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Memories of Mugs
He came to me lost, hair matted, flea bitten and a complete mess. But that smile on his face melted my heart, I knew he was mine. My vet held his face in his hands and simply said, "son you just hit pay dirt!" No the truth was I had hit pay dirt! You were the one in a lifetime! I miss you and your antics. Your big bark that people couldn't believe came out of such a little dog, your attempt to keep up with a greyhoud with those short little legs. You were a gift from God to me and I didn't have you long enough. So many times I didn't appreciate you, now I realize. How I wish I could have you back to hold and love again! To laugh at you the time you fell in the hole in the yard & had to pull you out. Glad you found it so I could get it fixed before I tripped in it myself, guess you were taking care of me once again! I love you & miss you my little Buddy. Mugs you were so special that I just had to always have a part of you. I searched high & low to find a little girl for you, to no avail, so we had to get one of your own. That's how Min-Chi came to us. It took 4 long years, but you two finally gave me 2 beautiful babies. Of course the plan was to keep only 1, but that didn't last! After you left, I found a fine young boy for your little girl. They blessed Mom with 4 of the cutiest little guys you can imagine, of course there is a little Mugs to carry on your name. Although your not with me, I still have a part of you in your offspring. Thank you my little man for blessing me with so much love. You have saved me in so many ways you will never know. You sleep on my bedside table to stay close and keep me safe at night. I know I'll see you again when it is time for me to pass over, until then my little buddy...

11/2/09 Hello baby, it's been 7 long years this morning since you left momma. I thought about you all night last night. I remembered how long that night was for you, for both of us, how frightened little Ming Xing had been. How Min-Chi wouldn't go into the bathroom with you. She knew you were leaving her, I don't think she could bear it. We all still miss you so very much. Your picture is still on my computer screen so I see you every day! You sleep on my bedside table & I kissed you goodnight last night. Oh baby there will never be another like you! The house is filled with 6 of your offspring and I love them dearly, each have a little of you, but none can be you. You stole my heart so completely! Be happy my little buddy, be healthy, play and know momma loves you.

12/25/09 Merry Christmas little buddy. We all thought about you this morning when we opened presents. Mei Chen's the only one that opens her own presents the way you did. Little Mugs tries but he's just not as good. We send you our love and lots of kisses. Momma misses you and loves you dearly. Be sweet baby.

11/2/10 It's hard to believe it's been another year since you left us. They say with time it becomes easier, but I just don't think that's so. I still ache and shed so many tears for you my little buddy. Of course there are many happy and wonderful memories and I laugh when I recall some of your antics. I just wish you had been with me longer...forever would have been nice! I love you and miss you, Min-Chi sends her love as well. Hope you welcomed Stretch when he came to be with you on Halloween, that was hard for Butch and Carol. Show him around and keep him company. Kisses my little boy, Mommie loves you.

9/5/11 Hi buddy. Just a note to say hi and let you know we're thinking of you. Tomorrow is Min-Chi's 15th birthday and she wishes you were here to celebrate with her. She is starting to show her age a bit, but still loves her cookies and would share some with you. Know you are safe and happy. Hugs and kisses to my soul puppy.

11/2/2012 It's been 10 years today since you left me and I miss you every much now as I did when you left me then. I still have a little part of you in your puppies and grandpuppies and see you in them and I'm thankful for that but I still miss you so very much. My heart still breaks for you my little buddy. I know you are taking care of Min-Chi now that she is there with you. Kisses to you my baby, mommy misses you and loves you to pieces.

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