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Memories of Muffy
My little Muffy Pie-- how I miss you. I knew the end was near. I didnt want to let you go. I had a dream last night that you and Skippy came to see me. You stayed just a few seconds and then scampered off in bright sunshine. That was a message telling me you were ok and that you got to Rainbow Bridge. Thank you. Please go find Tiggy too. He has been there longer than both you and Skippy. He wasnt with you in my dream. I hope he is playing some where. Have fun and keep with Skippy until you find your way around. I love you and miss you! xooxoxoxxoxox

Hello my Puff pie-- I cant believe you are not here with me. So many people have been sending cards and emails telling me how sorry they are for losing you. Mommmy is busy at work -- its that testing time of year. Also, Uncle Matt is getting married Saturday. We have lots of company coming. Please dont thnk Ive forgotten you because I dont come here to visit you. That will never happen. It's just that I have to deal with people coming. Im sorry, but know that mommy loves and misses you so very very very much. SEnd me some "lovies" and a " tissy one"-- only you know what that is, right?? xooxxoxx I will come visit you soon.

Hello my sweetheart! Im sorry I havent been in a few days. Uncle Matt got married on Saturday and it was very busy with company. THat doesnt mean that I have forgotten about you. NOt at all!! I miss you terribly. So many people have stopped to visit you-- that was so nice. Some left you presents. They were all so caring. I thnk you have met their furbabies in the meadow. I know Skippy found you. Is Tiggy with you too? I hope you are having fun and no longer in pain. I bet you have curled up on God's lap havent you?? Lady is doing good. I know she misses you. Grandma misses you too. I hope you dont mind, but we are going to donate the unused food you left behind to Safe Harbor. Those babies need it. I love you puffpie! Bye for now-- please come see me in my dreams-- let me know you are there........ xoxoxoxoxoox

Hi muffy puff pie! mommy has had a very rough week. Im so very tired. I wake up in the middle of the night and cant go back to sleep. I think of you and Skippy and Tiggy. I miss you all so much. You were with me such a long time. I couldnt let you suffer anymore my sweetie. I hope you are enjoying the meadow and making new friends. Please dont be afraid --- all the animals there are friends and want to play. Be with them and have fun without pain. I think about you all them time. It's almost Easter time already. Daddy and I are going away in a few weeks. We are going to Texas to see Daddy's brother, James. You met him and his wife Karen in December. I will come back to see you soon. I love you!! oxoxoxoxoxxoxoxxxx -- Please come see me in my dreams and let me feel your headbumps!!

Hi Muffy pie!! Ive been thinking about you today alot. I miss you so much! I hate that you are gone-- I wanted you to be with me forever. You were and always will be mommy's baby. Do you miss me too? I know you are stronger where you are now. God watches out for you too. You have a safe meadow to play in and make lots of friends. I know you found Tiggy and Skippy. It's so sad without you. You know I love you dont you? Be the sweet thing that you are............ I miss you so much! Come see me in my dreams ok? Bye for now my baby..

hi puffpie! Mommy is going on vacation tomorrow so I wont be able to come visit you this coming week. I will think of you though. I always do. I know you are happy in the meadow with all your new friends. I miss you so very much, still. We were together for almost 20 yrs. You were with me through so much of my life. You were here for almost my whole life in FL. You are mommy's baby. Did you find Tiggy? PLease give him and Skippy head bumps for me. I bet you are enjoying laying in the sun. You always liked doing that. STop by to let me know you are near ok? I love you my sweet baby! xoxoxoxox
Hi Muffy--- I miss you. Have you met a new friend called Mia yet? He is a cute little doggie that was hit by a car today. His mommy is very sad, Go with him to let his mommy know he is ok. Just like you did for me. Seh will be waiting for him in her dreams. We had a nice vacation. I thought about you alot-- Thank you for coming to see me afew weeks ago. Im sorry I forgot to say thank you. Come see me all the time and whenver you want. I love you! xooxox

Hi baby-- Im thinking of you today-- how are you? I hope you are doing ok and not scared anymore. Come see me in my dreams to tell me you are not scared anymore and you are happy where you are, ok? I know there are always sunny skies in the meadow and you are strong. I wish you could be here with me. Mommy misses you so much. I still cant believe you are gone. Mommy loves you-- did you find Tiggy yet? Tiggy has been there alot longer than you have. Please find him and tell him to visit mommy's dreams. I think of you alot--- xoxoxoxoxx\
hi Puff pie-- Mommy has had a long week-- I miss you. A nice lady who came to see you emailed me nice poem about losing you. It was very pretty but made me cry. I know you are happy and free in the meadow and no longer in pain. But my heart still hurts from losing you. Please come see me in my dreams when you can ok? Id love to see you--- be a good boy! I love you! xoxoxoxoxox

Hi Muffy pie pie! It's mother's day and mommy misses you so much. I wish you were here with me. I dont feel good today. Im very tired. Im wokring a lot of long days because the end of the school is coming close. I have so much to do-- I hope I can get it all done. Mommy thought she heard you the other night-- it sounded like you were calling to me. But I know you are not here. PLease come visit me in my dreams. I need to see your sweet face. Have you found Tiggy yet? He has been over rainbow bridge for 8 yrs now. I miss him too. Please look for him and let me know he is ok. I love you!! xooxoxoxox

Hi Muffy--mommy is sad today and thinking about you. I know you are happy and whole where you are now, but I keep hearing your meows at night. I think I hear you so I run out to the living room to see you but you are not there. I miss you my sweetie-- each day that passes by reminds me that you are not here. We have been together for so long- 20yrs. I wish you were here. Lady and I went for a walk but it's getting hotter now. I love you puffpie! Please come see me again--in my dreams. Try to bring Tiggy with you ok? Mommy misses you! xooxxoxox

Hi Pie Pie! Mommy is sad today. Mommy misses you so much! You havent been gone that long but I still look for you when I get up each morning. I wish you were here with me. Mommy loves you! I know you are happy and healthy playing in the meadow. Did you find Tiggy yet? I miss him too. Daddy and I are going on vacation next week. I am looking forward to getting away for a while. I will miss Grandma and Lady too. Im on summer vacation now but Im so tired. I sleep alot during the day. I dont know why, Im not doing anything. I dont know how I got through a workday. I didnt go for my morning walk today. I will go tomorrow. Be a good boy-- I love you! xxoxoxoxxoxx

Hi Muffy-- its almost the 4th of July. Summer is going by so quickly. Mommmy is so sad lately.I miss you so much -- I wish you would come see me in my dreams. Sometimes I hear you meowing. Are you calling me? Mommy loves you so much. I wish I could see your pretty green eyes looking at me. Daddy and I went on vacation a few weeks ago. It wasnt quite the same. Nothing is the same without you here to be with me. Please visit my dreams so I know you are ok. Try to bring Tiggy with you. I really yearn to see him. I hope you are ok and making new friends. Please dont be scared there at Rainbow Meadow. No one will harm you. They are all there just like you-- waiting for their mommies and daddies to come be with them forever. I love you!! xoxoxoxox
Hi Pie Pie-- I finally had the nerve to take your left over food and litter to Safe Harbor. Thats where we got Lady and I thought it would be best used there. THey were happy to get it. It broke my heart to let it go-- it was your stuff Muffy-- but I thought you would be happy that other kitties still here on earth would need it. I need you to do me a big favor?? Please whisper to God that mommy and daddy need his blessings please. We are saying prayers. Daddy may lose his job baby pie!! We cant let that happen. Please tell God what a great man he is and that he needs this job. I dont know what will happen if he does. I cant bear it. Please ask God to whisper in other people's ear that he deserves a chance to prove his strength to them. Mommmy misses you--- my birthday is next week.It's my first birthday without you-- Im so sad. I go back to work soon after that-- it's been an "ok" summer. I am grateful for our getaway to Tenn and our little weekend trips. But now I need to help daddy. Im so tired of worrying all the time Muffy. Please teke some of this worry for me and talk with God for me? Mommmy loves you so much! xoxoxxoxo

Hi Muffy pie pie-- Im sorry I havent come to see you in a long time, but you are on my mind all the time. Mommy misses you so much. How are you? I wish I knew if you are ok. I have a feeling you are still scared and hiding in a corner somewhere. But dont be afraid. Rainbow Bridge meadow is a beautifulo and peaceful place to be. Nothing will hurt you. All the animals there have left their mommies and daddies here and are living there until we can be together again. You shouldnt be in any pain or fearful. Please come visit me in my dreams-- I would really like that alot. Daddy went for the test yesterday to make sure he can do his job. He says he did great and the people were impressed. His boss told him before he left not to worry. I hope that is true. Thank you for talking to God for us. I pray each night -- I think he hears me. Lady is doing good. We had to buy her a supplement for her legs because she is getting older too. We went for a walk last night and right before we got home, Lady started to limp. Im not sure what is wrong -- could be just a kink. Grandma is feeling ok-- she has good and bad days. I worry about her. She started taking one of her meds that she hasnt taken in a while. I hope that makes her feel better. I brought you some pretty flowers-- some jasmine that smells pretty and my favorite yellow roses. PLease know that mommy loves you and thinks of you all the time. I miss you-- my heart still cries for you. xoxoxoxxoxx
Hey Muffy pie! Mommy is thinking about you today. Your birthday is Thursday. I have Open House at school that night,so I am coming today to wish you happy birthday. It's your first birthday without you being here with me. Mommy misses you so much! I hope you are happy and making friends. There is nothing to be scared of where you are. All the animals there are your friends. They are like you and waitng for their mommies/daddies to be with them. Have you seen Tiggy? Please let me know if you see him. Come see me in my dreams ok? Id love to see you -- even for a brief moment. Daddy is back to work now. I decorated your place here for fall. It's still hot here-- hopefully it will cool down soon. I love you Muffy!! xoxxoxxo
Happy Halloween Muffy pie! you know mommy doesnt like Halloween but I wanted to come visit you today. Mommy missed you so much. Everytime I see a kitty, I think of you. Are you doing ok and making friends? Please come see me in my dreams. I want to see you and be with you. I love you baby boy! oxoxoxx
hi Muffy, I ran out writing space for Skippy at his site, so Im hoping you two found eachother and you can let him know how much I miss you all--- Have you found Tiggy yet. It's almost Christmas time. It will be my first Christmas without you in 20 yrs. It will be hard to hang up your ornament, knowing that you arent here. Lady is not feeling too good. Im not sure what is wrong with her. She doesnt want to eat. I hope it's nothing too serious-- maybe just a tummy ache. It's so hard to lose you all. You are my babies.... my children. Do you think of mommy sometimes? I really wish you would come see me in my dreams--please? I think about you alot. I brought both you and Skppy some pumpkin pie and fall leaves. I will decorate for Christmas after Thanksgiving. I love you! oxxoxxox

It's Christmas time Muffy pie! It's my first Christmas without you-- in 20 years. I really miss you. Mommy is having surgery on Dec 14. I would love it if you , Skippy and Tiggy would flutter down to protect me during surgery. While Im under anesthia we can frolic and play. You are my angels now and I need you to be beside me. I am now decorating your area here on Rainbow bridge. I hope you like what Ive done. Our house is all decorated too. I have the ornament with your name on it on the tree-- I know you are with me. I cant write anymore on Skippy place-- please let him know that I wish I could so I can share with him too. Daddy and I are going to Disney next weekend. It's so pretty there this time of year. Being there will take my mind off surgery and help me to relax. I will come visit you before I go to the hospital ok? Remember mommy loves you!! xoxooxoxxxo

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