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Memories of Mickey
When Mickey came to us, he had been mistreated. He was very skinny. That night out in our back yard, I promised he would never leave my home or ever be hungry again. He never was hungry, and only by God's design did he leave us. Mickey had a heart murmur, and being a 275 LB Great Dane, his max life span was about 8 years. As he got older, I noticed his hips wanting to give out. I then asked God for one thing..That when the time came for Mickey to leave us, to please let him go in his sleep and not let him suffer. That is what God granted. Lying beside my 21 yr old son, where Mickey had sleep for 7 1/2 years. He passed. Only when my son woke up and reached over to pet him, did he realize he was gone. Although sudden and unexpected as it was. I thank God that he granted this prayer. Mickey leaves his family: Trent, Tressa, Pat (mom), his cat Spawn, furfriends Barkley & Gimpy, bird friend Frack, turtle Dudley. To Mickey: It has been 3 weeks since you left, I miss you terrible. The house is so empty & quiet. Barkley needs a "lift", he misses you too, and isn't eating like he should. I will visit again when I get back home. Love You, Mom 7/28/02 I just got home from Kentucky. It hit me on the way home that you would not be there to greet me. Trent isn't doing so good, so if you can help us, please do. I still miss you very much. Spawn misses you too. 8/9/02 I didn't get home like I wanted to, but before I left I wanted to visit you. I still miss you very much, I hope you are happy there. I ask God for help. I'm not the same since you left us...I can't be happy,so I let things get to me. I take your collar and picture with me, You always liked to ride in the car. I will visit again as soon as I am home. Love you, mom 9/20/02 I'm home from Kentucky. Don't know where I'll be going next. It was always so hard to leave when you were her. Now it is hard to come home. You have been gone from us 5 months today. I bought an angel puppy statue to set by your urn.Your Aunt Judy finally got another cat, a stray she found at work. It has 6 toes.It was very weak,and can't meow very loud, kinda how Spawn was when you found him. I still miss you very much and think about you every day. You were my true friend and companion. I hope you have found "chewy" and Garfield there. As far a Ferrets go, when chewy left us, I could never replace him, and as far as dogs go, I will never be able to replace you. You two should get along grand. I love you my big boy, and I will visit again soon. Mom 01/28/03 Sorry I haven't visited. People have been around and I like to be alone. You have some more company. Jim lost Blancho and your Aunt Dewey lost Joy. Christmas just wasn't the same this year. You were not here to scratch your head on the tree. And no special "Mickey" turkey was cooked.I have to get back to work. The house is quiet right now. I will visit again when I can. Love & miss you. Mom 4-20-2003...It has been 1 year since you left us. Your anniversary fell on Easter this year. I have been working away again, but I wanted to come home this weekend so I could visit you and send you a note. I still miss you and wish you were here with us still. But I guess God needed you there more than I needed you here. You do have more company. Jim's little dog, Zoie,was hit by a car, by the time she was found and taken to the vet, too much time had passed. She was a happy little dog. I will close for now, I wanted to let you know that we still love & miss you. I have to leave again in the morning. Keep an eye over me, I will visit again when I can. We are going to see John Edward in May, I know I have people that are gone, but if you can, let me know that you are OK. I'm sorry I wasn't here with you when you passed. But I am still glad you passed peacefully in you sleep. Love you, Mom 11/22/03 Mickey - I know I haven't visited in a long time, I'm sorry. The Holidays are coming up and I miss being able to take you riding in the car to look at tree lights. Roasting you a turkey. and waiting for your tail to knock over the Christmas tree. Keep an eye over us, I'll be thinking of you. Love you, Mom 05/14/10 Mickey. I can't believe you've been gone so long. Your Aunt Dewey's dog; Bandit passed away this week. It was hard; although she was in a lot of pain; she didn't want to leave us. She was a shelter animal like Gimpie and didn't have anyone to go "home" to. we had a talk and I told her Gimpie was there; and although she didn't know you; she needed to introduce herself. I still miss you.

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