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Memories of Mr. Hobbes
You have been a loving and faithful member of our household since the turn of the year 2006/2007. We never knew, exactly, just how old you were when you found our home in Orlando after someone had either abandoned you or turned you out. You had been 'front' declawed by you previous owner and were at an enormous life disadvantage in the outside environment. What was one more furry kiddo to our family at that time. We welcomed you with our laps and our hearts.
Throughout the years, you have given us joy, love, arm licks and snuggles. You asked for nothing more than that we love you, feed you, scold you when you were under our feet in the kitchen, chin skritches and above all belly rubs.
You had the sweetest silent 'meows' and it was fun to lip read your requests for milk, Temptation treats and food. You did this too when you wanted our attention, lap time, or petting.
Our most fond memory of you is the silly expression you had when licking us, or cleaning your fur and then forgetting to pull your tongue back into your mouth. You truly made our day for us when you did that.
I will never forget, too, that you snuggled beside me these past months as I recovered from my injuries and sought rest in the spare bedroom so that I would not awaken my wonderful wife. You did not seem to mind my restlessness.
It is heartbreaking to bid you adieu but it is time. Today at 1630, we will hold you in our arms as you make your way to the Rainbow Bridge to await our coming. Your kidney failure was enormous and so sudden. We will not seek to prolong any agony from this wretched issue as Dr. Dye says there is no possible hope for your improvement. We will never abandon our furry kids when they need us the most. You will NOT pass alone and unloved.
May our loving Lord and savior extend his compassion and love to faithful creatures such as yourself and, in the words of Shakespeare: [amended for this occasion]

Hush little guy, things will be alright;
I know the end sounds scary, but its only a short flight.
I want to take away the pain that you've lived with -
this pain of body, mind, and soul that cuts you like a knife.
Imagine a place where everything shines clean as the whitest snow
and where feathery gentle breezes shall always continue to blow.
Where the only sound you will hear are the angel's voices
and a world in which there are never any difficult choices.
Where there is an abundance of beauty for the soul to enjoy,
and where true happiness triumphs and nothing is ever destroyed.
Where your kitty brothers and sisters await you and you may enjoy the warm days and chase mice to your hearts content
And don't worry about us, we will be fine;
we will know you're not far, you will give us a sign.
Sayeth our Lord to you: I want to put your mind at ease and finally put your soul at rest;
And be sound of mind in knowing that I simply only take the best.

"Good night, sweet prince.
May flights of angels sing thee to thy rest"

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