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Memories of Muffin
Muffin was brought home the summer of 2000 at around 6 weeks old. She had lived outdoors prior to that, so she was a bit shy coming into the house. But once she got in, she was the mischievous puppy no one wants! She chewed up the legs of chairs, the walls, the carpets, everything known object in the house! After a few months, she was so much better. We also noticed that her ears started to perk up. Oneday, it was fully up and listening to every sound in the house. Since then, she has been the protector of the family. She would bark at every sound from outside. No one was allowed in the house. It was 10 years of no visitors. And if there were any, we had to bring her out so the guests wouldn't feel threatened by her barks. She is a great walker. She walks well on the leash and obeys well. She is the kind of dog that you can let loose in the neighborhood, and she'll be able to find her way home. She has run out on her own many times, but all we do is call out "MUFFIN" and you'll hear her running back home each time.

She loves Snowball. She would clean her and make sure her ears are not infected. She would lick her in other places just to give her cleanliness. Muffin likes to roll on her back and be rubbed on the tummy. She likes cool tiles where she can lay and go to sleep on.

It's been one month already since she has departed. She is dearly missed. Her ashes are sitting at home next to many treats and stuff she likes. There is not a day that goes by that we don't think of her.

Muffin...just to let you know, you have two new siblings that look just like you! I hope you will watch over them and make sure they are just like you in temperament. hehe. Their names are Summer and Thunder...isn't that cute?!?!?

We miss you Muffin! Hope you are having fun with everyone else up there!!!

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