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Memories of Mystic
Mystic, mama's sweet baby Girl! You have always been my little sidekick from the time I recued you at a tender age of 4 weeks old. Wherever I walked you were right there behind me. Whenever you wanted some sort of human food, you did a cute little head cock that nobody could resist, and you loved sleeping on my clothes. You were a little princess and knew it. Baby Girl, you gave me your unconditional Love for the 14 years that I was blessed to have you, everyone that knew you Loved you sooo. Your Baby Brother was your protector, he would not allow anyone to pick on you, he was right there, he is lost without you, we both are, he does not understand where you are. You loved certain table foods that you always got like albacore tuna, cheese ( you could smell a mile away ), butter, chicken, Turkey on Thanksgiving & you loved Tortillas and potato bread. When you first met Gramma you messed with her, she was actually afraid of you ❤ ( LOL ) because you would growl at her but then she fed you her cold cuts when she would make her lunch, the two of you became the best of friends! Sweetheart, you loved your. toy mice, your squeaker toys, all the blankets mommy made for you, and you would cry with one of your toys hanging out of your mouth, drop it in front of me and I would praise you like you caught a REAL mouse, but when it came to real mice they didn't stand a chance, you had them in a blink, you definately were a little hunter! Baby Girl, you were never sick a day in your life, the 14 years, you never even lost a tooth, you bounced around like a little kitten with sooo much energy, I wish I knew what happened to you. You were fine when I left for work, I fed both you and your brother your can food, gave you both kisses, told you both how much I Love you, told you both I would see you in the Morning and left for work. When I got home in the morning, you would not eat your can food (which is not like you, you have a nice little appetite), at first I just thought you didn't want that kind so I gave you your Fancy Feast Medley, you refused that as well, I then offered you Tuna, cheese, butter and chicken all of your favorite table foods, you refused them all, I knew something was wrong, your Doctor was not open that Saturday so I ran to the store bought you some syringes, baby food, Pedialyte, chicken broth, nutri- cal. I gave you something every hour on the hour, it looked like you were starting to get better, you were starting to eat little bits of your can food on your own again but then you stopped again, Sweetie you were melting away to nothing, you became sooo weak you were bearly able to walk, It broke my heart to see you like this, you were always sooo full of energy, I prayed to God, and to Grampa, Aunt Wendy, great Gramma, Great Aunt Linda and everyone else in Heaven to help you. I would have moved Heaven and Earth to save you, but you passed the next morning, I will never know what happened to my unstoppable, sweet baby Girl. I picked up your lifeless body, held you, rocked you and cried like a baby asking why. I wrapped you in your favorite blanket, gently put you in your carrier, put you in the back room of our house to keep you cold until the next day so that I could bring you to your vet and have you privately cremated. Your baby brother was looking all over for you. I know you will always be with us, and one day you will be in my arms again! My little Sweet Baby Girl, we Love you and you are in our hearts 💕 forever!!❤🐾🌹

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