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Memories of Muffin
Muffin, you were a promise made to April, our daughter, on her tenth birthday. For $20, she brought you home. You were so homely looking - not all pretty or cute, but she felt sorry for you. We almost lost you that first Christmas to a terrible virus, but you held on.
Years went by, April started college and I was your only care giver during this time. After a divorce, I moved out and she said I could take you with me. You were so much company. Never did it bother you to move from your home.
Soon we were enjoying tapioca pudding together at night and you always liked your hair brushed before we went to bed. You slept right next to me. Such a companion you were to me. How I loved to come home to that lonely apartment and see you waiting for me.
In February 2003 I got re-married and moved out of state to Alabama. Once again, you moved with me with April's permission. She said you were mine now since I looked after you for so long. You adjusted immediately to the new house. How wonderful it was for you. You went from a one bedroom apartment to a 3 bedroom house with a screened in porch, a private area for your litter box and lots of room to lounge in. I was able to work from home and you were my little companion. But now you had a new "Daddy" as well who loved you just as much. You trained him to brush your hair at night, how to give you scraps from the dinner table and you waited so patiently for him to enter the house after work to give you a treat. Oh, how we both were wrapped around your little paw. You greeted us when we came home just like a dog. You reminded us when your feeding time was and, also, when it was time to feed the goldfish. Life was a joy with you in this house.
Then in September 2005, you became ill. You had a ulcer in your throat which the cause was unknown, maybe a blue tale lizard or spider. We started you on pediatric amoxicillin drops twice a day. You hated it and got really smart as to hide when it was time for your medicine. But you never got mad at us for over a minute.
We thought you were getting better, but in November, the side of your face swelled out like you had the mumps. When I took you to the vet, he diagnosed the sore had turned into cancer and your lymph nodes were swollen. Now it was time to start you on antibiotic/prednisone/B12 shots every 3 days. I cried all the way home. But you picked up and starting eating like a pig.
A couple weeks before Christmas, you starting making noises as if your throat was swollen. Your shots were increased to every other day. The week before Christmas you seemed so much better. I was so happy and looked forward to spending some "down" time with you after the rush of the holidays. But Christmas day you took a turn for the worse and we could see your energy level was bad and you were having trouble breathing. The vet had warned us, it would eventually spread to your lungs. This was our worst nightmare. Now we could do nothing else for you, but you loved us just the same. I cried for two solid days knowing what we had to do for you. On Tuesday, December 27, 2005, we took you to the vet knowing you probably would not come home with us. You were so loving. Your meow was very weak, but you held tightly to me. The vet said we were only buying time. I knew he was right. Then I let you go to where you would be happy and healthy forever.
Never did I know how much it would hurt to get in that car without you and enter this house without you. You were free from your pain, but mine was just beginning.
Muffin, we love you so much. You were our sunshine, our alarm clock, our sleeping buddy, our companion as we sat on the couch at night to watch T.V. You always wanted to be where we were.
Now this house is too quiet and the days seem so long. We miss our little girl!

June 27, 2006.
Today marks the 6 month anniversary of your passing. How I miss you sweet baby. The tears still fall and sometimes people think all is well, but on the inside I am a mess. I miss you terribly. How I long for one more time to hold you and give you sweet kisses. Dear Muffin, I know you are no longer in pain and discomfort, but sometimes my heart does not understand. There is not a day which goes by that I do not think of you or touch your picture and talk to you. I know you have many new friends at the Rainbow Bridge. Their Moms & Dads here on earth are now my friends. One day, baby, we will be together again. We love you so much sweet Muffin. You will never be forgotten.

November 27, 2006
Eleven months ago today I held you in my arms and kissed you goodbye. Sweet Angel, I miss you so much. So does Dad. He doesn't say as much, but when I talk about you, he looks sad. We know you are so happy & healthy. We love you, Muff. Wait for us, baby. We will join you one day.

December 27, 2006
Dear Precious Angel, tears are streaming down my face as I write these words to you. One year ago, I let you go from your sick, worn-out body to a beautiful place where you would never hurt again. I never knew how much it would hurt to let you go. I still miss you so much, Muff. You brought joy and happiness to me and Dad everyday. There will never be another Muff. You were one of a kind. I believe the thing I miss the most is your little paw on my arm at night. Dad misses you waiting very patiently for your treat as you did every evening when you heard the garage door open up and you knew he was home. And the hair brushings - how you loved this so much. I hope someone is taking the time to brush your sweet little face just like you love. My world changed drastically on December 27, 2005. I will never be the same without you. There is a piece of my heart missing which you hold and one day we will be together again and our hearts will be whole. I will make sure you are never forgotten. The love you gave me helps others who are hurting as they lose their sweet furbabies. Your memory will always be alive, Muffin. We love you and miss you. XXXOOO

January 8, 2007
Happy New Year, little one! Sorry I am so late changing your page from Christmas. Guess my mind is not what it used to be when I had you by my side. So much time has gone by, but you still remain deep within my heart and memories. When I think of you, the tears fall. Dad & I think of you all the time as we keep calling Harley "Muffin". Guess you are whispering in our ears. Don't worry sweet Angel, Harley did not come to replace you. There will never be another Muffin. Sending you hugs & kisses each day. Love, Mom XXXOOO

March 26, 2007
Tomorrow it will be 15 months since I last held you my sweet girl. My heart still hurts and I know it is the little piece you took with you the day you departed to the bridge. Hold onto it, sweet girl, one day we will be together and there will be no more tears and heart breaks. Daddy sends his love. You are our Angel. XXXOOO

December 14, 2007,
Sweet Muffin, bet you think Mom & Dad have forgotten you since we have not written in so long. We could never forget you, sweet angel. Our hearts have healed the best they ever will and we still remember cute stories of what you did and it brings a smile and a tear. You are our special baby and no matter how many more enters the door of this home, none will ever be as special as you. Don't ever forget what I have told you. Mom will be back on your two year anniversary so look for me then. Love, Hugs & Kisses, Forever!

December 27, 2007
Hello my sweet angel! I told you I would be back on this special day. Well, it really isn't that special since I did lose you two years ago today, but it is an anniversary mark which will always bring tears to my eyes and the memories will haunt me forever. My email has been flooded by good wishes from your friends at Rainbow Bridge and their moms & dads. I have been overwhelmed by how many remembered this day and it has touched my heart. I would love to see you in my dreams tonight, Muff. I will be looking for you in every corner of the house as I know you are here in spirit. I know you have so many friends which you share every day with at the bridge. I hope once in awhile you see something which reminds you of me and take a moment to send me a sign. I think of you often, but probably not enough as my life is so hectic. But why am I telling you this as you already know. Take a moment and go to a dear, elderly gentleman who just passed from this earth yesterday morning and give him a head butt and purr real big for him. You will know him by his baseball cap and smile. We know him as Mr. (Edlow) Marler.
I miss you, Muffin, and so does Dad. Our lives are changing every day, but not as drastic as the day we lost you. I cried today at lunch when I mentioned this day to your Dad. I saw a tear in his eye. He loves you so much and so do I. Hugs & Kisses, sweet one. I will be back soon.....

March 31, 2008
Happy New Year, my love!! I don't come here often, because it still hurts so bad to think of you as being gone. I start crying as I remember the days when you were with me. No other can ever take your place. You have a special place in my heart and I feel that hole in my heart, again, whenever I think of you. I am sorry I do not visit as often as I should. Come to visit me in my dreams. Then you and I can have a few moments together. Love you with all my heart, Muff!! Those "happy" days when you were here are now a part of my past. I am living a different life now; I will never be the same person I was when you were here with me on earth. Hugs & kisses, sweet baby!!! ~Mom

December 27, 2008,
Missing you today girl. We will never forget you, Muff-Muff, and how sweet & precious you are. It has been 3 years and you still hold a special place within our hearts. Love, Mom & Dad

July 15, 2009,
Hey Muff! It has been a long time and I am so sorry darling. It's not like we have erased your memory from our lives. I have been so busy caring for little KC and her health needs. My heart breaks for her as I see her struggle with the Feline Leukemia she was born with. One week is good and the next is bad. But she still survives against all odds and I love her so much. I know when the time comes, you will be there to welcome her. You will know her because the kisses I gave to you everyday will come with her. I hope you are enjoying your healthy body and playing with all your new found friends. It is really hard to come to the Rainbow Bridge site as the music I hear brings back the heartache I had when you left me. But I needed to change your seasons - good gracious, you will still living in the winter season and you needed some sun. We love you, our precious Muffin. We will love you forever!

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