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Memories of Murphy
Thirteen years ago a puppy came through our front door that changed our family forever. We already had a happy family, our already happy smiles, went to gigantic smiles. Now Mom and Dad (Andrea and Keith), the children (Justin, Kim, Christine, Samantha), added a new furry brother by the name or Murphy, an English Labrador Retriever. Our smiles were overwhelmed with gigantic smiles as if being presented to the happiest day on earth!
This furry little boy took all of us on an adventure of learning about a dogs life, what his eyes visioned, what his snout smelled, what his feeling felt. We learned that we he felt, we felt. It wasn't just owning another "dog," it was learning about a breed of dog, how they learn, how they need to learn, how to respect each other. These wonderful creatures of the universe become our best friends, our protectors, we become their protectors, they love us, we love them, we become attached like siamese twins.

Murphy was all of that to us! At six months, I remember buying him a set of dog toys that came in a box, as I took them from the box, it fell on the living floor, he didn't want to play with the toys, he carried the box all over the house! At one year old I remember how he chewed the legs on our $600.00 coffee table, angry then, but now I look back and laugh. Murphy ran at the beach, ran about the house. My oldest daughter Kim originally bought Murphy from an excellent AKC breeder, he was the feisty one one of the bunch. She took her younger sister Samantha with her when making the selection. Murphy kept biting on Samantha's sock, Kim and Samantha said to each other "that's the one!" I know my story is kind of backwards, and I could never fill this page with thirteen years of all the wonderful heartfelt memories, there are just way to many tears running down my face to keep it all straight and in one place.

As Kim got older she moved away from home, so Murphy and I bonded closer more than ever. My wife and I had divorced after twenty five years. All my children are wonderful young, responsible adults, and during the time that Murphy and I grew together I bought a Golden Retriever (Jasper) from a dog fostering organization, as well as rescued a lab-boarder collie mix who I named Ebony from the streets, but Murphy being my main boy. He was so loyal, my partner. No matter where I went, he was there. Even if he was asleep in the living room, and I went to the bathroom located in my bedroom, the second I opened the door, there he was laying down outside waiting for me. I had several hospital stays, it's as if he knew and was willing to give up all of his outside run and play time to just lay next to my bed until I was better again to be able to run and play with him.

As Murphy got older we did simple things together, though he wasn't really much of a "chase the ball" dog, he LOVED food and treats, and from his puppy training classes when he was young at PetSmart and working with me as he moved up in age, he would retrieve for treats. I remember his black "Harley Davidson" frisbee, we would go to the old high school where I would throw his frisbee up on the bleachers, he knew that I had a treat waiting, he would get it every time! Murphy got along with everybody, every dog, he truly was man, woman, kids best friend. His temperament was bred as such that he was so kind and loving that even after he was attacked by a couple of dogs in his day, he never became aggressive, when I took him back to local dog parks, I had to teach him not to be scared and got him over his fear which we accomplished together.

Murphy helped us communicate to the world that there was happiness, always putting a smile on our faces in the worst days, the sad days that we as humans all have, happy days, fun days, anger days, a champ of all champions, a family member of all family members! Though my whole family misses him so, I have to say that I really miss him so much, so very much, my heart, my soul is so very broken.

Murphy your our wonder dog, I hope one day I will be able to get over the guilt I feel in having to have had to make the decision to say our final good bye because of the laziness of somebody that couldn't throw an apple core in a trash can instead of on the park grass. I think of you all day and all night, your human brother and sisters miss you too, so does your extended family and Jasper and Ebony. We will see you in the next light.

You have taught us and other humans so much, I gave you the best life I had within my power and financial ability. In photo #5 you will see Murphy with his brother Jasper, (to the left), he past at 15 years old, November of 2018. All the way to the right, there is a young Labrador, her name was Ebony, she passed just over 10 years old in October of 2018. I hope they all met in heaven at the Rainbow and still play together.

We all LOVE and MISS you so incredibly much.........

Dad, Kim, Justin, Samantha, Christine, Jasper, Ebony

NOTE: Though I have re-read punctuation and spelling, please forgive any errors within my story, this was exceptionally hard for me to write and post as I know it is for all of us. I had to Murphy down two weeks ago, he sincerely was my best friend and partner, my grieving process is going to be very long. Thank you.

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