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Muffy you weren't the little dog I thought I bought but still you were only five weeks old when you arrived. Could tell right off the bat you weren't what I had paid for. So tiny and you wormed your way into our hearts so completely and you will be in our hearts forever. If I had it to do all over again I would have paid ten times the amount we did to have you in our life. There is a void in the house but now I know you'll be waiting for me at the Rainbow Bridge and we will go on together.
July 7,2013. Dear little Muff, Went to Glendive on our first trip without you. It was so hard and I miss you so much. Cried a lot going over but once we got there we had a nice time. Mugs and Beau both looked for you at first but got used to your not being there. The next two days we took Bill and Shirley for a ride one around Glendive to places they have lived in the past and on Saturday we went to Medora and Teddy Roosevelt Park. We missed you and knew you would have enjoyed the trip. Never a day goes by I don't remember you and all I can remember is someday we will find each other once again. Goodnight for now. I love you Muffin Fingerson. Your Mom and Dad
July 9,2013 Good morning Muff it has been several days since I've shared with you what is going on. John and Brenda will be here for a few days remember them from Arizona and the porch they were so willing to let you use anytime you wanted to and you were the only little dog that was ever allowed in their home and on their furniture, they loved you too!! I'm missing you today as aloways but need the little tummy to rub and it's not here. Love you
July 15, 1013 Good Morning Muffy, I'm missing you so much today I want to touch your little face and rub the shiny silky ears, you were so beautiful to me and I miss you so much. I wish the hurt of you being gone would go away and I guess in time it will. We talk about all the things we've done together the three of us but the loss of you has not subsided. I love you little Muff, Mom
July 24, 2013 Dear Muffin, I have so much to tell you. Kyle and Julie are here and they miss you too, first thing they said there is nobody to greet us. Your dad and I went and floated the Missouri river for three days a trip you would have hated as it was so hot. I missed you so much first trip in your truck without you but I think I saw you in the clouds. The days are a little better but so quiet and wish you were home. Good night baby, Love Mom
Dearest Muff, I'm so sad today and miss you so much. I found your little coat for 4 wheeling and held it tight for a minute I felt your little body so close to me. Love you, Mom
I am having so much trouble believing you are gone and have been for 38 days now and I still cry. I miss you so much and love you, Mom
I've tried to let you go but it is so hard all I wnt is to hold you again my little furbaby and touch your little face. I love you Muffin, Mom
Hi Muff, I saw you on my bed when I was in the hospital. I know you were waiting for me to come with you but Muff I couldn't come now I have so much to finish before we can be together again. Your dad and little Kylee need me for now but I will always love you and miss you until the day I can be with you. Love your mom
Dearest Muff, I miss you so much. Saw a picture of you yesterday and broke my heart, you were so happy just to be!! love you, Mom
Dear Muff, You have been gone for three months and seven days and I still miss you.I guess I will until the day I die. Love you so much. Mom
Dear Muff, It's Oct. 19,2013. You've been gone almost four months now and I'm still missing you and I'm sorry for what I had to do but can't be undone. Wanted to tell you your little friend Dakota passed away on Sunday please help him while he gets used to the place you are. Love you Mom
Dearest Muff, You've been gone five months and yesterday I heard you come to the dining room for a drink of water. I still miss you so much but now I can smile at the things we have done together and your funny little attitude. I love you so much, Mom
My Dearest Muff, You've been gone for six months from this earth but I still feel your presence here. I hold you so close to my heart everyday and miss you as much today as I did six months ago. Be happy my little one. I Love you, Mom
Dearest Little Muff, I went to your grave the other day to visit and it brought back all we've been through and how long you have been gone. I just want to hold you and feel your little body again. I miss you so much baby but please be happy until we are together again. Your little friend Bullet passed away just after Christmas. Help him in his new home. I love you, Mom
Dearest Little Muff, I look at your picture everyday and still miss you so much but I wanted to tell you Uncle Bill passed away on Sunday. I miss him so much and know if you were here you would be by my side comforting me. I love You, Mom
Dear Muffy,You've been gone almost nine months, I love you. Mom
April 22. Dear little Muff I have missed you so the last few days.ithas been ten months since you've been gone.just had to tell you I love you little one. Mom
Dearest Muff, I love you and miss you so much. Love, Your Mom No More room to tell you I Love You! Mom Love You Forever!Mom still love you! Muffy 2016 I still miss you everyday. Love you
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