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Memories of Mr. Kitty
He suffered terribly under human hands until a rescue society found him. I found him next and promised him he would never know another day of hunger, abandonment, physical abuse or being unloved. I promised him that for the rest of his life he would know only safety, security, warmth, and more love than he had ever known. I only wish he could have stayed longer because I still had so much love left to give him. He was taken from me by lymphoma only 4yrs after we came together. Much too soon and I wish he was still here so I could hold him and comfort him.

Created in honor of Mr. Kitty: http://youtu.be/C2t2jd6gc-g

My beloved boy; I miss you sweetheart; so very much. It is getting easier but I will always wish you were still here with me.
But I realized this year that while you were learning it was safe to love again, you were teaching me the same thing. I too was afraid but you helped heal me of my fears and because of that, I found love again with your dad, the "chicken man"!
You were my big, fluffy, white, furry angel; you gave us the gift of love. I just wished you hadn't been taken from me so quickly; that hurts so much when my heart was so full of hope for all of us.
I love you, my beautiful boy, my Mr. "Keekee"

My beloved boy,
We have a new kitty in the house now. Her name is Molly. She is cute and playful but I knew she wouldn't be replacing you; couldn't replace you and I wasn't looking for someone else to do that. It's easier now having you gone; well not getting to see you or hold you but I hope I will see you really soon. I still miss you; always will. Your passing left a hole in my heart that will never heal. I love you sweety; my beautiful boy.

My beloved boy,
I am still missing you; always will. It is easier though than it was even a year ago. I think of you but not as often as I used to and I have gotten to the acceptance of your passing. I still wish you were here though. I didn't tell you about your sister's passing. Cleo crossed over to the Rainbow bridge about a year ago. Maybe you have seen her. She was in such pain from her arthritis that it was time to end her suffering. I love and miss her too [I know you two didn't really like each other] but she was a sweet girl and also has a place in my heart. I have been sick sweetheart. The doctors are not sure what exactly is wrong but the signs are pointing to a very bad human disease. I trust in God and have faith in His plan. I just wanted you to know that I am not afraid and after having you visit several times after you passed over, I know that there is life after death and that it isn't the end. I also believe that I will see you again and also see your sister. Your dad is doing well; he misses you also but you know how strong he is and how he is able to recover faster than I have been able to.
I love you sweetheart; I will hopefully be writing to you again next year. In the meantime, please come visit anytime you want if you are still in spirit form. If not, help lead me to you so we can find each other again.

My beautiful boy,
Another year has passed; I am still not well but my health has improved since last year. Dad [the chicken man] is well also; he misses you too very much but doesn't talk about it very much. I can't believe 5yrs have passed since that day you died. I will always remember that day in detail; also the days leading up to it. Those were some of the hardest days of my life. I still miss you terribly sweetheart; I don't know what else to tell you as nothing has changed in my grief of losing you. Time truly does heal sorrow and thank God for that, but the memories will always be with me and the grief of losing you will always be with me. It just isn't as debilitating as it was those first 2 yrs. I love you so very much and can't wait to see you again. I will know you when I see you and you will know me. I miss you coming around though and visiting like you used to but if you can't anymore, I understand sweetheart but I think you knew that your visits were what got me through those worst, darkest days after you died. You let me know that you were still here in spirit and I am so grateful for those gifts. Remembering them also helps. I love you Mr. KeeKee; with all my heart; part of me died and went with you that day, and there will always be an empty place in my life with you not in it. But, I know I will see you again and that gives me comfort. Love, Mom

05/15/2015 -
My beautiful boy,
You have been on my mind so much lately though life is good and I am happy. But, out of the blue, I find myself thinking of you and remembering what a joy and comfort you were. The song "Can't Cry Hard Enough" came on and I just cried as I had when you first left. The strength comes in knowing I will see you again. I believe that with all my heart. I miss your "visits" but I am sure you are off doing happy fun things as you should do. All my love sweet boy.

"I'm gonna live my life
Like every day's the last
Without a simple goodbye
It all goes by so fast

And now that you're gone
I can't cry hard enough
No, I can't cry hard enough
For you to hear me now

Gonna open my eyes
And see for the first time
I've let go of you like
A child letting go of his kite

There it goes up in the sky
There it goes beyond the clouds

For no reason why
I can't cry hard enough
No, I can't cry hard enough
For you to hear me now

Gonna look back in vain
And see you standing there
When all that remains
Is an empty chair

And now that you're gone
I can't cry hard enough
No, I can't cry hard enough
For you to hear me now"


It has been 7 yrs now that you have been gone but it still feels like it could have been yesterday. It is so much easier now and time has healed this wound which I never thought could be possible. The only thing that stays the same is my love for you [and your sister]; that stays strong and consistent and unshakeable. I do miss you my beautiful boy but I know I will see you again.

Time has healed the pain of your passing and your death isn't always foremost on my mind and heart. I think that this is one of God's greatest blessings, to let us heal through the pain we didn't think we would ever survive, but we do. What a wonderful blessing! I still think of you but now there is a smile on my face when I remember you; a moment of sorrow grabs me but I am able to let that go and I can go back to the smile. I love you Mr. Kitty; always will and God willing I will see you again and your sister Cleo. Until that day, be happy my beautiful boy.


It's was 10 years ago that you left this earth and left our lives. Thank God for the healing power of time. I still think about you now and then but with a smile for the memories of happy times but the memories of your suffering will never leave me. Ten years from now I will write the same sentiments, the pain of loss recedes but t know, the love is as strong as it always was; love, never dies.


October comes around once more. I find I am thinking of you as soon as the coolness in the air can be felt and summer is slowly saying goodbye once again. The sun shines but not as warm and it was on a day exactly like today that we had to say goodbye. We held you as you went to sleep, to never wake up again. The tears came from the depths of my soul as the pain of losing you was pain I had never experienced before and I remember feeling that life would forever be changed now that you were gone. The grief would heal, life would go on and there would be new joys and new sorrows to experience, but life "changed" the moment your heart stopped beating. I know that sense of deep loss sprung from deep love. The deepness of that love is what transformed that tremendous grief. I also know now that love does not die but lives on in our hearts and lives in the wellspring of God's grace. I was so blessed to have had you in my life for 4, very short, years.

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