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Memories of Misty
May 10, 2001: Misty my love, you gave me the two greatest gifts in the entire world. First, you gave me the chance to share your life with me. Second, you allowed me the incredible privilege of being able to hold you in my arms while you passed over onto the Rainbow Bridge to meet your brother, Dusty. I love you so very much, Misty. I wish I could have had another ten years with you, but I know that you were tired and Dusty had been waiting for a long time to be with you again. Please know that I will always love you and never ever forget you. I remember when you and Dusty first came to me at 8 weeks of age. The two of you could sit side by side in a small bowl. When you were only a few months old, you somehow escaped out of our apartment and found your way into the elevator and all the way down to the lobby from the 10th floor. I searched all over for you, and when I finally found you in the lobby, I didn't even hardly recognize you. If it weren't for your tiny little Manx tail, I wouldn't have known it was you. Then as you grew older, your antics got even crazier. You loved to sleep on top of the highest cupboards in the apartment. For no reason at all, you would suddenly go racing across the room and spiral 5 or 6 feet in the air. You loved to entertain people, especially me!! When Dusty became diabetic, you understood that he needed special attention, yet you never resented the extra time I spent with him. When Dusty went to the Rainbow Bridge in 1996, you and I formed an inseparable bond. You truly were my very best friend. I miss you so much. It is hard to sleep at night without your beautiful body lying on the pillow next to me, purring at full speed. I see you everywhere, in every room, walking down the hall, yelling at me because you're hungry. I will never be able to eat pizza or Chicken McNuggets or yogourt (or so many other things) again without missing you. Take care, my sweet little Misty, and have a wonderful time with Dusty. Don't stray too far from the Bridge and one day, the three of us will be reunited again forever!!! May 8th, 2005 I can't believe that it's been four years since we said goodbye to each other, my sweet little Misty. I think of you so often and I have lots of pictures of you at home and on my desk at work so you are always close to me. I know that you are having so much fun playing with Dusty. He must have missed you so much in the 6 years that he was alone on the Bridge. I thank both of you so much for leading me to the pet shelter that day to find Maxx and Lexxie. They have worked their way into their own special place in my heart. No one can ever fill the spot that is reserved just for you, though, my Misty, and I look forward to the day when we will all be together again forever. Until that time, have fun playing with Dusty and with Dad, and know that you are always, always in my thoughts. I love you, baby.... June 6, 2006: Misty darling, by now you have met Maxx, who joined you and Dusty on the Bridge just last week. Please take care of him for me and tell him how much I miss him, and how much his sister, Lexxie, misses him. Please know that I will never stop loving all of you, and look forward to the day when we see each other again, this time forever. May 8, 2007: I can't believe another year has gone by without you, my little Misty. Six long years....it seems like forever. I think about you so often and I always have lots of pictures of you around. I also have your pictures on my computer now, so you are always close to me. I hope that you are happy on the Rainbow Bridge, my sweetie, and that you know how much I will always love you. Please tell Dusty and Maxx how much I miss them, too. I picture the three of you sitting under a shade tree with Dad (and with your cousins Sunshine and Shadow), watching the clouds drift by. Please wait for me and one day I will join you all, forever.

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