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Memories of Mr. Peepers
You came into my life by surprise one afternoon when finding you on the ground.
I wondered what you were and unconditionally opened my heart, weaned you as a pinkie eyes yet opened.
What a wonderful four year journey we had together. You always made me smile and brought so much light to my life. No other pet has won my heart as you have and did.
You gave me love through tough times and times I needed extra comfort through companionship.
You angel always wanted to be with me and by my side, with anyone else you weren't secure.
We did everything together from traveling cross country, watching tv, riding with me to get the mail, walking around the block, sitting outside, creating meals and eating snacks.
You always gave me little kisses to know how much you loved me. You are forever deeply missed and treasured.
love as you did.
Forever in my heart, never forgotten, always remembered.

January 2017
Mr. Peepers, its been six months since you passed on to the Rainbow Bridge and I still miss you as if it was yesterday that you left me. I miss you so much. I miss your little dances for food, your jumping endlessly to higher places in the rooms, sitting with me in the hood of my hoody and eating your snacks on my shoulder. There is so much more I miss as your company. I had to find a new mini urn to keep you close to my heart as the other one we chose together before your passing, failed a couple times and I almost lost you. You'd love the new mini urn as it has a little diamond and so pretty. Your bed is still in the house as I am not quite ready to depart with it as of yet. It reminds me of how special you were, an angel in my life. We put your memorial stone in a beautiful place at the vet's office next to our beloved Hershey. We are able to have a memory of both of you at the vet's office. We also have your urn and it is so beautiful! I often talk to you throughout my days. You'd like to know I rescued three little friends of yours, but they aren't the same. They are quite different. There names are Miles, Dora and Baxter. Dora is a hyperactive as you were when young. Baxter had two brushes with death already: once as a feeder and then with a virus. Miles is huge, he loves to eat a lot. The three of them have their own unique personalities. However I still miss you so much and you will always hold a special place in my heart! Love you Mr. P!

August 11, 2017
Mr. Peeper. It has been one year since you passed on to the Rainbow Bridge and I miss you daily.
I carry you with me every day near my heart in a new urn. I also look back at all your photos and miss the times we shared together up until the end. You were my special friend and best friend. Surprisingly I have yet to depart with your bed. You brought so much joy and companionship to my life that other animals can't quite match. I miss you sitting with me, feeding you Mr. Peepers cheese and our snuggles. I have freshened up your memorial - we were in Chicago on your departing date, we missed you as the last time we went to Chicago was with you. Travel rat! I love you always!

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