MACHIE PATCHIE,TODAY WOULD HAVE BEEN YOUR 20th BIRTHDAY.HOW I RMEMEBER THE DAY YOU WERE BORN AND YOU WERE SO TINY AND ADORABLE.IT IS HARD TO BELIEVE YOU ARE GONE.YOU CAME HOME INSIDE ELLIE'S BRA AND YOU KEPT CLIMBING OUT OF IT AND YOUR HEAD POPPED OUT WHILE WE WERE TAKING YOU HOME.YOU WERE SUCH A TINY LITTLE GUY AND NEVER REALLY GOT VERY BIG.YOU WERE A BIG MUSH THAT LOVED TO BE HELD AND YOU WERE QUITE A KISSER.I HOPE YOU AND THE REST OF THE GANG IS CELEBRATING YOUR BIRTHDAY WITH YOU TODAY.I WISH I WERE THERE WITH YOU ALL.HAPPY,HAPPY BIRTHDAY,MY LOVE.I LOVE YOU VERY MUCH.DEARESTPRECIOUS BOY,YOU ARE GONE SO LONG,BUT I MISS YOU VERY MUCH AND THINK OFYOU EACH DAY.YOU WERE SO SPECIAL,TINY AND SWEET.I WILL BE THERE SOME DAY WITH YOU,JAZMIN,YOUR MOMMIE,DAISY,FREEWAY,SHAMROCK AND RHETT.SLEEP WELL MY LOVE.

Please also visit Freeway, Jazmin, RHETT and Shamrock.

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