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Memories of Maggie
Maggie came into our lives in a most unexpected way, when on a dark, foggy night my wife Carrie almost ran over her on the way home. Maggie was so small and dark, she blended into the shadows. Luckily Mags and Carrie had quick reflexes and the little girl was only nicked. But another car was right behind Carrie and even though she was dazed, Maggie was able to spin and avoid the second car as well. Carrie quickly scooped up the little girl and took her to the vets. We searched and tried to find Maggie's home (as she was wearing a flea collar, but no tags), but no one came forth to claim her. And so she became another of our fur children. We thought at first Maggie was just a kitten because she was so small, but the vet said she was at least 5. We later discovered Maggie probably was about 12-14 at that point. Four things I'll always remember about Mags is her 1.) purr; 2.) lapage; 3.) chin rubs and 4.) her enjoyment of eating. We nicknamed Maggie a "Tribble", because her purring was so loud that folks could hear it over the phone when we talked. They thought the cat was right next to the phone while she was instead across the room. And Mags loved being a lap kitty. The first year we had her, you couldn't sit down for 2 minutes without a little kitty jumping up into your lap. And once she was in your lap, she would literally lay there for hours if you rubbed her chin. Lastly Maggie loved her food - especially some good fish or chicken. She chowed down on it like it was going out of style. And you could hear her chomping on it from the next room. For such a little cat (at her best, she only weighed 5 pounds), she had a mighty big presence. We ended up only having Mags with us for just 4 short years. Over the past six months, we noticed Maggie eating a lot, but losing weight. A check revealed several problems, including liver failure. In her condition and age (they judged her to be about 16-18 years old at this time), we gave her medicine and tried to make her comfortable. Our little girl fought a fierce battle, but things just got too bad to go on. She could barley walk, but even on her last day she was trying to explore. And though it hurt her to even lay down, she "tribbled" for us as we stroked her, and she enjoyed some chicken and tuna right up until her last moments. I shall miss her face on my pillow every moring at 6am asking "where's my breakfast". Her visiting me as I came out of the shower and she headed in so she could get some fresh shower water. And especially her discussions with me in the morning when I was fixing her breakfast. When she saw her food bowl, her eyes always lit up. It is amazing to me that in our big house, shared with 3 dogs and another cat, it seems so "empty" because the smallest one is no longer around. We miss you, Miss Mags. Your Mom and Dad love you. And your fellow fur kids Barclay, Bonnie, Rusty, and even Henry miss your presence. We know you are in a better place, in a world where you are whole and healthy again. Wait for us at the foot of the Rainbow Bridge. You will always be in our hearts until our souls can be together again. I look forward to the day I can rub your chin again and listen to you tribble. Rest easy, my little one. Love, Dad *December 2004 - This will be our first Christmas without you in 4 years, Little Cat. It is strange to see a full-sized tree (as we couldn't have one with you because you would always pee on the tree skirt). But we've placed your little statue right by the tree, so I hope you enjoy it. We sure miss you Mags. Love, Dad *July 26, 2005 - It has now been one year since you left us, little one. I still feel your presence. I thought it was fitting today that the space shuttle was launched - a symbol of hope and the future. Life goes on. And so will you, forever in our hearts. Rest easy. Love, Dad. *December 25, 2005 - It is now our second Christmas without you, my little one. Things go on, but it just doesn't seem quite "right" without you and Rusty here. You are in our thoughts this day, and always. Love, Dad. *July 26, 2006 - It is now been 2 years since you have left us, little one. In some sense, it feels like decades. Yet in some ways, it feels like it was only yesterday. I know that you are at peace and are without pain, and that is good. But we still think of you, and we miss you. And we wish you were still here. Love, Dad. *Christmas Eve, 2006 - Another Christmas without you, Miss Mags. It still doesn't feel right. We put the big tree up this year, it now fits better in the new house. And when we pulled out the tree skirt, I immediately thought of you. I still miss your tribbling, little cat. Christmas really is the time for family, and you will always be part of the family, whether you are physically here or not. We love you Mags. Love, Dad. *Christmas Eve, 2007. Hi Miss Mags. I can't believe it is now our 4th Christmas without you. So much has changed this year, with the loss of Brody and Henry, and the adding to our family of Lacey and Ginny Weasley, and then the two kittens (Calvin & Hobbes). But at this time of year, I always think back to you. We couldn't put up a tree this year with the kittens (they are climbers) and not having a tree made me immediately think of you. And Calvin has become a big lover. Several times a day he comes around and wants picked up and held. He starts purring. But his purr can't come close to yours. I remember holding you little cat, and you would always let out the loudest purr in the world. I often think of that when I hold Calvin. And I think of you as Christmas comes upon us. I know that you will be with us in spirit tomorrow. And you will always be in spirit in my heart. Love, Dad. *July 26, 2008 Today is the 4th anniversary since you left us, Maggie. Calvin came up to me this morning and kept wanting held. I would hold him for a few minutes and then let him down, and then he would tell me he wanted held again. I would hold him and rub his belly and he would purr. And I thought about you and your love of chin rubs. And the loudness of your purr. Calvin & Hobbes are good kitties, but their purr just doesn't come close to yours! We still miss you and think of you, little cat. And we will always have you in our hearts. Love, Dad. *Christmas Day, 2008. Merry Christmas Maggie. I can't think of Christmas without thinking of you. And your 'thing' for tree skirts! But we loved you anyway, and we still miss you. Your purr always filled the room, and it still fills my heart. Rest easy, my little cat. Love, Dad. *July 26, 2009 Hello, Miss Mags. It has now been 5 years since we said goodbye. So much has happened sice you left us, little cat. But despite all the changes, you are still thought of. And missed. While you had a long life, we had so little time together. But you know you were loved, and in the end, that is what really matters. You will always be in my heart. Rest easy, Maggie. Love, Dad. *December 25, 2009. Merry Christmas, Miss Mags! We miss our very littlest one. Christmas was always a special time for you, and we think of you with a smile. Please come by and visit us. We miss our tiny one. Rest easy, Maggie. We love you little cat. Love, Dad. *July 26, 2010. Hello, little cat. Today marks 6 years since you left us. But we still love you and miss you Mags. You will always be in our hearts. Mom and I were talking about you just last night when we saw a cat food commercial - you would have much preferred chum! Rest easy, Miss Mags. Love, Dad. * Christmas, 2010 Merry Christmas, Maggie! We can't have a Christmas without thinking of our little angel. Well, not an angel where Christmas tree skirts are concerned! LOL But we do miss you, little cat. And we miss your room-filling tribbling. Love, Dad. * July 26, 2011. Mags, it is so hard to believe that you have been gone 7 years now. Mom & I were out shopping this weekend when we both saw this big shag rug and we each immediatly thought how much you would have loved it. Though you are not here, you are still in our thoughts. Rest easy, little cat. Love, Dad. * Christmas, 2011. Merry Christmas, Miss Mags! I miss our littlest one. When it is quiet, I miss not hearing your powerful purr. You were a sweet little kitty who had a huge personality. We love you. Love, Dad. * July 26, 2012. Eight years now - where has the time gone? Mom & I were reminiscing about you this morning. We think about 95% of you must have been just for purring! And the other 5% for eating your favorite chum. Rest easy, my little girl. We miss you. Love, Dad. * July 26, 2013. Oh Miss Mags, it can't be 9 years, can it? We only had you for 4 years yet your tiny soul has forever touched our lives. Rest easy, little girl. Love, Dad. * July 26. 2014. Today was 10 years since we said goodbye, Miss Mags. Ten years since I last heard that purr of yours. Or to hear you announce that you want "breakfast"! You were a special little girl and we miss you. You will always be in our hearts. We love you, Maggie. Love, Dad. * July 26.2015. Was thinking of you today Mags when I saw a little kitty at Petsmart that reminded me of you. I miss that loud & distinct purr of yours. You were sooo tiny, yet so filled with personality. You always wanted it your way. Especially when it was mealtime!. We love you, Miss Mags. And we miss you. Love, Dad. * July 26, 2017. So hard to believe that it has now been 13 long years since we said goodbye to you, Miss Mags. Mom & I always laugh when we see a nice shag run in the store - Maggie would love this. You were a stubborn little kitty but we love & miss you. Rest easy, little girl. Love, Dad. * July 26, 2018. Thinking of you today Maggie. You were the first one to leave us but you're always in our hearts. I miss your purr that filled a room (or two or three). Rest easy sweet girl. Love, Dad. * July 26, 2019. Hello Miss Mags. Hard to believe that 15 years have passed since we said goodbye. Mom & I still miss you, little cat. Rest easy and know that you are in our hearts forever. Love, Dad. * July 26, 2022. How can it have possibly been 18 years now since we last held you. Mom & I miss you, little one. Rest easy, Mags Love, Dad.

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