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Memories of Ms. Billie
Ms. Billie and I had a special relationship, matter of fact she was the inspiration for my website, www.petnautique.com ---you can check her out modeling all of items. She wanted to go everywhere I went despite the fact that she weighed close to 100 pounds.She stole the hearts of everyone she met. Never, ever get the keys to the car,golf cart, boat, or seadoo unless you expect to take her with you. Another rule is to hide the suitcase if you are planning a trip- it made her sad and she would pout for days until I called home and she could hear my voice. There are no words to describe the impact she had on my life as well as everyone she met. She was a big hunk of love and couldn't understand why people might be scared of a big ole Rottweiler. She would give everyone a kiss and even dress up on Halloween to meet the trick or treaters. She loved to wear any kind of hat and dress up in her dog goggles to go through the bank drive up window where all of the tellers would come over and laugh at her, some even taking photos. She is greatly missed but I know she is with her daddy and other doggie sisters, Lucky and Lacy. I love you girl and I know I definitely have a gaurdian angel waiting for me.......
8-14-08 I MISS YOU SO MUCH !!! When I am in Florida it is sad because you are not there with me in person, although you are in spirit.......It has not even been two months yet....but I know you are out of pain....Belle is seven months old today. I am glad you got to spend 3 months training her to be a good girl....
8-18-08 Happy Birthday Ms. Billie...i will miss seeing you in your party hat smiling and waiting for your special birthday cookie....Is has been 2 months today since you crossed the Rainbow Bridge...I love you...hope you, Lacy, Lucky and Daddy have a party...send me a birthday kiss today will ya....Love --Mommy, Belle, Bogey, Bandit, Blackjack and Raider
8-26-08 I found this in one of Lacy's memorials and wanted to share it: " As I Walk Across Your Heart and Find My Place to Stay, Nearer to You I Will Be and Never Go Away"...I misss you girls...mommy
6-17-09 Good Morning my sweet girl: It has been one year ago today that you crossed the Rainbow Bridge. I woke up thinking about you and how much I miss you. I know that you are having fun running and playing with that big ole smile that captured everyones heart, especially mine. I want to hold you again and get a "kaya" from you. Send me one from heaven- I will be waiting. Give Lacy, Lucky and daddy a hug and kiss. I love you and miss you so much :) :( R.I.P.
12-5-09 I miss you so much during these holiday times....I think about you in your Santa hat and goggles that made everyone smile. I found Christmas stockings for you three and it made me sad. I especially missed you on Halloween in your Bumblebee outfit. Belle got a costume but didn't like it....It seems just like yesterday that I could hold you and get a big ole slobbery kiss !! I hope you have found Saydee and made her feel welcome...she was in so much pain. Merry Christmas Ms. Billie, Lacy and Lucky...We all miss you and think about you everyday..Love -Mommy
6-17-2011 I am thinking about you today as we come upon the three year mark of your entrance to the Rainbows Bridge. I still MISS you as if it were yesterday that I had to end your pain. I hope that you Lacy, Lucky and daddy have found Sweetee and made her a part of your playground. I am sending you a big hug and kiss !! I hope you will send me one too :-)
6-17-2012 good Morning Ms Billie: It has been 4 years and I still miss you so much. Just last night I was telling some people about you and how much fun we had. I know we will be together in eternity. I am sending you, Lacy, Lucky and Daddy a big hug and kiss. I can only imagine what it would be like to get one back from you !! XOXO
5-27-2014 I am thinking about all of my babies that have entered the Rainbow Bridge in the past few years. As tears slowly appear with lumps in my throat-- I remember the happiness you all brought me and our family. I have added Bogey and Blackjack to the resident family and I know you all have found each other by now. I miss all of you so much and have so many memories. Please save a place in the meadow for me so we can all play together again XOXOX If I had a flower for every time I think of you I could walk forever in my garden.
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