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Memories of Maggie Mae
It doesn't seem possible that you have be gone so long. We all loved you so much. I know that you are in heaven with my Mom. Have fun little girl!!! Maggie left us at such a young age. She was 5 1/2 years old. When Denise and I took her to the specialist in Cooper City on Christmas Eve day, we both just knew all she needed was surgery and she would be good as new. When this turned out not to be the case, I had to make the hardest and worst decision of my life. I had to let her go. Denise was able to stay with her until the end. I found it much too difficult. I was not ready for this but it was the right thing to do. Jay wrote the following poem for her: I looked up at heaven 'cause I heard her bark, I saw those eyes and wagging tail, happy as a lark. She made us happy the six years she was here, She gave of herself and held us dear. She cheered us up no matter how bad our mood, I'll miss those little legs trying to get my food. She loved her Mom and Dad even more than cheese, All she ever wanted to do was please. Maggie gave us her unconditional love, Now I can hear her in heaven above. She's running aound with Kip, Zonk, Sugar and Pepper. Maggie is Our Little Girl forever and ever. Maggie was a very special part of lives. As her Daddy says, she was our one dog that was always dependent upon us. She was not a friendly dog to a lot of people, but she loved Denise and Teri and the grandkids. Katie always called her Ma Ma. She always came running when I opened the little door on the refrigerator where I kept the cheese. She loved cheese and chicken more than anything and her Daddy was always sneaking these to her. We always loved the way she would jump over any little thing. Her legs were so short. She loved her bedtime treat and getting up to get water every night when I went to bed. When she was little, I always had the groomer put bows in her hair, but she won out the last year and had no bows. She hated the scarves they put on her neck, and I would take them off as soon as I got her to the truck. Every night when I cooked supper, Maggie was always there in the kitchen to help. When it was time for us to eat, she would race her Dad to the den and beat him every time. I will never forget how she used to dance in circles when I would put down her food. She only got to play with Casey for a few months, but she loved to play with the pull toy with Casey. Maggie loved to sit on the couch. First we put a towel on the couch and she would dig on it to get comfortable. She brought us a lot of pleasure and happiness during her short life. I still miss you Maggie 2013. Be a sweet girl till I see you again.
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