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Memories of Max
Max wondered into our lives on a summer day. She departed our lives on a summer day. She was a wonderful companion that can't be replaced. This little bundle of joy had her own little personality. She would act like a dog, if you called her name she would come running. It didn't matter if she was in the middle of catching bugs or laying under a shade tree. Max was always happy to see you. The feeling was mutual! So when she fell ill I knew in my heart that she wasn't going to make it. I tried everything in my power to save her life. In the end I knew that she was asking to go to the Rainbow Bridge. One day I will see her again at the Rainbow Bridge. It has been three weeks since your passing. I still look for you in the window, around a corner, curled up on the bed. I miss you so much that words just can't descibe the feelings that I am having. I know one day it will get easier. The time that I miss you the most is when you and I used to snuggle under the covers. I would be reading or watching tv and you would come right up. You would nudge your way into my arm or under the covers with your head on the pillow. Things are very different here without you. I know in my heart that you are in a very happy place. You have met some new friends. You are also playing in deep green grass. Take care my friend I will meet up with you again one day. It has been four months since your passing. It is know a different season than when you left. We have since adopted a new cat her name is Salina. She has a great personality she reminds me of you. She has fit in here really well she has her own little personality. Salina is a talker which is nice in a way. I still can't believe you are gone. Time hasn't healed the void in my life. I have put a picture of you at my desk at work. So I know that you are always there with me. Courtney really misses you as well. I find her crying sometimes. She tells me that she misses you and then she looks up in the clouds. She tells me that you are watching her from the fluffiest cloud that there is in the sky. I tell her yes, you are watching. I will be back to talk to you again. You take care you are never forgotten. Hi Max its Dad..Brenda always used to ask me what I'd do when you were gone...Well I cry,and still look for you when I get home from work..God I miss you..I'll never forget when you went to school with Courtney. She was so proud of you and you were great sat there on my lap and let all the kids pet you and how much company you were on the way back from Montana just sitting there purring even though you really didn't like to travel..YOU ARE A VERY SPECIAL PET AND WILL NEVER BE FORGOTTEN..be well my good friend and know that we love you and that your in a better place. Well it has been exactly one year since your passing. Everytime that I read things on your site I cry. I guess it is because I loved you so much. There is still a hole in my heart. I know that you are better. You don't hurt anymore and you have a lot of great friends. I am glad that we set up this sight for you. It gives me a place to go to remember all of the good things about you. TAKE CARE MY SWEET FRIEND!! My friend it has been 3 years since your passing. You are still in my thoughts. Salina the cat we adopted has been diagnosised with cancer. She has under went two surgeries in the last six months. They have no idea if it will return or not but if it does return it will take her life. I can't believe that after loosing you three years ago I may loose her as well. Samantha is still doing well. I know that she misses you as much as all of us do. Courtney still talks about you on the clouds and watching over her. You are still very special to her. Max it has been almost 4 years since your passing. Salina's cancer has returned. It is just a matter of time before it takes her life. So one day you and her will meet at the Rainbow Bridge. I will be setting up a fur baby site for her when she is gone. I still miss you and love you with all of my heart! Oh my good friend Max how I hope you greeted Salina at the Bridge for she loved us as much as you did..Samatha is more social now..think shes tring to fill the loss of both of you..I saw the guy who you used to watch hitting the golf ball on a string he asked how you were told him you were gone but playing in a meadow with Salina and all your other friends no doubt you have many..I still miss you very much but think of the times we had and it helps you'll be glad to know I quit drinking and am doing fine I appolige for sometimes telling you to leave me alone..I WAS DRUNK..all you gave us was PURE LOVE and I can not thank you enough for that Sammy is sitting here with me she says Hey and wishes you all the happiness..check in once in a while O K..love you dearly DAD

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