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Memories of Mystique
Mystique was born April 13, 1999. She belonged to a patient that came to Physical Therapy where I worked. When I found out that there was an all black female kitten, I told her I would adopt her. First, because I don't like that people think black cats are bad luck - Second, we had found a newborn (all black) kitten a few years before abandoned in our back yard by the alley. She didn't make it.
I wanted her before I even met her. So not quite six weeks later, I picked her up on May 22, 1999. She was tiny and very determined. I took her to meet Mark at his job as he was alone at the time. I put her on the counter but he didn't pay much attention to her. He only said "why do we need another cat?". That was his standard statement for a lot of them.

Mystique was my "shadow". She took naps with me as early as the first day I brought her home at just less than 6 weeks. She joined our 5 year old cat, Candy when she arrived. They became very good friends. When Candy died March 5, 2008, Mystique didn't get really close to any future cats. She played with them but didn't snuggle with them.

When I got home, I was tired and took a short nap. Mystique was right by my side sleeping with me. This would start a routine that would go on for over 18 years.
Mystique was the first cat that I felt that there was a connection on an emotional level. She knew when I was sad, I hurt, etc.
While I would sit in my chair, she would get up and put her front legs up by my neck as to give me a hug. She would stay that way for hours. She would start out by staring at me (usually both of us looking at each other and "talking") then she would fall asleep.
We would have long conversations and she would put her paw on my hand or my face or arm. She always seemed to understand.
She would race me to the bedroom if she thought it was nap time. She snuggled up by my face to talk first then would move down up against my legs. If I was ready to get up, I would wiggle my legs from around her slowly as to not wake her.
She loved her water from the faucet. At first, we couldn't keep her out of the kitchen sink and eventually she decided that the bathroom faucet was much more interesting. That's when she discovered that Mark's morning routine was fascinating. So she sat on the sink to watch then it became interactive. He would wash her face with the wash cloth and comb her hair. After that, she was ready to take her nap. But she would fuss if I wasn't going to take one too.
She loved laying in the sunshine by the window. This would be shared by her "sisters" over the years. Three in total.
When she was about 5 or 6, I treated her to Greenies treats. This would become an addiction for her. Every time I sat at the computer, she knew I had some and she insisted that she needed them. When she developed her health problems, it was devastating to take that away from her but her body couldn't tolerate any dry food at all.

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