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Maddy came to me in a very difficult year of my life. At the time, my daughter was a senior in high school and my husband got a transfer back to Denver. We decided to spit up the family so she could finish with her class. My husband and one son went to Denver. My daughter,my other son and I stayed in California. I decided I need a big dog since my husband was not with us. Out of Maddy's entire litter, she was the only puppy not spoken for. It did not matter. It was love at first sight for both of us. There was no adjustment period for Maddy. She instantly loved me and her new family.

After 1 year we moved back to Denver and reunited with the rest of the family. In January of 1998, I was diagnosed with cancer. I had 2 major surgeries back to back. By the time I got home from the hospital I was in pretty bad shape. When my family got me home and into my bed, Maddy immediately jumped in my bed and stayed there as long as I did. Maddy was a bullmastiff- she was quite large but she was as gentle as a lamb. She did not leave my side for a very long time. I went through rounds of chemotherapy and she was always waiting for me when I would come home. She and my other dog Lucy did a wonderful job taking care of me and helping me heal.

After I got back on my feet, Maddy and I became a Pet Therapy team for 2 of Denver's hospitals. We visited patients for 3 years. Everyone loved Maddy. She had the softest brown eyes. She brought comfort to everyone she came in contact with. We enjoyed our work together. In June of 2002 she became tired. She did not want to go up and down the stairs of the hospital anymore. I retired her from the programs. She had a fun summer. We bought a little RV and took her camping. We even took her to the beaches in California to let her romp and play. At home she seemed ok. I thought this was nature aging.

In January of 2003 she developed a tumor in her neck. It turned out to be cancer, and it took her life quickly. The vet tried everything but there was nothing to do for her. She was tired of tests. She was poked and biopsied too many times. And every test came back inconclusive so that the vet would venture down another path. Nothing worked and it was time to let her go. We had the prividge of being Maddy's owners and companions. We were blessed with this kind, healing dog. And our hearts ache. We miss her and will always miss her. There is a huge hole in our lives and hearts. But, I have the comfort of knowing that she will be waiting for me when it is my turn to leave this earth. Maddy you were the best!

P.S. It has been 7 years since you left my side. I still have your pictures around the house. I still feel the pain of losing you. I created a memorial in the flower garden out back for you. It is a headstone with your picture on it. So now, I can visit it whenever I want. The headstone is in the mist of beautiful flowers. Even though it is still winter, the flowers will arrive shortly. We lost your sister, Gracie in December of 2009. I plan to put up her memorial with you. Now I have 2 babies in Heaven. I am sure that you are playing together. Do NOT gang up on her, you are bigger than her! I love you and still miss you, Mom

May 1, 2013: My sweet Maddy, I am sure I would find you now playing with your sister Emma. Emma who never met you will have her own page on Rainbows bridge. I know that you two would know immediately you both belonged to the same family!!!! So Maddy take care of Emmy! I love her exactly like I love you.

My Sweet Gracie! Oh your story is a fun one. You were born on May 3rd, 2001. Finding you was God's plan. You see I was going through some awful heath conditions and your sister Maddy and Lucy were taking care of me. While I was at our Vets taking care of Maddy, he told me of a nice litter of Bully pups. The people who owned your Momma, Bubbles, lived very close. So when you were just a week old, we went to see you and your litter mates. We picked you and named you that night. Gracie was so fitting. Only through the Grace of God that you came to me. People thought I was crazy. Chemo.....new puppy! Along with 2 other dogs and 2 kitties. No problem!!!!!

We picked you up at 7 weeks old. You went through obedience training just like all your sisters! And in the beginning, you were a nutty, crazy puppy. When you turned 2 we decided you should be a Mamma. So after careful planning you did your job. You had a normal pregnancy. However, when Dr. John delivered your babies all 4 girls had clef palates and had to be put down. Or they would have starved to death. The remaining boys were perfect. So we came home with you groggy and 3 hungry boys!!! You loved being a Momma but we decided that all of loss was enough, so we had you fixed. No more babies, no more crying! Loosing your daughters about killed the family!

Your 3 sons were so adorable. Max went to live with Shanna (my daughter) Wallace went to live with Cory (my son's friend) and Dozer went to live with a really nice family! Right now, everyone is still with us. They are all 10 years old!!!!

You were a Momma's girl all the way. Wherever I went....there you were. After raising your babies, you would adopt human babies. You loved and adored any human baby that came over. You were a quiet dog except for snoring at night. You slept on my legs every night. Some nights I had severe leg cramps because you would sleep on them. LOL You were such a sweet dog! Never causing any problems unlike your sister Maddy who was the queen bee!!

You developed a breathing problem the summer of 2009. It turned out to be a tumor on your heart. As it grew it cut off your lung intake. This made it so difficult for you to breathe! With the help of Dr. Ann, you had to leave us December 16, 2009. You were not quite 9 years old. Christmas was difficult that year! Now I have your picture up on Maddy's page. I know you are running with her and Emma and of course sister Binx is there too. I love you, you sweet bully. And above all I know you can breathe without any effort! I miss you, Mom

May 1st, 2013 Oh my dear Kitty Binx, I miss you! I miss your sweet Meow's!! I miss seeing you every time I get out of the car!! You have been with me so long. I adopted you in the summer of 1994. You were an abandoned kitty. I worked for my vet Dr. Barney. I was living with Shan, and Clayton. Dad and Russ went to live back home in Denver while Shan finished High School in California. You were born in California. You were the sweetest kitty but you never warmed up to many others. Your Dad, our friend Vicki who baby sat you while we went on vacations. You were for all intense reasons my kitty. And you loved Halloween just like me. Every Halloween you loved to watch me decorate the yard. You would lay in the front yard of the 3 different houses you lived at and watch the scarecrows and the witches and all the other decorations we put up. It became our ritual. I would tell you Halloween was coming and ask you to live another year. After you turned 18 in the spring last year (2012), I asked you to give me one more Halloween and you did. You were very skinny but happy. You loved your food and your little house that you would crawl into. Most of the time, you slept. I would hold you and snuggle with as much as possible. You would come in and say hi to the dogs even though you were not too comfortable with Lucy. You loved both Maddy and Emma. The big dogs that could eat you! But they loved you back. Nose to nose you would be with either dog!!! You finally got so tired that you left us for Heaven to be with all the others on Febuary 9, 2013. You were nearly 19 years old. Gosh was I blessed to have you so long. I really miss you, sweet kitty. I know though that you have your health back. You have fun eating cat nip and playing in the grass. Be nice to your sisters, Maddy, Gracie and Emma. I love you and miss you! Momma

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