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Memories of Muffin
6/27/13 How you loved to sleep beside me and steal my side of the bed. You gave me joy and unconditional love. You will be forever missed. My puppy dup - I love you! Ever and always!
7/2/13 - it has been more than a month. I miss you so much but I know that you are happy in the meadow at the bridge.No more back pain, no more pills. You can run & Play like you did when you were young & Healthy. Have you met my Mom and Secret & all the other friends who have been asked to look for you by their Moms&Dads&Grampas. Wait for me and listen for me - by & by I'll be along. You are such a good boy. I love you. YOu can visit me whenever you can you know. Muffin Mommy loves you.
7/3/13 I remember how you use to just lick my leg when you walked by. I love you little Mufflump!
7/5/13 Muffin so many Mommies & Daddy's & Grandparents have written me and told me about their furbabies.I hope you have met them all and are enjoying your new friends at the bridge. I love you and miss you my little buddy!I will see you at the bridge.
7/6/13 Muffin, you visited me in my dreams. You and I were on a path beside a lovely brick wall and you were ahead of me. You looked back as if to tell me that this was the way when it was my time. Then you trotted ahead, looked back once more and went ahead to wait for me. Enjoy the meadow.Now I know that you are young and happy and playing. I love you little baby dog!
7/12/13 We are off on our big summer camping trip tomorrow and it's the first one where you won't be with us. Or at least so I thought - after dinner I looked over to the window and there on the floor were two very clear Muffin pawprints.I guess that you are coming with us anyway.I'm really glad.You are invited to visit me anytime. I love you and still miss you my little darling boy.Be good and run and play with your friends. Muffin Mummy loves you!!!!
7/30/13 Back from vacation. Missed you lots while we were away, trailer seemed really empty without you. I still love you and miss you my beautiful little white dog. You will always have a place in my heart.
7/31/13 Dreamed about you again. You were on a street looking at me very intently like you wanted me to follow you or as if you wanted to tell me something. I love you sweetheart and I will follow you next time if that's what you want. You look happy and young again so I am happy. Muffin Mommy loves you very much!
8/21/13 You came to visit again last night and curled up beside me in my dreams. You look so beautiful and healthy and I love you so much.
9/01/13 I dreamt about you last night. We were running and jumping and playing chase in a beautiful meadow. I guess I visited with you. You were running and playing like you did when you were young and healthy. I think you are in a good place. I love you very much Baby Dog and always will. Till I see you again my Muffin. Love Muffin Mommy
9/15/13 Happy Birthday little buddy!I thought of you today and hoped you were having eggie,turkey neck, chicken, popcorn (well, you won't get sick from all of this). Muffin Mommy loves you very much and misses you everyday.
9/18/13 I saw you running full out in the clouds this morning - ears flying, leaping. You were so happy. I love you and miss you my Baby dog.
10/26/13 It's almost 5 months.I still miss you lots but I know that you are having fun in the meadow.I went to visit Aunty Sandy a couple of days ago and she and I shared stories about you.She misses you too.I am going to have lunch with her in a couple of weeks.Play, run and wait for me my little darling.I love you.
Dec 11/13 I still miss you darling and would love if you'd come to visit.I saw you the night of October 31 in the kitchen when you came to visit. I know you have been here and met him but we have a new fur-baby- his name is Billy, he's 2 and is a rescue dog.He is very loving and he is a Westie/Maltese cross.I feel better having a puppy but I still cry and miss you.You will always be my baby-dog and I love you.Please enjoy the bridge and I will come back and visit you again.The tree is up and your little ornament is on there.
May 28/14 Well, it has been a year and I still find myself grieving for you at times. Billy has helped and is a very loving and gentle dog like you. He is also white but looks like a little Westie. He will never take your place in my heart but has his own place there. When we are all at the bridge we can be one big pack - Muffin Mommy, Muffin Daddy, little Secret the cat, Muffin and Billy. Our love will join us all together. I hope you enjoy playing in the meadow. I am sure that you have met my Mom and maybe welcomed Jim to the meadow as well. I love you darling - ever and always. May 25/15 and I just came to visit you. You are often in my thoughts - I love you always.
12/16/15 Today I got really sad and cried a little bit.You have been gone for over 2&1/2 yrs now but I still miss you.Billy came to me when I was crying and cuddled with me.We will all be together someday.I hope that you are playing and happy and feel healthy like you did as a puppy.You are still my little pupdup and we miss you. Daddy actually confessed that he was missed you as well. We love you. Enjoy the bridge and we will meet you there. Love you.

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