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Memories of Jazmin
Jazmin lived a long and happy life.She was a therapy dog and an obedience champion.She was a wonderful mother.She was always near me hoping to get a piece of cheese,a hunk of chicken or another cookie.Her favorite place to sleep was on the pillow above my head.As she got older,she needed a ramp to climb up onto the bed.She was the first one to learn a trick and always happy to do it.I shall miss her forever.I keep looking for her everywhere she used to go and sometimes,I think I feel her presence and see her in her favorite places.I look at her pictures every day and remember all the wonderful times we had together.She was always happy and her tail was always wagging.I wish I could have had her with me forever,but her spirit lives on.God bless my precious love.Your birthday just passed and I thought of you all day.You are always in my heart and I miss you more and more each day.Rest in Peace,my beloved Jazmin. Today is one year since my beloved Jazmin crossed over the Rainbow Bridge and I miss her so much.Her funny little high pitched bark and the way she wagged her silly tail that never quite went over her back are some of the many things I will always remember about her.Her delight in being with other dogs and people made her a very special little girl.God has you today and must have had a reason for taking you from me.I know I will see you again and you are waiting for me.I love you Jazmin and I am thinking of you today! Dear sweet Jazmin,I am thinking of you today because your daughter Shamrock crossed over the Rainbow Bridge last week and now you and she are together forever.God,but I miss you so much.You were my old girl and always so smart and sweet and caring.Life was special for you.You were a happy girl that always wagged your tail.Life was wonderful to you.Now you and Shamrock and Macho are all running together over the Rainbow Bridge and I know that whe nmy time comes I will be with all of you again.God bless you all and keep you safe.I love you my girl.Dear Jazmin,I am so lost without you and now your precious son,Freeway has joined you and Shamrock and Macho.Rhett and I miss you all.The house is too quiet with all of you gone.I know you are all having a wonderful time together but we are all so sad that we don't have you with us any more.We feel your presence everywhere in the house.Your spirit will never die.We love you very much.God bless you all and take care of you until we all meet again over the Rainbow Bridge. Dear sweet Jazmin,Rhett and I are moving to a new house on Tuesday and I want you to tell Macho,Shamrock and Freeway to come along with you to where we will be living.I see you all in every corner of this house and I pray that I will find you all in our new home.I love you and miss you all so much.I wait for the day that Rhett and I join you when we cross over the Rainbow bridge.God bless you 4 wonderful and precious babies. Dear Jazmin.You crossed over the Rainbow's Bridge 2 years ago today and I miss you so much.You were a bright light in my life,always happy and wagging your silly little tail.Please know that you are always in my heart and I will miss you until I see you again,when we meet over the Rainbow Bridge.Have fun with Macho,Shamrock and Freeway and wait for me because I am coming to be with you all. MY DEAREST JAZMIN,TOMORROW YOU WILL BE GONE 3 YEARS AND I MISS YOU SO VERY MUCH.EACH DAY THAT PASSES WITHOUT YOU,IS A SAD DAY IN MY LFE.I REMEMBER ALL THE HAPPY TIMES WE HAD TOGETHER.YOU ALWAYS HAD A KISS FOR ME AND YOU ALWAYS KNEW WHEN I WAS DOWN AND STAYED RIGHT BESIDE ME.I AM WAITING FOR THE DAY THAT I CAN BE WITH ALL OF YOU WHEN MY TIME COMES TO CROSS OVER THE RAINBOW BRIDGE.THEN ALL OF US WILL BE TOGETHER FOR ETERNITY.I LOVE YOU MY GIRL.GOD BLESS YOU,MOMMY DEAR JAZMIN.WELL,MY SWEET GIRL,RHETT IS NOW WITH YOU FOUR AND I AM ALL ALONE.HOW I MISS YOU ALL.THIS PLACE IS TOO QUIET.I KNOW YOU WILL ALL STAY TOGETHER AND TAKE CARE OF EACH OTHER.I AM WAITING TO JOIN YOU SO I CAN SMILE AGAIN.I LOVE ALL OF YOU AND MISS YOU SO MUCH.MOMMY. DEAREST JAZMIN,I AM SO LONESOME FOR YOU,MACHO,SHAMROCK,FREEWAY AND RHETT.I CAN NEVER HAVE ANOTHER PET BECAUSE YOU 5 WERE SO SPECIAL.NO OTHER PET CAN FILL MY HEART AS YOU ALL FILLED MINE.IT IS HARD TO BELIEVE YOU ARE GONE SO LONG.WE HAD ALMOST 18 YEARS TOGETHER AND YOU WERE THE HAPPIEST LITTLE GIRL IN THE WORLD.I AM WAITING TO BE THERE WITH ALL OF YOU SO WE CAN RUN AND PLAY AND BE TOGETHER FOREVER.REST IN PEACE,MY LOVE,MOMMY DEAREST JAZMIN,IT WILL SOON BE ANOTHER YEAR SINCE YOU HAVE LEFT ME AND I MISS YOU SO MUCH.I WATCHED SOME TAPES I HAD TAKEN OF YOU AND I SMILED BECAUSE YOU WERE SUCH A SMART GIRL.YOU FOLLOWED RHETT AS HE ROLLED THE BALL WITH THE TREATS IN IT AND GOT THE FOOD BEFORE RHETT DID.YOU BARKED WHERN I ASKED YOU TO SPEAK.YOUR LITTLE SILLY TAIL WAS ALWAYS WAGGING BECAUSE YOU WERE SO HAPPY.I LOVE YOU MY PRECIOUS ONE AND WAIT FOR THE DAY WE WILL ALL BE TOGETHER.DEAREST JAZMIN,YOU ARE GONE 4 YEARS TODAY AND I MISS YOU SO MUCH.YOU WERE ALWAYS HAPPY AND YOUR FUNNY LITTLE TAIL WAS ALWAYS WAGGING.WE HAD SUCH GOOD TIMES TOGETHER,WE WENT TO CAMP,VISITED SCHOOLS AND LIBRARIES,AND DID ALL KINDS OF CLASSES FOR OBEDIENCE AND FREE STYLE DANCING AND WENT TO SHOWS.HOW I LOVED YOU.YOU WERE THE MOST SPECIAL LITTLE GIRL IN THE WORLD AND I MISS YOU TODAY AS I DO EVERY DAY.GOD BLESS YOU,MY SWEET.HELLO MY SWEET GIRL,YOU ARE GONE 7 YEARS AND I STILL MISS YOUR WONDERFUL FACE AND PRECIOUS SWEET WAY.YOU WERE ALWAYS HAPPY AND LOVED EVERYONE.I KNOW YOU ARE WITH MACHO,SHAMROCK,FREEWAY,DAISY,AND RHETT.I WAIT FOR THE DAY I WILL BE WITH YOU AGAIN.REST IN PEACE MY LOVE.DEAR,BE;OVED JAZMIN,YOU HAVE BEE NGONE SO LONG.BUT I MISS YOU EACH AND EVERY DAY.YOU WERE SO SMART AND SO LOVING.I AM WAITING FOR THE DAY I WILL BETHERE JOIN ALL OF YOU. DEAREST JAZMIN HAS BEEN GONE SUCH A LONG TIME AND I MISS HER EACH AND EVERY DAY.TIME DOES NOT HEAL THE PAIN OF SAYING GOOD-BY TO SUCH A SPECIAL LITTLE GIRL.WE HAD SO MANY GOOD TIMES TOGETHER.SHE WAS SUCH A GOOD MOMMY.REST IN PEACE MY LOVE AND I AM WAITING TO JOIN ALL OF YOU SOME DAY.DEAR JAZMIN,I AM NOW LIVING IN A WONDERFUL HOUSE WITH A GREAT BIG BACKYARD WHERE YOU,DAISY,SHAMROCK,MACHO,FREEWAY AND RHETT CAAN RUN AND RUN AND BE SO HAPPY.PLEASE COME AND SEE THIS LOVELY PLACE.IT IS PERFECT FOR ALL OF YOU TO BE WITH ME.I LOVE YOU ALL AND MISS YOU EACH AND EVERY DAY.GOD BLESS YOU MY BABY!!!!!MOMMY

Please also visit Freeway, Mr. Macho McCool, RHETT and Shamrock.

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