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Memories of Mia & Sebastian
Mia went away 10 years ago, because she was no longer able to live happily in this world. She was nearly 19 years old. Every one of those years she was my best friend. I miss her today as much as I did that last day. I have 4 other cats now, all with a special little heart place. But none of them are in Mia's place, which is the largest part. To my Mia: "Mommy loves you, baby, and I think of you all the time. Savanna asks me about you often, and I tell her you are in heaven with Pa. She says she misses you, even though she was only two when you left. She never forgot you, even in her short life you left your mark of specialness and love with her. Its almost Christmas season again Mia, and again I won't have a tree, because how can there be a tree, without Mommy's Christmas kitty under it. I remember how you loved to lay in the paper, under the tree. And waited patiently every Christmas for your special treat from the turkey. I hope someone is cooking turkey for you at the bridge. I love you baby. One day I will see you again. I dreamt of you last night, my little girl, and this time I could save you. I'm so sorry I couldn't. But I have to think you are happier and healthier where you are now. I will see you someday soon. Love, Mommy PS..Mia, I am still here, still missing you, and its been so long it seems. Truly, you are always on my mind, and in my heart. Sebastian, our big boy we found on the street, in 2000. He was our good friend for 6 years, and had a sudden onset of a stomach tumor, and left us very quickly in May of 06. He looked a lot like Mia, just larger. He was a big boy, but at the end lost weight so fast. We are still shocked by his sudden loss, he was the youngest of our cats. Bye, baby.Hope you have had the chance to meet up with Mia. Since Mia left me, I have also lost My Grandmother, my Dad, Sebastian, and now my Mom. Its been a lot of sad years. May, 2008..Mia, it's almost 10 years. How can that be? Are you still waiting for me? We will find eachother someday. I miss you as much as ever. Always.. Feb. 2010..Well Mia, you must have lots of company now. Since Sebastian came, we have also lost little Weet and Mamba, I know you never really knew these kitties, though for a little while you lived with Mamba since she was Jens kitty. Now we have a new homeless kitty to fill the holes in my heart, she is black like you and Sebastian, but she has some bright red fur on her sides. And of course Leo and Sabrina are still here, and Jessie, My Moms kitty. I know they will probably all see you before I do. Please welcome them with love, as they make their way over the bridge. Love you always, all of you. Mom Darling Mia, I have one more sad thing to tell you. Jessie is there now. I hope you find her, and tell her I love her. I wish I could come be with you all. I am so lonely. I love you PS, to my other lost friends, most of our pictures are too big to fit on here, but Mamba, I will keep trying, and Sebastian and Weet too. Love you all Hi Babies, Now 13 years, can you believe it? I wonder how time passes for you? Are you happy, and feeling healthy? I so much want that for you and all your sisters that have come since. I will never stop loving you. Hi babies, Just stopping in to say hi. Jessie has been with you awhile now, are you looking after her? Sebastian, I am sorry I couldn't get you a special spot here, but I know you don't mind sharing with Mia. You were always so sweet to everyone. We miss you all so much, I wonder why it had to be this way. Every one of you should have had a longer life. Kisses to you all. Luv, Mom Mia, and my boy Sebastian, its 2014, how long you have both been gone. It's almost time for Leo and Sabrina to join you. You have to be there to help them, wen the time comes. I miss you so much, forever, and I hope one day we can all be together, you and all my babies who have gone away. Luv always, Mom 12/7/15, can you imagine Mia, how long its been. 17 years. And now Leo and Sabrina came to be with you too. We have a new boy here, and he is sick right now, so send him an angel hug, would you? Hi Sebastian, we will never forget you, our sweet boy, gone so young. But I know you are with all the family there. I hope you are all together, my house is lonely, even though there are 3 here now. It will never be the same without all of you. You are always loved and never forgotten.Hi my babies, now you all have Bella to love with you. Here is Sammy and Sophie, you 2 never met them. I still miss you the same. You all have a photo on my wall next to my bed, the last thing I see every night. 12/7/17 Now 19 years without your sweet presence my Mia, and on this day, its cold, as on the day you left me. It is always winter in my heart now. Since we have so many younger sisters and brothers for you at Rainbow Bridge, I hope you are all together and loving eachother until I can come and love you too, in person(spirit?). I don't know how we will be together again but we will. Do you ever see Mom? I hope so, I hope your little sister Jessie is with her and with you. I worry about her, she was such a sweet little thing, with a shorter life than should have been. I wish I could have all of you by my side again. Sebastian I never forget you, you would lay on the end of my bed, and jump at my feet when I moved them. And you loved to rub on my book. Bella also liked to rub a book. Sebastian you were still a young and I thought healthy boy, when something so sudden and awful happened. I hope you know you weren't with us long enough, but the love is real, and strong, and always will be. I miss you all my loves. You are the best friends I ever had, or ever will have. I would say Merry Christmas, but how is that possible. Maybe it is where you are. Not here, Love you, all my sweet angels. Hi babies, if you can imagine, its 2020 here. I dont know how long before i see you, but i dream of the day that we can be together. Your 2 siblings that you never met are doing good, Sammy has taken over my bed. He gives me lots of love. But you know i have pictures of you all on my bedroom wall, and every night i talk to you for a minute, and shed a few tears. Do you hear me? Please listen, and visit if you can. Love forever, Mommy
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