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Memories of Mr. Teeny
I remember the day that I brought you home like it was yesterday. I can still remember the smell and how it took 4 baths and a grooming to get it off of you! But even under all that crud and dirt, you still stole my heart. You were always so very gentle and kind unless of course it was in defense of your chicken treats. Those you would defend to the death! You are Homer's best friend and the best companion and friend that i could have ever asked for. I just wish that we had much more time together. The only word that was ever used to descibe you was "little" and that seemed to perfectly sum you up in 6 letters. And even though you were so little, the house now seems so empty without you. You were loved very much and will be missed forever. Sleep safe and warm in your nook, little man. I miss you.

10/11/2011 Happy Birthday, little man! I miss you very much and think about every single day. You will always have a special nook in my heart until we meet again. I love you, Teeny :)

12/19/2011 Merry Xmas, my little man! I know you liked the lights around the house but I'm not decorating this year. It just doesnt seem festive without you here. I hope your ok and I miss you so much buddy.

1/29/2012 Missing you so much, my friend

4/30/2012 Stopped by to see you today, little buddy. I finally got your pawprint tattoo with your ashes in the ink. Unfortunately, it is the best i can do to have you close to me. I love you and I am really missing you. I wish this was getting to be easier, but it isnt. Stay warm my little man.

9/1/2012 Well it has been one year that you have been gone. It seems like just last week you were wrestling with your brother Homer and causing trouble. Not having you here with me does not get any easier. You are in my heart and thoughts every single day and every time i see a rainbow, it makes me smile thinking of my little friend. I know Homer misses his little brother still and i often think of how excited he would be if you suddenly came walking into our backyard. If i could move heaven and earth, i want you to know i would just to have you back at home with us. I'm sorry that i could not have done more for you and i will always regret that. I loved you so much and miss you an equal amount. Sleep safe and warm in your nook until we can be together again.

10/11/2012 Happy Birthday, Mr Teeny! As usual, you are in my thoughts every day and I want you to know just how much i miss you. You were my friend and i will always keep you in my heart. Sleep safe and warm, my friend. Untill we can be together again know that i love you.
love, Dad

12/25/2012. Merry Christmas, my friend. I want you to know that as usual, you are always in my thoughts and that the holidays just aren't the same without you by my side. I miss you more every day your not here with me. I love you very much and hope your sleeping safe and sound, little man.

8/8/2013 Sorry i have not checked in in awhile. I have not forgotten about you and every day i see your rainbows in the kitchen i smile and think of you. i miss you and love you, Teeny. i always will

9/1/2013 Today is 2 years that you have been gone Teeny. You are still missed just as much as you were then and i still think about you several times every single day. You will always be my "little man" and no one will ever be able to fill the huge hole you left in my heart. we celebrated Homer's birthday 2 days ago and i wish so much that you could have been here with us. We went to the park and i remember how you loved to run and explore with your brother. I miss you and love you so much Teeny. Sleep well, my friend.

10/11/2013 Happy Birthday, Mr. Teeny!!I wish more than anything that you could be here today with Homer and I so we could celebrate you turning 6 years old. Unfortunately, your not and it is raining so I dont think i will be seeing any rainbows today. But who know, right? I miss you incredibly and love you an equal amount. Be safe, well, and warm, my little friend.

12/24/2013 Merry Christmas, Teeny! I am really wishing you were here by my side today. Homer and Tessie got a bunch of toys and treats in their stockings that I am sure they would love to share with you. I love you and miss you more every day. Hoping your cuddled up all nice and warm, my friend. Love always, dad

9/1/2014 Hi Teeny! It has been 3 long years that you have been gone and there are still times that I hear your footsteps and look around expecting to see you. When i see a hawk in the backyard, your safety is the first thing that comes to mind. Your in my thoughts every day and i find myself talking about you to people like you are still here. Homer is in my lap, just as he is every time i write you and when i read my past entries out loud to him, i swear he understands the words i am saying. He has a new sister, Tessie, but she has never taken the place of you. The bond you two had was special and could never be broken. You were truly best friends.
Your memory has not faded with time and this is not any easier than it was 3 yrs ago. I look at your pictures and cannot believe you are gone. You will always have a special place in my heart and will for all time. One day I will cross the rainbow bridge and we will be together again. I look forward to that moment every day. Rest soundly, my little soldier, and know that my love for you is always there. Until we meet again, i'll miss you. Love, Dad

10/11/2014 Happy Birthday, Little Man! As always, you are in my thoughts and I truly wish you were here to be the center of attention for your party. Not a single day goes by that I don't think of you and miss hearing your footsteps or watching you get in trouble with your brother. He is here by my side as I write to you, as usual, and I'm sure he misses you too. Just like last year on your birthday, it is raining, so I do not expect any rainbows today. Hopefully your not visiting me because you are celebrating somewhere else today.At least that is what I am telling myself. Rest assured knowing that I will always love you and miss you. Stay warm and safe, my little friend. Until the day we meet again.....Love, Dad

12/25/2014 Merry Christmas, Teeny! I wanted to let you know how much you are still missed every day and how having you back would have been the best Christmas present I could ask for. But you are in my heart and always will remain there. Homer got a lot of new toys and treats that I know he would have loved sharing with his best friend. I love you and miss you very much, my little man. I cannot stress that enough. Being so little, you took up such a huge spot in my heart. Sleep well, Teeny. I love you. Love, Dad

6/16/15 Hi, my little friend! I have been thinking about you every day as usual and I always looks forward to seeing the rainbows on the kitchen everyday. They never fail to make me smile and remember how much I love you. We lost Bella last week and it reminded me of the horrible night that I lost you. I hope you welcome her to the bridge to wait with you until I can join you again and hold you in my arms. After all this time, it just doesn't get any easier, Teeny. Be safe, my little friend and know I'll never forget you. love, Dad

8/17/15 Hello again, my little guy! I just wanted to let you know I have been thinking of you, as usual!! I built a pond in the yard for you brother and sisters to play in; I only wish Bella and you were here to enjoy it. I miss you guys so very very much.
all my love, Daddy

9/1/15 Here we are again; another year has passed without you. My alarm reminded me of your anniversary today while I was at work and I had to try real hard not to start crying at work. It is still very hard to accept your are not here and your in my thoughts every day. I look forward to seeing rainbows in the kitchen every afternoon because I feel your visiting me and it is nice. I promise you with all my love that one day not only will we be together again but someone will pay for taking you away so soon. Until then, know I love you and keep visiting me as often as you can. It helps a little with my depression. Stay warm and safe in your nook and give Bella my love please.
Love, Daddy

10/11/15 Happy Birthday, Teeny! Another year has passed. Homer just turned 8 last month as you are now too. I wish you could be here to celebrate your special day together. We were down the beach this weekend and I know you would have loved it. As always, you were extremely missed by us. The hole you left in our hearts has never been filled and never will be. I think of you every day and smile so much when I see your rainbows. I hope you always knew how deeply you were loved. Sleep soundly in your nook, my little friend. I love you. Love forever, Daddy

12/25/15 Merry Xmas, My tiny friend! This xmas sucked again and would have been so much better had you been with me and Homer. Homer got the usual presents - balls, treats and a gingerbread girl. I know he would have shared them all with you, he loved you so much! You are always in my thoughts and the best part of my day is when I see your rainbow visit me in the kitchen every day. I am still waiting for a visit again in my dreams, it has been so long. You were my friend and I miss you all the time with all my heart. Things have never been the same without you. Sleep safe and warm, Teeny. I love you always.
love, Dad

9/1/16 Hello again, my little man! Another year has gone by since you left us; I still swear I can hear your footsteps at times. I do not visit as much or as often as I should but please know I think of you every day and look forward to seeing your rainbows visiting me. Homer is with me as I write to you; he always is and I am sure you are still in his heart. No one has ever replaced you as far as he is concerned. His sister was close to him but no where like you two were. He truly loved you with all his heart, probably even more than me. I wish I could have done something different, something more, to save you but it was not meant to be. One day I'll see you again and we can all be together as a family again. You are gone but will never be forgotten. Stay warm in your nook, my friend. I love you.

10/11/2016 Happy Birthday, my little soldier! I can't believe your birthday has come once again. You would have been 9 today! I wish more than anything you could be here so we could celebrate it with you. Hopefully, you are spending it with Bella. I hate to think you are alone of your special day. As usual, not a day goes by without me thinking of you. You have always kept your spot in my heart and will always remain there until the day I cross the bridge to be with you forever. Stay warm in your nook and know I love you with all my heart. Happy birthday, Teeny. Daddy loves you.

12/25/16 Merry Christmas, Mr Teeny! This Xmas was OK; there was no snow on the ground and I remember how much yo liked playing in it with your brother. Santa got Homer and his sisters a bunch of toys which I am sure they would have liked to share with you. I really wish you were there with us as I do every day, but it seems like the holidays are harder for some reason. You are in my thoughts every day and I still have that silly picture of you in my car as well as my background on my phone. It makes me smile every time I look at it. I love you as much now as I ever did and miss you with all me heart. Stay snuggled , my little man, and know daddy is always thinking of you.
love, daddy

9/1/17 Here we are again, Teeny. Another year has passed since you crossed the rainbow bridge. Another year of Homer and I missing you and thinking of you daily. I look forward to seeing your rainbows in the kitchen every day and trying to catch them in my hand while talking to you. The rare time I get to see an actual rainbow in the sky fills my heart with great memories of the fun times we shared. Although our time together was brief, the love we shared will stay with me until I cross the bridge to hold you again. Tell Bella daddy misses her too and loves her dearly also. You both hold a huge part of my heart. Stay warm in you nook, my friend. Until we can be together again, I love you. - Daddy

10/11/2017 Happy Birthday, Mr Teeny! Wish you were here to celebrate your day, my friend! You are still missed very much after all this time and always will be. I think about you every single day and it still hurts to think you are not her with us. I am sure Homer feels the same way too. We will all be together one day again I promise once we cross over the bridge to get you. I love you so very much and hope your staying safe and warm, my little man. I love you with all my heart! - Daddy

9/1/2018 Hello, my tiny friend! I know it has been a while since I visited you here but I want you to know I truly think of every day. I look forward to your rainbows every day in the kitchen and they always make me smile. After every rain, I look up to the sky hoping you stop by to watch over me. 7 years have flown by but it still hurts to not have you here with us. Homer just turned 11 and I always think of how you 2 should have grown old together as best friends. It made my heart smile to see the way you two were together and I think of it all the time. I miss you so very much, Mr Teeny and I look forward to crossing the bridge one day to receive your kisses again. Stay warm, my little friend. I love you - Daddy

10/11/2018 Happy Birthday, Mr Teeny!! I miss you as always. I wish we were together to celebrate your special day. I know Homer would love to see you and misses you as much as I do. It seems like yesterday you were here and it doesn't seem to get easier without you. it is raining today so I doubt you'll be able to visit but know I am always thinking of you. Stay safe and warm, my friend. I love you - Daddy

9/1/2019 My Little Man! Its been so long since I came to visit you. I'm sorry, but please dont think that I have ever stopped thinking of you every single day. Another year had passes without hearing your little footsteps running up and down the halls and I still miss them incredibly. You were such a great friend to both Homer and I during your short time with us. It was way too brief but your little soul made such a huge impact on the both of us and we look forward to being reunited again some day. Until then, know we love you and you are always in our thoughts. Sleep warm and safe, little buddy, and remember Daddy loves you so very much. - Daddy

10/11/2019 Happy Birthday, Mr Teeny! I want you to always know that you are in my thoughts every day. You will always be missed and always have a special place in my heart. I wish we could be together to celebrate your birthday today. One day we can be together again and I look forward to that day, my tiny friend. Love always, Daddy

09/01/2020 Well here we are again, my friend. Another year has passed since you crossed the bridge. It seems like yesterday and I still miss you so much. Me and Homer think about you all the time. His eyesight is not that good anymore and I know you would help him feel safer if you were by his side. I hope you are staying warm and safe and thinking of the day we can all be together again. I'll never let you go again, I promise. Until then, my little man, know that I love you and think of you every day. Love, Daddy

09/01/2021 wow! 10 years?!? Time has really flown, my little friend. I still miss you as much now as the day you crossed the bridge. I am sure Homer misses you just as i do. He is getting tired; I fear he may be crossing soon himself. I will be so sad without either of you running around reminding me of all the times we had together. You two are the best friends that I have ever had. Teeny, I miss you and love you so very much. Please stay safe and stay warm. Love, Daddy

10/11/21 Happy Birthday, Teeny! I have brought some sad news for me but great news for you this year. Your brother, Homer, has joined you over the Rainbow bridge. I can only imagine how much you have missed him all these years. He came to you on 9/21 this year. You two little ones have given me so many things to smile about over the years and I thank you so very much for it. I am so grateful you chose me to be your dad and your friend. I am so much better off for having shared in your love for the short time we spent together. Take care of him and show him around, my little one. I love you both so very much and look forward to being all together again one day. Stay warm, my little soldiers. Daddy loves you.

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