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Memories of Miss Kitten Cat
Our Precious Girl, already 12+ years of age, came into our lives in the Summer of 1996. She lived next door, but her owners left her outside 24 hours a day, provided no vet care, no attention, no water, only a dry bowl of food on the porch. She was so frightened of people, it took me about 2 weeks to finally get close enough to pet her. The very next morning, she was looking in my back door! We started feeding her, and letting her into our home. Her long hair was very matted, but she soon developed a love for her daily brushings. As cold weather came on, we bought a litter box, and she would stay the night. When we moved to Wyoming in July of 1997, I told her owner I was taking her with me, and that was that! Our Precious Girl had several names, and it didn't matter which one you called her, she loved to be talked to. Her names included Kitten Cat, Kitten Little, Miss Kitten, Babe-Girl, Wee One, Big One, That Girl, Babykins, Sweetkins, Precious One, Kinzee, Miss Demeanor, Digger Barnes, ButterBall, Shenannie, Peanut, Little One, Silly One, Termitus, Miss Toehee, Mittz, Old Lady, Mugwump, and her Daddy's two favorites, M.D.C. (Miserable Damn Cat), and Snaggletooth. She was also Little Greeter, as she'd always be at the door to greet us whenever we came home. Every evening was a special time for us. I would ask, "Ready for the brushing?", and she'd high-tail it to the laundry room. I'd place her on her brushing pad on top of the washer and for about 10 minutes she and I shared a unique closeness ... me singing to her while I brushed, she stretching out, loving every minute of her brushings. I'd sing a special song, "Oh, I have a little Kitten, and she really loves her brushings. Oh, I have a little Kitten, and she's beautiful." If I got busy any evening, I would find her sitting in front of the washer/dryer, staring up, waiting for my undivided attention. In late November, 2003 she was not feeling well. She was soon diagnosed with kidney disease, bladder infection, high blood pressure, and borderline hyperthyroidism. For 4 weeks, we gave her antibiotic injections at home, along with subcutaneous fluid treatments. As always, she accepted all of the poking and prodding with extreme patience. I truly believe she knew we were trying to help her. As her Daddy often said, "She was the best little animal there ever was". In the last week and a half of her life she also lost her hearing. I would pick her up and hold her little head under my chin while I talked to her, so she could feel the vibration. Our Precious Girl, almost 20, went to Rainbows Bridge on New Years Eve 2003. We miss her terribly, love her dearly, and will never forget the joy she brought to our lives. We hope, too, there are brushings every hour, on the hour, in Heaven. 'Til we meet, again, Precious Girl ....

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