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Memories of Mr. Pepe McNeil
Our BEAUTIFUL FUR-BOY, Mr. PEPE is,was the strongest pug. He went through surgery for Mast Cell Tumor on his anal gland in November of 2013. There after I as his Mom was diagnosed with Breast Cancer in December of 2013. Mr. PEPE and I both did radiation treatment for 2 1/2 months. It was tiring but we recovered together . Mr. PEPE showed me that we both could get through . He stayed by my side and also comforted my husband Hugh. God healed us !!! It was in September of 2014 we found that Mr. PEPE's cancer returned in new areas. We as his parents , decided that we could not put him through another grueling procedure due to the risk involve. We prayed,prayed and continued to pray for him to live against the horrible ordeal . The pays we said and ones that family and friends said were answered. Mr. PEPE was his usual joyful playful self . Entertaining us and showing love to us and all we know. He was not showing us he had a lot of fight in him. He Lived his days like there was nothing wrong with him. We all called him MiRACLE PUG and ourselves THE MIRACLE McNeil's.

Well. Mr. PEPE , lived against the time the Veterinarian said. We were told he would be gone by November of of 2014. Our FUR -BOY went to "RAINBOW BRIDGE " , June 10 , 2015 at 11:47a.m. There are so many emotions and pain . Things took a turn last Saturday. He was not drinking water , we used a medium turkey baster ... It worked!!!! He reused to eat but drank on his own from his water bowl. The Night before his death his death , he still showed us the FIGHT in him. He ate blueberries and baked chicken. And fell asleep. During the night he was flushed with a high fever, his legs could no longer him up. He gave us such weak eyes, he needed our help to walk we knew the time had come.

Ever when the procedure was being done my husband and I and two of dearest friend who chose to be our strength. We all acknowledged Mr. PEPES life as one that taught all to LOVE. A job well done!!!




WE WILL SEE YOU AGAIN❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Mr.Pepe ,its's Mommy . It's the second day of your passing over to 'The meadows of Rainbow Bridge' . Little man it hurts so much not to have you to wake us up for your breakfast and your wanting to have samples of your meal before it was even put in your bowl. We miss looking into those Hersey kiss eyes and the head tilt's whenever any one of us would talk to you. Every time we step into any room we try so hard to imagine that there you would be at the heels of our feet. I believe that I saw your face in a cloud yesterday. I took a picture of the cloud and showed it to daddy and Tia Nilsa. They too saw your face. Oh Jesus let it be a confirmation !!! We imagine your cinnamon bun tail wiggling and your eyes shiny with excitement . Oh sweetheart, help us to heal...make your presence felt around us. You have left permanent prints on hearts. Have you found blueberries yet? Enjoying your wings? We send you lots of hugs and kisses .
Love you forever,
Mommy, Daddy and Jordan❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

06/13/2015 it's mommy Mr. Pepe !!! Daddy says my beautiful Mr.Pepe . We are shedding some tears. Last Saturday is when you started to show that you were not yourself. You knew and with your beautiful eyes you told us that you would be leaving us soon. However God is merciful and did not allow you to suffer any longer. Daddy's birthday was yesterday...there was no celebration just tears and talking about how you our sweet Fur-Angel affected our life and forever will. Baby -boy have you caught up with Mr.Tweety Bird,Jay-Jay Bird, and Cindy Bird. We can imagine they are talking up a storm about you being with them again. Tell them we miss and love them too. We can imagine you running around in circles really fast with your ears flapping. Mr. Tiki Bird misses you all so much. Michael, Grandpa Hugh Sr., Great Grandma Ismay , Grandma Eloris, Grandpa Toney to name a few must be in love with you. They probably visit with you at 'Rainbow Bridges' . Tell them we love and miss them too. Grandma Clair still says prayers' for you and Santa Claus. She misses you and say that we all will be together again. Send love down the Rainbow baby to fill our broken hearts. One day we all will be together forever. Enjoy your new self, free from pain. Thank Jesus for us for allowing us to be your parents' and family. Sending you kisses through the breeze.

We love you,
Mommy, Daddy and Jordan
Hello Wiggle -butt !!! It's Mommy. Today is one month since your passing. It still feels like yesterday . We have been talking so much about you and the beautiful memories you left in our hearts an minds.
06/14/2015 Mr. Pepe come to Mommy baby... It's so hard not seeing you in your usual places in the house and around the yard. We kiss the chair that you and Daddy use to lounge in. We rub the areas you use to sleep on the bed. Mr. Tiki is really missing you, Mr. Tweety , Jay -Jay and Cindy. It is overwhelming at times. Daddy still reserves a place for you on the patio. He says with tears steaming down his face. My beautiful Mr. Pepe!!! Remembering all the things you would with us. I find it hard to drive and ride in my car. I keep wanting to see you in the back seat. Oh send us your love baby boy....I again saw you face in a cloud this afternoon . Go back to playing with your new friends. We love you more than I can write. Take time to rest and play some more. Enjoy you steaky treats. Did you find the blue berries .

Love Love, Love ....
Mommy,Daddy and Jordan💔💔💔

06/15/2015 Hello beautiful Fur-Angel Mr. Pepe. Our Courages,Regal,Galant, little Warrior. You fought a good fight and won the battle . You are Free!!! We miss seeing you in the kitchen waiting for Daddy to prepare your gourmet meals with appetizers around the plate. You preferred that he not be disturbed when he was doing this. Oh how we would laugh. I sleep with the last toy you would rest your head on ...( baa-baa lamb chop) . Erika posted pictures of you, from her last visit home. They are beautiful Mr. Pepe . We remembered how you slept in the bedroom with her the whole week. All the kisses you gave her and her to you. The love you showed us and so many more. Daddy was just saying what wonderful dog you were and how blessed we where to have you in this world.
Go now and run with your new friends in the meadow. Roxy misses you, I spoke with Tia Nilsa this morning. She saw a Pug puppy that has a face that resembles yours...she said it made her cry. She will visit with soon . Send love from 'Rainbow Bridge' we send kisses to you.
Mommy, Daddy, Jordan and Erika

06/16/2015 Hello sweet boy. We have been busy all day with errands and appointments. That is why I did not write anything earlier. Daddy went to get his haircut this afternoon. The Barber noticed that he was very quiet and asked him what was wrong. Daddy broke down and told the Barber and everyone in the shop that you had passed. Well the Barber is a Minister, and there was another Minister in the shop as well. They consoled and prayed over Daddy. Thank you Jesus for being on time and for the kindness of all in the Barber Shop. Later, this evening I was watching storm clouds passing over the backyard. I looked to the left of our yard and gasped. I saw you!!! You had wings, perfectly shaped wings...soar baby. If any one reads they will probably thin that I am nuts. I will not worry about that. I asked for signs and I believe this is God's way of comforting me. I blew kisses to you💋💋💋. We will never stop loving you. Tomorrow we have to go to a funeral in New York for Daddy's Uncle . Send love down the 'Rainbow' little one to comfort Daddy. Last night I lit a candle for you beautiful Fur-baby. I will get up early to write you.
Always in Love with You Mr. Pepe
Mommy, Daddy, Jordan and Erika

😘😘😘😘 💋💋💋💋 and Hugs

June 19,2015 Hello handsome little man. We could not write yesterday. We had to attend a funeral for one of Daddy's Uncles' . He passed away the day after you did. Oh is so hard for us right now. Tomorrow we have to attend a wake for a friend of the family' mother who also passed away a day after you did. I will write more tomorrow sweetheart. We are sending kisses up to heaven for you.
Mommy, Daddy, Jordan and Erika
June 22, 2015
Mommy is here !!! I was able to visit with you on Saturday due to a funeral. I was not able to visit with you yesterday, because Daddy needed support. He was crying because you are not here and Jordan is away. So, we really did not do much at all . We sat on the patio and talked about things. The weather was beautiful,it included a nice breeze. Erika called as well did Jordan. This helped Daddy some what. However, you are the missing piece. Oh our little man, please send Daddy something so that he will be not to blame himself. We all are telling him that it was your time go to your eternal home. Have you meet Grandmom Eloris, Grandpop Toney , Grandpop Hugh Sr., and Michael ? . I am sure you have❤️ . There is a lot of family there baby. Are you enjoying your wings ? We all love you baby . I blew you kisses today💋💋💋💋. I kiss you picture all the time. I will continue pray that Daddy will see you in dream running and playing🐾🐾.
Loving you always Mr. Pepe
Mommy, Daddy, Jordan, and Erika
June 24,2015
Baby it's Mommy. Today, all day I have been sadden with your passing. It has been three weeks. Everything, today reminded me of you. I could not let Daddy see me crying. So, I went out in the car, walked around outside...anywhere that Daddy could not see me. It hurts... So bad.!!! I wish I could hold you and kiss and hug you. My arms are as empty ...the void is a major gap that cannot be filled at least not today. I wish you were here with us . I see your earthly dog friends and wonder why you had to go!!!! Even though, I know it was for the best because of the eternal life you now have. You were and will remain to be the best dog we could have ever had. Please know you are always on our minds and in our hearts. Please Mr. Pepe send us your love.down the Rainbow.🌈.
Mommy, Daddy, Jordan and Erika 😘😘😘😘❤️❤️❤️❤️

Hello sweet baby boy. I found something of yours , that definitely was a part of you. Thank you for letting me find it!!! You our beloved precious gift from God.To Him you returned. Thank you for your extraordinary service to us your family and all those you touched. One day... We will see you again. Your life was not in vain. You did what God asked of you for us. Play with your brothers, sisters, run, rest, enjoy your treats. Tell all our family members we LOVE them. A reunion is coming and we will never be parted again.
Mommy, Daddy, Jordan and Erika 😘😘😘😘❤️❤️❤️❤️

Good Morning Wiggle- butt .... We were talking about you this new day. How you would set in front of the refrigerator waiting for the grill chicken and asparagus to come and then proceed to wait for Daddy to fix your plate with appetizers . You were so funny... Daddy was not to be disturbed. Oh memories of you are definitely to be remembered and are in printed in minds and hearts. Every where we turn in the house is a place that you walked with us. Jordan is so upset that he said he just needed to be by himself to think. He said, he told his friends that you were more than a dog ...that you were family and still are family. We have you in for tonight's candle light services. Mr. Tiki is missing all of you so much. He stares at the bed looking for you to be lying there. Go play with Mr. Tweety Bird, Jay -Jay, and Cindy. We imagine you frolicking with all your new friends and family. Blowing kisses to heaven little one.
Mommy, Daddy, Jordan and Erika😘😘😘😘🎈🎈🎈🎈

Hello Wiggle -butt... Just wanted to leave you a message. I watched a video of you today when you were playing with your toy' ' Lamie ' oh how you would toss it in the air and catch it. We always had one on reserve just in case. It made me laugh and cry. To hear you growl as you would attack it. Then gently lick the stuffed toy as to show it complete love. We miss you Fur- Angel so much!!! Please send us your love. Go now and play with your many Fur-Angel Baby friends.. We wish we could hold you and kiss your beautiful face. How more Beautiful you must look now free, running and soaring around with your wings.

July 11, 2015
I had to start my message to you again ... It's a month since your passing... It hurts a great deal still. However, we are able to tell stories about all the funny things you would do and laugh until tears fall. You left are hearts with so many memories . We miss you so much baby boy.!!! I still see your face in the clouds. Thank you for that our fur-angel. I asked you to send me a butterfly and I believe you did . It was black with white polka dots. It flew all around me. Then there was a butterfly that was sort of a tan color that landed on my hand and stayed there for a few minutes. Thank you baby. We all are sending you kisses😘😘😘💋💋💋 . Send your love back down the Rainbow . Our love for you is forever sweetheart.
Mommy, Daddy, Jordan and Erika. ... Maria called she is missing you too. She says , that there is smell of a flower all around her. She said, that in her country it means that a love one is around... She said, it is you. .

August 17, 2015
Hello Baby fur- boy.... It's Mommie. Tomorrow is your birthday. I have already posted a "Birthday Cake " on your page . We wish we could celebrate the day with you. Things have been stressing here. Daddy became ill and had to have lower intestine surgery to remove a mass. This all began July 20 th. he only left the hospital this past weekend August 15th. (Saturday) . He had a second surgery in that time frame due to his bowel was perforated from the first surgery. He could have died due to all the toxin in his body were causing a serious infection. Oh!!! Sweetheart , he had a vision of you during this critical time . He described you as being totally healthy and simmering with gold light waiting to greet him. He cries, because he wanted to hold you in his arms. Daddy says, he sees life so differently. Thank Jesus and you baby for the comfort you have given Daddy and all of us . We are assured , that you are waiting for us. Daddy is now in a rehabilitation center to strengthen what was scarry time.. Please continue, to visit with Daddy and send tons of Love down from "Rainbow Bridge"
To all of us. Your picture , is on the Memorial site for tonight. We miss you Mr. Pepe and will never stop loving you until we all meet again. Tell. Tweety, Jay, and Cindy we love and miss them equally. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to our BEAUTIFUL FUR-BOY 🎉🎉🎂❤️❤️❤️❤️😘😘😘😘
Mommie, Daddy, Jordan and Erika

August 19, 2015 it's official ....Happy 10 th Birthday beautiful Mr. Pepe McNeil.🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈 !!! We miss you baby.... We miss you so much. However, we know that you are a radiant star in heaven on Rainbow Bridge. We are sending kisses to the sky hoping that they reach you. You are forever healthy and young. I saw Daddy today...he is looking much better each day. Send your love down the rainbow to him pumpkin. Until we all see each other again. Looking for your face in the clouds today...I saw you. Auntie NILSA gave a beautiful angel Pug that Inhave hung in my car over the mirror. It reminds me of you. It made me cry. You are always in our hearts and thoughts Fur-Boy.
Mommie,Daddy, Jordan and Erika❤️❤️❤️❤️😘😘😘😘🎉🐾🐾🎂

December 10, 2015 Friday
Hello Mr. Pepe: It's been a long while that We have visited with
you. And it's not because that we don't love you will always love you Pepe each and every day there's always something that comes up in our lives that reminds us of you especially now that it's the Christmas holiday season we know how much you love like looking at the lights on the trees and the windows that but the candles and the angels in the likes that would blink real fast how your eyes would think with it. There has been a lot that has gone on daddy's I wrote you I think once he nearly died back in July and came through it all and I guess he's been doing therapy he also had back surgery there after some time Jordan's going to be coming home soon and February were hoping so that'll be nice to have him home however your presence is the one thing that cannot be replaced as well as Tweetie please give my regards to Tweetie to JJ and to Cindy love them too as we love you . We have two new bags one being the name of cocoa and the other is Rihanna they're beautiful they're little babies so I family is slowly growing back to some of what it was we hope to one day to be able to let up a couple of dogs pugs of course and remembrance of you Pepe one being named we hope Junior Scana funny it's hard for us to schlep Pepe on the end of that but it will be in recognition of who you are to us and then the other one being a little girl that's a new one for us Cici oh I hope it happens daddy wants it But I have to wait on him like I said there isn't a day that something doesn't happen we see something that reminds us of you I don't see your face in the clouds as much because the days have been beautiful weather absolutely clear and the temperatures up it would've been a great winter for you so far but I still we still admire you for your strength and your courage role that you have gone through while you were here and even chilly and you tried to be the best and love us even more before you said your final goodbye . I wish we all wish there was a way that we could just see you in the be able to hold you again you know we do for your presence even on our bed at night when we sleep we can fill the imprints of your feet as you laid at the back of my knees are in between the two of us all I can say is that if we could turn back the clock and start all over again and wipe out what wasn't good that happened to you in regards to you being ill we would've done at oh I wish and pray that God will allow us one day to meet again and never to have to play from one another when I say I I mean all of us . Life is not the same it'll never be the same even we plus people in the past but still and all the memories cannot be erased my mind as to what a dog we had in you you were marvelous you were absolutely the most perfect dog that anybody could ever want we love you We love you so much hopefully you'll hear our voices only talk about you and send some of that love back to us I'm crying as I write this it's just Huntsville so so much and I know how other people I feeling having lost their animals as well it does take forever teams for us to get really back to who we work because there's a missing piece in that circle but God is good and he needed you more but I know as I've said before that he said of you Pepe excellent doggy excellent doggy you were the best you did what I wanted you to do I ask God to allow Jesus to embrace you as this is being put on your page that he embrace you as if we were hugging you and that you send us kisses back I will be back here to talk with you again I'm behalf of all the family you rest baby and play play play play play and enjoy all your new friends and enjoy the scenery enjoy it all because you truly earned your place on rainbow bridge love you baby forever .

We celebrate you life Mr. Pepe McNeil our beloved pug fur-boy . It has been 1 year since your crossing over to eternal life. We started our day with a prayer for you as we always do. Your memories feel our hearts and minds and oh what wonderful memories. We welcome you to affect our dreams and thru signs always. You did that today just around 1:50 p.m. We saw your face in a passing cloud over the backyard. I cried , we saw your facial marking perfectly . It was you!!! Thank you God for allowing our fur-boy to peer from Rainbows Bridge one more time. It is funny the look of today is a carbon copy of the weather as the day you crossed over,. Clear blue skies, wispy clouds here and there. The only difference is a comfortable breeze. So, we use that breeze to blow kisses to Heaven and our voices to announce the love we still have for you. Death did not win ...you won the victory to have an eternal life forever. We will light a candle next Monday to celebrate your life and pay tribute to you baby again.
The love goes on . You paw prints can be felt on our hearts yesterday, today and in the days to come. We will be together again. We believe it and trust God and His word. Soar baby, play baby, express you love to all our famiily and your other animal siblings and friends who are with you in the sweet by and by. So, honored , we are your human parents and chosen to be.

Rest in Peace little boy.
Mommy, Daddy, Jordan,Erika and an host of family and friends.
Hi sweet baby: Another year of your passing. It is now 2018. Time moves so fast, but not the pain in our hearts. I can still visualize the last place I saw you in the backyard. We still talk about your favorite foods and treats . The way you stole our hearts to get just what you wanted. You were a real Angel on four legs , who had away of surrounding us all with your genuine love. Today is Daddy's 70th Birthday.... he had tears in his eyes because he thought of you when he woke up this morning. You sent me a beautiful butterfly of yellow and black which flew over my head. Some left a message about their Pug passing on. Mr.Pepe let your love embrace all new comers to Rainbow Bridge. We love and miss you so much.
Loving you always
Mom,Dad, Jordan,Eri and a host of Family and Friends

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