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Memories of Miko
Miko, I can't tell you how much you are missed. Now that the holidays are on their way, it just makes us miss you more. You will always be in our hearts and thoughts, because you were so special. It has only been a few months, but it still seems like yesterday. I wish I could have saved you, but I guess God needed you to come home, because you were so special. We are taking good care of your sister, Missy. We hope that we will have her for a long time. Tobe, I know still misses you. My heart aches for you, but I try and remember the happy times we had with you. You made us all laugh. There will never be another cat like you. But I will always make sure that I can give a good loving home to others. I look to those shelters for the unwanted. Take care, and I know I will see you again, but until then, we love you and may God take care of you and love you with all his heart. Love you with all my heart and soul. Until I cross that bridge to meet you again, love always and forever. Rene, Cheryl, Stephanie & Emily xoxoxox I had to add to this, because as of October 11, 2003, your sister Missy passed away from the same heart condition you had. We are so heart broken. I hope that you were happy to see her, I miss you both so much. Kisses for you both. Love, Mommy Miko, today it has been 3 years that you have been gone. Many days it can seem like yesterday. I hope that you and Missy are happy and having lots of fun playing. You both are never far from my thoughts; my only wish is that you could still be here with us. You always will be, but in my heart. I love you Miko and Missy, one day we will be together. Love you, always & forever, Mommy xoxoxoxo 12/20/06, Merry Christmas Miko & Missy. I miss you just a much today, as I did when you both left this Earth and went to Heaven. I will love you always. April 1, 2008, seems like yesterday that you left so suddenly, but it has now been 6 years. I miss you and Missy with all my heart, but I know that you are happy and healthy playing with Jesus in Heaven. You will never be forgotten, and I will continue to help those less fortunate. I love you Miko and Missy, God Bless you always, Mom. 3/17/11 Miko, we miss you and Missy each and every day, I wish you were still here, but you live in our hearts, always. We love you and you and Missy will never be forgotten. Until we see you both again, we love you. March 17, 2012 Miko, it has been 10 years since you left us so suddenly, and we miss you like it was yesterday. You were the cat who loved putting on his leash to go outside, who played fetch and who loved us unconditionally. I know one day you will be ready to do all those things again when we meet you on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge. But until that day we go on in this world without you and Missy, but I can smile knowing you are loved and will be waiting to see us again. Love you and miss you, always. April 3, 2013 Dearest Miko, time has a way of passing us by ever so quickly. I miss you and your baby sister Missy each and every day, but I know that the good Lord above is keeping you, Missy, Niki, Mindy, Sam, and recently, our Baby Koda safe. He blessed me with the unconditional love you all gave to me and that is what helps me to move on and love my other fur babies. You didn't stay long when we had Koda, but I hope you were there to greet him. My heart is still broken from his loss, but I know that in heaven you and all my other babies are strong and healthy again. Please know you are never forgotten; I will love you till the ends of the earth and I know I'll see you again when the good Lord takes me home. Love and miss you all and will, Forever and always. Love to all my babies xxxxoooooxxxxx Your, Mommy March 17, 2015 My dearest Miko, today it has been 13 years since you left us, and it still has a way of feeling like yesterday. We lost your adopted big brother Tobe, November 28, 2014, I know that even though we were sad, you were there happily to greet him across that bridge. To love him and take care of him until one day you will be there to greet me. I know time heals, but the memories will forever remain in my heart and soul. Please let Missy know too, we love her and all my babies who have gone. I love you, miss you, and may the good Lord tell you how much I do miss you here with me. Lots of love and kisses, Mommy <3 March 17, 2016 Dear Miko, I cannot believe that it has been 14 years since you left so suddenly. I miss you always, and though the tears are few and far between, today is always a reminder of how quickly someone whom we love, can suddenly be gone. But you live forever in my heart, and I will forever keep your love there. Since you left, we have lost PJ, and his brother, Milo. Milo just passed away February 11, 2016. You have lots of company, but I now only have Cubby and Lucky. Breaks my heart to lose each of you, but I know you are all in the loving arms of our Lord. Until I see you again, I love and miss you. Always and Forever, Mommy xoxoxo March 17, 2017 My precious Miko, it has been15 years since you left this world so suddenly. My heart today aches to have you back in my arms, but I know that God is taking good care of you, and all my fur children who have gone to meet you at that Rainbow Bridge. Cubby and Lucky are the only ones I have left now, and I hope to have them for a few more years. You meant the world to us with all of your silly ways, but most of all the unconditional love you gave us. You truly made our hearts smile, and on this day, my heart cries because I miss all the year I could have had you here. Love you sweet boy, please kiss Missy, Mindy Niki, Sam, Milo, PJ, and your big brother, Tobe and our baby Koda for me. Take good care until I see you again, I love you Miko, always and forever. March 17, 2018, I cannot believe that you have been gone for 16 years now. Bless you my dear Miko, Missy, Tobe, PJ, Milo, Koda, Niki and Sam. I bet you are all loving Heaven and will be there waiting for me. Love you all with all of my heart, always and forever. Mommy xoxoxoxo March 13, 2019 My, how the time has slipped us by without you and Missy. Coming up on 17 years and to this day seems like yesterday. Please kiss Missy, Tobe, PJ, Milo, Koda, Sam, Niki and Mindy. I pray you all are happy, and never forget me. Love you all and my heart hurts because I miss you and remember the silly things you all would do. God must be busy taking care of you, and letting you know how much your Earthly mom misses you. I pray when my time comes, I will be greeted by all of you. Take care dear Miko, love you. April 2,2020 My precious Miko, you have never been forgotten and are loved always. Please give Tobe, Missy, PJ, Milo, Koda, Sam, and Mindy Tabby kisses. Thank you, dear Lord, for taking care of them until I see them in Heaven. I look forward to that day when they greet me and that we will never be apart again. Love you all and miss each and every one of you. Thank you for letting me love you and for loving me unconditionally. Always and Forever, Mommy xoxoxo March 17, 2021 Dear Miko, I cannot believe that it has been 19 years since you left us so tragically. We have never forgotten you, nor will we. I am now no longer a fur baby mom. Cubby passed away October 2020 and Lucky in January 2021. I miss each and every one of you that shared my home. I pray that you all are together and playing happily. And when my time comes to leave this earth, that all of you will be there to greet me. There will be no more tears, and no more broken hearts. God Bless you and thinking of you Miko, for you are missed, loved and will never be forgotten. Always and forever. Mommy xoxoxoxoxo March 17,2022 I am thinking of you Miko even though it has been 20 years. Still seems like yesterday. You are never forgotten and will be loved for your silliness and lovable ways. Missing all of my fur babies and hope you all will know how much I love you, always and forever, Mommy xoxoxo March 17, 2023 Love you always and forever. I hope that you and Tobe are having a blast playing together. Along with Missy, PJ, Milo, Baby Koda, Cubby and Lucky. I'm so sorry you had to leave so soon, but you will always be in my heart forever. Always and Forever, Mommy xoxoxoxoxo March 17,2024 Remembering our Miko today for you are never far from our minds. You are still loved and missed dearly. God is so lucky to have you and all my other fur babies whom I miss. I will love you Miko, always and forever, Mommy xoxoxoxo
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