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Memories of Malcolm
Our dearest Malcolm . . . It still hurts and we miss you every day. We know you enjoyed your trips to Vermont in the big Yukon. We believe we were meant to find that vehicle just for you. We promised you a trip to the ski mountain in your big truck. Little did we know that would be your only ski trip. You played in the snow and walked the trails and had more fun that we ever would have dreamed. Now when we look back at the video we can see the lameness in your leg. That cancer was already there but you never let on that you were hurting. You were so brave even to the end. It was the hardest decision we ever had to make but you were suffering so bad so quickly. We hope being with you and holding you allowed you to leave with some comfort. We still leave the light on in the curio with your ashes. Thank you so much for sending OREO to us. She was so neglected that we weren't sure if she would ever feel that she had a home and really would be loved and cared for. She needed love so much and we had so much to give that it must have been meant to be. Every time we put our arms around her to put on her harness, she thinks she's getting a hug and leans her head against our arms. It took her a while to play with your Booda Ropes, but she finally took to them. And she sometimes sleept under the pool table on your cedar bed. She does play with socks, but she doesn't rip them apart like you did. She does, however, rip every stuffed toy apart until she has removed the squeaker and all the stuffing. The first time she did it we came downstairs and saw so much stuffing, we were sure she had destroyed a couch cushion. It's unbelievable how much stuffing is in one of those toys! There are so many similar traits shared by you and her that we think you were coaching her! She loves the bed like you did (even when we're not in it). You always snuggled in between us but she climbs to the pillows and sleeps at our heads. We had to modify the kennel and barn a bit since she is smaller and the step was a bit too high. Now she has a carpeted ramp to go from the barn down into the kennel and we built a room inside (insulated and all) to give her a quiet place if she needs it. She loves to lay out in the sun and even in a light rain. She is a joy in our life, but we will never forget you. You will always have a special place in our hearts and we will think of you every day until we all meet again at the Bridge. Look for Heidi too. I'm sure she's waiting there for us. Thank you for all the happiness and love you brought us. And thanks again for OREO. We will always love you. Wally and Meggie and OREO.

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