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Memories of Maggio
My Darling Maggio - I got you on a beautiful Summer's day and I looked forward to a lifetime of watching you grow with grace. You grew from a furry 7 lbs. with jet black hair with a hint of blue in the sunlight, to a 57 lb. beauty. When you were just a wee one, I got you a 26 inch stuffed alligator named Craddock and I thought you would drag it around the yard. Instead, you put it in your mouth horizontally and ran and ran around the back yard like it was a large submarine sandwich! I told you many stories, sang you many songs and you had lots of toys. Your name, Maggio, is Italian for the month of May when you were born. You were fearsome and sometimes protected me in the middle of the night from that big black dog in my dresser mirror by barking to scare her away! Maggio, Dear, you also didn't understand the concept of a snooze alarm and as soon as it went off, you were up and running to start the day. Remember the day we went to the park last Fall and there were so many squirrels we couldn't count them? You couldn't wait to get out of the car...and how they ran! Your best friends called you Maggio-the-Shark because no one was safe from your kisses or having you gently hold their hands in your mouth. We went everywhere together and your favorite car trick was pressing your pretty face to mine at stoplights and then kissing me! It was a bitter cold winter's day when you died in my arms on the way to the vet after suffering a seizure you couldn't come out of. Run in God's meadows, my Dearest Maggio, run and play and I will see you soon. You were (and are) my greatest joy and my most deepest heartbreak. I love you, my Sweet Little Girl, I LOVE YOU!!! Mommy 1/26 It's been almost 2 weeks since I had to say goodbye to you. Remember the 20 lb. bag of birdseed you found in the pantry, tore open and dragged all over the house before I could catch you? Even at that moment in time, I couldn't help but laugh! I Love you and miss you, my pretty, pretty girl! Mommy 2/2 Coming up on 3 weeks since you've been gone. What are doing in your new home at Rainbows Bridge? Are there lots of squirrels and bunnies to chase? Do you get a brand new squeaky toy every day? Do baby angels sing you lullabies? Do you play "keep away" with Daddy? Do they have Greenies and big rawhide bones? Do you get to keep your puppy silliness, or do you have to get serious sometimes? Just wondering...I'm missing you! Mommy 3/14 Two months since you've been gone, my sweet puppy. I can hardly believe it. The pain is so bad, but for you, I'm sure you are happy. That's all I wanted for you, happiness, but I wanted so badly to share it with you. I love you always, my darling, darling Maggio. Mommy 7/14 Six months, my Darling Child. My heart will never heal. . . . But I miss you most of all, My Darling, when Autumn leaves start to fall. 12/05 My 1st Christmas without you. Your stocking is up and I miss you, my sweet puppy! 1/17 Your year anniversary passed and I'm still devastated. I hope that you are w/Daddy and are happy. Did you see the candles I had burning for you? Love, Mommy 5/9 Happy 3rd Birthday, my sweet Little One! Oh how I love & miss you! Mommy 2 years Sunday since you died in my arms. I miss and cry for you every day. I love you! Mommy 1/14 3 years you've been gone, my little puppy! I miss you and love you so VERY MUCH! I hope you think of me a little. ..I think of you a lot. Love, Mommy 1/14/10 I cannot believe you've been gone longer than you were alive. My arms ache for you so! Love always and forever, Mommy 1/12 My sweetest Darling, you are with God longer than you were with me. I'm sure He wanted you back because you are one of His perfect creations. I love you and miss you, I always will. Mommy Life has been so hard since you left. Did you see Grandma yet? I miss you all so much. Mommy 2/7/13

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