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I remember the day I went to pick up my baby. I sat in the middle of 9 little furballs. Morgan was the one out of all of them who picked me. The ride home was an hour and a half, I had this 8 and 1/2 week old baby with his head down the back of my shirt all the way home getting sick the entire way, now that's what I call bonding. Morgan was my Angel faced baby, he was my everything, you couldn't ask for a sweeter baby. Smart as a whip, and talk back, always had to have the last word. From the getgo, he was always referred to as my child, or my son, because that was how he was treated, I was his Mom. Morgan loved bath time, just mention the word bath, he would meet you in the walk in shower, mention ride, he would talk up a storm till you picked up your keys, mailbox was another, he loved to walk down to the mailbox. It doesn't matter that the Vet tells you the right decision was made, to look at him, you would never know there was a thing wrong with him, every day you still battle the what if's and the if onlys. My peace comes knowing everyone I know, tells me I was the best Mom ever, Morgan was treated better then most children in this world. My Angel is waiting for me, I know that is true, we will be together again. Until then, there will always be a hole in my heart. His Dad misses him very deeply too, it's not just me. Hello my Sweet Baby, it's been a year now that you left my side, you know Mommy got a new Collie puppy named Gabriel, he's so much like you, I sometimes feel you are reaching down giving him a hug, sending him guidance, he bumps your picture every now and then as if to send you kisses just like Mommy does. I still miss you terribly, I talk to you every night when Gabby and I are outside, I just look for the brightest star. Every Saturday I hug your picture at the exact time I lost you. Gabby has some pretty big paws to fill, he's helped to fill the void, but my love for you will never end. Your Daddy still cries whenever I mention how long it's been. I Love You Pieces Angel Face, I'll Love You Forever...Hi Angel, it's now two years, I still miss you so much, when will these tears stop, Gabriel has grown into such a handsome young man, just like you, he's so much like you I swear you are still with me. I so wish to touch your gentle face just one more time. I know you are whole again, and that brings me peace. I love you my sweet baby, I always will. Hi Angel Face, it's three years now, where has the time gone, Gabby is now the spitting image of you, he's such a good boy, way too smart just like you. I miss you so much Mo, this hole in my heart just doesn't seem to be getting any smaller. The only peace I have is knowing you are no longer suffering. You play with all the other puppies there my sweet baby, your best buddy Winter is with you now, I'm sure the two of you are having a great time. I'll never stop loving you baby, Love You Pieces Angel Face. Hi Angel, where has the time gone, it's 4 years now, Gabby is now 4, he's slowly getting over his issues, he has a new Daddy now, we still see your Daddy as well, he misses you so much, I wish Gabby's new Daddy, Ray, could have known you, he's heard a lot about you, plus all the photos. Seems like only yesterday I looked into your beautiful eyes for the last time. I only hope you can forgive us for what we had to do. If you haven't already found Max, please look for him, his Mom is a good friend of mine, she lost her baby boy Max much like I lost you, I'm sure You, Winter, Jazzy, Barnee, Angus and all your other Buddies would love to have a good friend like Max, he's a handsome Collie, just like you. I think about you all the time baby, the tears still flow, my heart still aches. I Love You Pieces Angel Face. Hello my Sweet Angel, here we are again, another year has passed and my tears still flow. Gabby has filled some mighty big paws, yet that hole you left in my heart, well, I don't think it will ever heal. Not a day goes by I don't think about you, when I look at your photo that sits proudly on my desk, I wish we could have done more for you. I know in my heart you are whole again, play well with all your friends, never forget how much you are Loved my Angel Face, Love You Pieces. Hi Angel, it's now been six long years, where has the time gone, I miss you so much. Gabby has turned into such a handsome boy, just like you, sweet and lovable, I so wish the two of you could have grown up together. Not a day passes that I don't think about how trusting you were, I wish we could have done so much more for you, my heart will never heal, losing you was just too hard to ever let go. Play well with all your friends, you are so loved. Miss you Angel Face, Love You Pieces, Always will! Hi Angel Face, another year has gone by, where has the time gone, it's now 7 years since I last saw your beautiful face, and Mommy still cries for you. Gabby is a handsome boy just like you, he's so much like you I still catch myself calling him Mo now and then. I don't know how much space I will have left to write you, should I run out, don't ever think you are forgotten, you will always be apart of my life, I don't think the hole in my heart will ever close. I know you and Max have found each other, Max's Mommy is a good friend and she misses him terribly too, I'm sure the two of you are best buddies. Please be good, I miss you, Love You Pieces Angel Face... Hello my Sweet Angel Face, eight long years have now passed, the tears still flow, I miss you so much. Gabby is such a sweet boy, much like you, I so wish the two of you could have grown up together, he sure has some issues I know you could have helped him with. Max's Mom still misses him as well, Jake has grown into a sweet boy as well, we both wish things could have been different. I look at your beautiful face everyday while I sit here on my computer, your photo is right in front of me, that beautiful face looking back as if to say, I Love You Too Mom! Never ever forget how much I LOVE YOU, be good, play nice, Love You Pieces Angel Face...Hello Sweet Angel, where has the time gone, nine long years now since you passed, I miss you so much, this hole you left in my heart just isn't getting any smaller. Gabby is such a pleasure and I don't know what is going to happen when his time comes to join you on the Bridge, just the thought is already too painful to deal with. Mo, I hope you hear me when I talk to you at night, I will always Love You Pieces Angel Face, Forever and a Day. You be good and play nice with Max, his Mommy is my dearest friend. Hello Sweet Angel, where has the time gone, ten long years have now passed, it seems like only yesterday you were making that all important bond in the car with me. I so wish you and Gabby could have grown up together, my two handsome boys, he sure could use the confidence you had, what a proud Mom I am. I do hope you hear me at night when I speak to you, my heart still breaks for you, your photo now proudly sits in the living room for all to see, so handsome and loving, I miss you so much. Max's Mom has never gotten over her loss either, she has beautiful Jake, yet the two of you were so special, we love our new boys with all our hearts, but the two of you took so much of us with you when you left us, we just can't get it back. I LOVE YOU Pieces Angel Face, I will Forever and a day, don't ever forget you are still loved and always will be. Hello my Sweet Angel, eleven years have come and gone and Mommy still cries for you, it has not gotten any easier. Gabriel has grown into such a handsome young man just like you, so sensitive and sweet, he can be a little brat at times and I notice he looks over at your photo as if to ask permission to do so. I so want to believe you are still with me, and you hear me at night when I talk to you. Max's Mom wants to hear her boy's bark one more time, we miss you so both so much. Not a day goes by that I wish there was something more I could have done for you, I'm so proud of my boys, I only wish you could have grown up together, crazy wish given the age difference, but a Mom can dream, what a beautiful sight that would be, two gorgeous Collies side by side playing in the backyard. Don't ever forget how much you are loved, I will love you forever and a day and then some, I miss you terribly Mo, Love You Pieces Angel Face...Hello Sweet Angel, twelve years have now passed, and I still miss you so much, I close my eyes and I can see you clear as day. I so wish I could have done more for you. Gabriel gave us quite a scare back in May, his back legs gave out, he recovered at first then back it came only worse, Vet didn't give us much hope, only lots of medications that made him sleep all day, but you know your Mom, I don't give up, it's been rough, but we have Gabby up and walking again, we know he will never be 100%, but at least he's moving, other then his legs, he's good. I so wish I had stopped listening to your Vet when he told me there was nothing more I could do, maybe with all the research I did for Gabby, I could have done the same for you, found alternatives. I hope you know how much it broke my heart knowing I couldn't fix you. I love you so much Mo, I will never let you go. I Love You Pieces Angel Face, I will love you forever and a day...Hello Sweet Angel Face, it's been thirteen years now and Gabby is now by your side. Mommy and Daddy are so sad, we are trying to get the word out about Canine ALS, knowing the two of you are together gives us some comfort, but not very much. I miss you so much my sweet Morgan, I can still see your sweet face looking at me waiting for me to finish up whatever I was working on so we could go for a walk, I can feel you jump up on my chest to say hello in the morning, and I can feel you tugging while we played our game of pull Mommy up the hill. I don't care if some think your Mom is taking your passing a little too long to get over. You and Gabby are our children, and we gave you the best life we could, we just couldn't save you from terminal illnesses, the heartache for a fur child is the same as a human, especially when they are so wonderful and they are your life. I know you have found Andrew by now, he's a wonderful boy, he like Gabby, had Canine ALS, this makes five precious Collies that we know of personally that have passed away from Canine ALS, Andrews Mommy is your Mommy's doctor. You know my sweet Mo, your Mommy tells everyone Collies are magical, they cast a spell over all who meet them. You are are forever in our hearts and there you will forever be, I love you Pieces Angel Face, forever and a day... Play, have fun, make new friends each and every day, watch out for one another and know that we will never ever let you go. Hello Angel Face, I had to stop by to see you, today is one year since your little brother left us, oh, how the two of you have left such huge holes in Mommy's heart, I have been so blessed to have such beautiful boys, you have made us better humans, and each and every memory we have of you and Gabby creates a new memory. I told Gabby, if I could go back in time and have a redo and the end result was the same I'd do it all over in a heartbeat, the same goes for you Sweet Mo, I'd do it all over again, only this time, I'd have the help of Gabby's Daddy, he would be here all the way. Miss you terribly, Love you Pieces Angel Face, Forever and a Day...Hello my Sweet Angel Face, where has the time gone, fourteen years now have passed my Sweet Sweet Morgan, I miss you terribly, you have Gabby with you and now Jake has joined you too, along with one of Gabby's best friends Aries, it's been a very tough year. I know all of you have become really good friends, watch over one another and be kind. Your Mom is having such a tough time without you here, I've loved all my boys, but there is something so special about you and Gabby, magical, losing both of you has been so overwhelming. I know some if not all would think your Mom has gone off the deep end, I don't care, I will continue to talk to you each and every day, I know you are still here with me, you are forever in our hearts and there you will forever be, bonds will never be broken, they are forever and always, I will never let you go. You are Forever, You are Always, You are Loved, Love You Pieces Angel Face, now and forever and a day...

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