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Memories of Ms Bo Jangles
Hi Beej, I know it has taken me too long to do this. I don't know why. But until now I just could not do it. You were the foundation of a dream to raise and train Quarter Horses. And you were fantastic. And YOU were Royalty. Your lineage went to the original King. Can't do better than that girl.

I smile when I hear people talk about horses being forced to do things for human pleasure. If only they could have seen you. The first month I had you I would sit out on the swing and just look at you out in the field. But then you started acting strange... you worried me. You would walk in circles and you would run in circles and turn around and do it again. Then the light clicked in my head when you stopped and would walk to the center of your circle. Walk forward then backwards and stop. My gawd you were doing the Western Pleasure show routine all on your own out in the field. You did like those shows. Your head would be up and proud.

The person I bought you from used you for a trick horse during intermission times at shows and rodeos. But you were just too big for some of them. That was a streak of good luck for me. I know you liked doing it because one day we were at a show and The Lone Chief was performing. We were watching from beyond the crowd. But when you saw what was going on you had to get up to the fence. And you had your eyes glued on the performance. Afterwards he came and asked if he could ride you for a while for old times sake. I usually never let people ride my horses, especially away from home. But I could see you trusted him so I had no reason not too. In fact it made me feel good to know you were still cared about by him.

We had some interesting rides and adventures. You were my special girl. How I loved riding you bareback and feeling the power underneath me and knowing I controlled it because you wanted to let me not because you had too. I never did quite figure out why when we went through puddles or creeks you would put your nose under the water and blow bubbles the whole way across. It would make me laugh and you seemed to be enjoying yourself, sometimes you would want to do it again so we would end up crossing 3 times.

But oh how you did not like pigs. When we would ride passed a farm with pigs you would be galloping so fast but never move more than 3 feet. You would try to bolt yet never once ever made me feel I was losing balance.. How you managed all your antics and still keep me as priority I will never know. But never once did I feel in danger or about to be unseated. We were a team and we allowed each other to be ourselves.

The day you had to leave for the Bridge was heart wrenching. But you more than earned your rest. I bet you are teaching Western Pleasure at the meadow now. LOL. Go girl Go.

DEC 24, 2010

Hi Beej, I have been thinking of you a lot lately. Have such a yearning to climb on your back and just go with the wind. I miss brushing you and cleaning your smelly feet. lol I even miss cleaning your stall... now how is that for missing someone. I miss the soft velvet touch of your nose as you snuffle in my ear. I guess I need to thank God more for the pleasure I have had in life through you and the other kids.

Merry Christmas BJ,

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