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Memories of Miranda Kitty Alm

Hi Miranda My Love - You know that Leo is there with you now. I hope you're having fun together. I can't wait to belly-rub again. I love you and miss you always.
10 August 2013

Oh Miranda Love - It's been so long. I wish you were here. I love you and miss you always.
6 August 2013

Hi Baby - I love you and miss you always.
28 October 2012

Hi Baby - It's been such a long time. A new year is here so I wanted to visit with you. I think of you a lot and miss you so much. Wish I could hug you and cuddle with you again. I'm sure you're comfortable and happy now. Leo, your step-brother, is still with me and I tell him about you. He is looking forward to playing with you. Bye for now, Sweetheart.

I love you,
31 Dec. 2010

Hi Miranda -
My little girl. I miss you. I hope you are having fun in the sun with family and your friends. Leo is with me and he is a cuddler too.
Love, Mom
28 October 2009

Miranda my little love - I think of you so often and miss you. We'll cuddle again someday.
Are you playing with Prissy too?
Love, Mom
28 October 2008

Hi Sweetie - I miss you and love you so much. We'll be together again someday.
Love, Mom
21 July 2007

Dear dear Miranda -
Hi sweetie girl. Today is the 7th! anniversary of when you were taken from me. I miss you often and can't wait to rub bellies again and share sweet little kitty kisses. I'm sure you've found a good place and have good friends and for that I'm glad. We'll be together again someday and then it will be forever. Tell Daddy and Sister Hi and that I love them too very, very much. Take care, baby. I love you so much.

Love, Mom
5 April 2007

Hi Sweetie - I miss you.
Love, Mom
23 July 2006

Hi Miranda, my little love - I can't write much because I'll run out of space soon. I miss you and love you and hold you in my heart and memories always. Leo is on my lap right now. He is having some health trouble now but I hope he will get better soon. Prissy's eyes are as good as they'll get and she is comfortable. You will be good friends. Tell Keoni and Olivia Mom loves them too. Have fun, Little Punkin. I love you!

Love, Mom
5 April 2006

Hi Honey! - I love you and miss you still and think of you often. It has now been 5 long years since you left me but the memory of that awful day is crystal clear in my mind. Even though I didn't know you were sick, you needed to be healed and the only place that would happen is in Heaven so God gathered you to him. Even if it hadn't been such a shock I still would have wished you could stay with me longer.

I want to tell you that you have a new brother and sister who live with me now. A few months ago I brought Leo and Prissy home from a Rescue Shelter. You'd love playing with Leo. He's very energetic and a lovey-dovey like you. Prissy has eye trouble that I take care of every day. She can hardly see so is much more quiet. She didn't have a very nice life before the Rescue rescued her but now she, and Leo, will be loved and pampered the rest of their lives - like you were your whole life.

I hope you're having fun there with all your new friends and our family. Remember to stay together. I can't wait to hold and hug you again!

Take care, Sweetheart. I love you.

Love, Mom
10 April 2005

Hello Baby - How's my beautiful little girl?!

I think about you so often and miss you everywhere you used to be - and I miss your funny antics with the flies and climbing the doorjambs and swatting at Daddy from your perch and tummy rubbing at night and .. well, you know ... everything.

As you know by now, Daddy came to live with you a while ago. Were you glad to see him? You're nice to him now, right?! Remember you and Livie are supposed to be looking out for each other and now Keoni is there too so you three are together again. Someday I'll get to come join you too but it'll be a while yet, I expect.

Have fun there with all your new friends and with your family. I'm lonely with my family all gone but I treasure the long time we lived together here.

Take care, my little love. I hug you.

Love, Mom
15 August 2004

Hi Miranda - my little sweetheart.

I hope you are having fun. Are you and Olivia playing together alot? I miss you both so much. Every night I talk to you. You still are sitting on my headboard in front of the window like you so often used to do. I miss you peeking out the curtain waiting for me to come home. Daddy is still fine. He still sleeps most all the time but is more cuddly now. In fact, he's sitting on my lap right now visiting with you too. It's time for another bath for him and he lets me know that he thinks you're pretty lucky to not have to have anymore baths!! I know he misses you too.

I'm just writing a note now. I know you know how often I visit with you in my heart.

Have a lot of fun there, Sweetie. I love you dearly.
15 August 2002

Hello Miranda,
How are you doing there, my darling little girl? I miss you so much. I wish you were here with me or me with you - at least be together. I think of you every day. Daddy is fine but still a little slow getting around. Not bad though. I doubt he misses you batting at him when he walks by your footstool but I know he misses you and Livie being here. Are you and Livie having fun together? Are you great pals now?
I can't wait to cuddle with you again.
Take care, my darling. I love you very much.
6 October 2001

My dear Miranda -
Olivia came to be with you today. She had a real hard time the last few weeks so really needed to have her rest. I told her you'd be waiting for her and would show her around, and that you two would play together and be good friends. Did you enjoy seeing her again? I can see you together, your little body quivering with excitement, and am glad she had you there waiting for her so she didn't have to be alone there. And I'm glad that you have her for company now too. But Honey I still miss you both so much. Be a good girl, be nice to Livie, have lots of fun, and always remember that Daddy and I miss you incredibly much.

Love, Mom
6 August 2001

My dear Miranda - It's been a whole year since you left me but you have never left my heart. I kiss your picture every day (it's on the headboard where you used to lay) and cradle it like I used to cradle you. How I wish you were here. Daddy is fine and so is Sister. She's glad though that you don't torment her anymore. We hope you're having fun there with all your new friends at the Rainbow Bridge. I'm glad you were there when Jo arrived. I know she's happy again now and she loves you too, doesn't she. - I can't wait to hold you again. I miss you so much and love you forever. - Mom. 4-5-01

Miranda was a wonderful kitty who was always under my feet or in my lap for 14 years. Her father Keoni and sister Olivia miss her and wonder where she is. There is a huge empty spot in my life now that is very difficult to deal with. Miranda loved cellophane wrapping, paper clips, rubberbands, and ribbon. When a fly had the audacity to get into the house, she would watch it and chase it - sometimes she would even catch it! Then sometimes she would literally climbed the doorjams and slide down then would race away when she couldn't get very far off the ground. A little later I would find her lying on her back in the sun, snoozing, without a care in the world. She gave me lots of kisses and waited at the door for me to get home. Our favorite activity together was reading a book and tummy-rubbing.

I want it to be false that you are gone. It is so unreal. I firmly believe that we will be together again when I get to heaven with you. Try to find my Dad and hang out with him until I get there. Also find Margaret and my Grandma. They love kitties and will love you too, I'm sure. We'll meet at the Rainbow Bridge then all of us will be together again. In the meantime, your job is to play and sleep and be warm and wait for us. No more hairballs or baths or combs. I know you're happy about that. My arms are empty without you. You are always in my heart. I will think of you every single day for all of my life. Miranda honey, my darling little girl, I miss you so very much. I love you baby. - Mom
5 April 2000

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