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Memories of Mushu
Mushu was very playful whenever I came home from work and my daughter from school. No matter what Mushu had a toy in his mouth and always tried to give it us to show that he missed us while we were gone. When I would leave the house he would know because I would grab my bag and head straight to his snacks, I would open the bag and he would wag his tale super fast. He was always such a happy and loving dog, everyone loved him. When he would go outside, he would kick back his legs and make a mess, sometimes he made holes and he would get all dirty so of course we would say his favorite word which was "botcha". He loved hearing that word because he never liked being dirty. Another thing special about Mushu is that he loved a very specific food, sure he loved the smell of human food but there was always one that he loved more which was spam. Which is why my grandma always called him " The spam dog". I loved him very much and I am very sad that he's gone but I'm happy he is no longer suffering.

Hi my baby. Mommy misses you so much!! I didn't go to work today, and I won't be going in tomorrow either, cause I'm waiting for your ashes so I can bring you home. Everything is the way we left it, so you can lie down on your pillows next to me. Tita Jami is always lying down on your pilows and waiting for you to come home. We all miss you!! whenever I say your name, whether out loud, or in my mind, I can see you stop from running with your friends and look straight at me. You bark and get all silly, you run towards me, but stop, and wag your tail. I guess you know, that we are in different worlds for now, yours being all sunshine, big green grassy area like at grandma's and papa's house, with lots of playmates, and all the spam you could ever want. Please come visit us in our dreams. Let us smell you and feel you so we can all get better, cause we're all missing you like crazy!! Don't forget mommy, no matter how long it takes, cause mommy will NEVER forget you and that you're there waiting for me. I LOVE YOU FOREVER AND YOU WILL ALWAYS BE MY PUPPY VALENTINE!!!!


Good morning my baby. It's been one week since you went to forever paradise, mommy has you right next to me on the bed. Mommy misses you, and I cry for you as I hold you, wishing I was feeling your warm furry body next to mine, and hearing you breath. Since you've come home, it has been easier for me, cause you are with me, in the room, and on your pillows. Mommy is going to take your sisters out for breakfast, so you go visit with grandma and papa, ok? I'll be back to visit you soon. I Love You My Puppy Baby Mushu!! Hugs and Kisses Puppy!!

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